HP introduces five new desktop computers

HP introduced five new desktop computers to ordinary consumers: the all in one HP Compaq Pro 4300, the Compaq Elite 8300, the Compaq Pro 6300, the Compaq Pro 4300 SFF and HP Z220.

The all in one HP Compaq Pro 4300 is built for enterprise-class performance with the latest technology for PC. It has an LED backlit screen of 20-inch, Intel HD graphics, and is powered by the third generation of Intel Core.

HP introduces five new desktop computers

Meanwhile, the HP Compaq 4300 Small Form Factor provides the latest Intel and is ideal for small businesses.

The Compaq Pro 6300 is powered by the latest Intel processors and also has high-definition graphics (Intel). In addition, it offers two chassis options.

HP Compaq Elite 8300 has a wide range of chassis options available and comes with the latest Intel (designed to meet the needs and deployment scenarios of companies).

Finally, the HP Z220 is designed for business professionals and is available with a mini-tower (CMT) or a compact form factor (SFF) for space-constrained environments.

Source: pclaunches


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