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How To Increase iPod Battery Life

There are a number of different factors which have an effect on battery life when it comes to technology meaning that it’s entirely possible to extend that life. For those who are out and about a lot, the iPod is an attractive portable gadget and the last thing they want is for it to crash out on them, miles away from a decent charger. With that in mind, there are even some apps available which help to restore battery life but for those seeking a quick fix, here are some of the best ways to extend battery life.


Always be sure to adjust the brightness of the device as it’s unnecessary having such a strong backlight all the time, particularly when it’s not in use. This is found in settings and is very easy to adjust, a sure-fire way to extend the battery life with less energy being put in to lighting up the screen. Another option from the settings menu is to turn off the equaliser if you’re not intending to use it.

the iPod is an attractive portable gadget and the last thing they want is for it to crash out on them


With an iPod, you’ll obviously be listening to a large amount of tunes, all the while draining your battery power. It probably goes without saying but when the headphones are off, ensure the device is as well. At the very least make sure it’s paused rather than left to play on and on, wasting valuable battery life. Skipping precariously from song to song is another way to whittle down the battery so users are encouraged to devise playlists which will cut out any unnecessary skipping.

Other Factors

Though it may not seem it, temperature plays an important part in battery life as well. Apple states that the iPod battery works best at room temperature as too much heat can degrade the performance of the battery and the device, encouraging users not to leave it out in direct sunlight for too long.

Certain things can be kept off most of the time, including the Wi-Fi and Location Services. Whilst some love the idea of always being connected to the net, the Wi-Fi tends to wind down the battery very quickly and with the addition of Location Services, the two will combine to become an even larger detriment on the battery’s life so always use both services sparingly.

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