Ideas for Using Twitter in Education

Teenagers are the main users of new technologies. Therefore, many teachers are considering trying to use them to motivate their students. Here we outline some ideas for those who want to use Twitter in their classes:

Ideas for Using Twitter in Education

Responding to questions teachers can ask questions on Twitter for their students to answer them through the same medium.

Bulletin Board: We can use Twitter as a bulletin board so that our students are aware of any news related to the subject.

Feedback from students: Students can also use Twitter to tell their teachers when they have completed a task or have any questions.

Conferences: Take the students to a conference in another city or another country may be unworkable, but Twitter allows us to follow them easily and inexpensively.

Create stories of all: For creative classes or language is a great idea that you write a sentence on Twitter and his companions will continuing.

Informing parents: Teachers can create an account specifically for parents, so that they are aware of all news related to the college or course.

Finding Information: Searching Twitter students can learn not only factual information about a story, but also the impact it has on society.

Reading Club: Ask students to comment on Twitter every book they read is a good way to introduce them to the love of books.

Translations: Language teachers can put a sentence in your Twitter account and ask your students the correct or translate.


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