i’mColor the smart watch colored with Android

i'mColor the smart watch colored with Android

Remember i’mWatch, the smartwatch luxury designed by two enterprising Italian?

Apparently the idea was very successful with over 5000 pre-orders made on-line, although the purchase price is far from being affordable, because of luxurious materials adopted for the case, such as titanium and gold.

To meet the many people interested in technology product and not the object of luxury itself, the two young Italians have decided to make a cheaper version of i’mWatch called i’mColor, which as the name suggests, uses colorful case and strap.

The device based on Android, it connects via WiFi to any smartphone can act as a hotspot, like the iPhone 4 in order to enable the deployment of applications that require a network connection, and uses Bluetooth connectivity to act as a speakerphone and caller ID display.

i’mColor will be available in October 2011 but is already in advance order to 299 € and 249 € for sales person making the order no later than June 30.


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