How to use the Samsung Galaxy S3 as a modem?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful mobile in the market. In addition to staging an impressive display with 4.8-inch diagonal high-definition resolution, the flagship of the Asian giant has new features through the interface that developers have been working in recent Manufacturer times. However, we’ll play one of the functions that may interest users if they are away from home and want to continue connecting to the Internet with other computers with larger screen, a laptop or tablet.
Communicate WiFi Internet connection with Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 allows the customer to communicate its data rate contract with other devices. There are three ways to do this: WiFi, USB or Bluetooth. And then you will have to detail all the steps you must take to activate each option, depending on the technical characteristics of the receiving devices.

Communicate WiFi Internet connection

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First, if you want to use the data rate by connecting a computer with a tablet Galaxy S3 via a WiFi network, the user must access the main menu of the smartphone. Once inside, you should select the icon “Settings” and then to the “more settings”. Once inside, you will see that there are alternatives, but of interest is called “WiFi Zone and USB modem.” Inside you should enable the “WiFi Zone” giving the virtual switch.

Once activated, will proceed to the configuration of all parameters of the connection: you can choose the network name, you can set up password if you want to activate, you can choose a type of security – WEP or WPA, for example-as well as giving permission to restrict access only to a certain equipment.

Once everything to suit the consumer, the setting should be saved. Now, all you have to find the name of the network created in the Samsung Galaxy S3 from the receiving computer, type the password chosen and you will enjoy Internet.

Share internet connection via USB

The second option is perhaps the most you could use if the practice is carried out with a single computer. But, for example, the tablet model of Apple, the new iPad no USB port. While it would be one of the most bailed with a laptop. Moreover, it is one way to always have the battery at an optimum level.

In order to share the Internet connection through a USB port, you must connect the smartphone to the physical connection of the receiving device. After this, you should go to the main menu of advanced mobile and select the “Settings” and again, “more settings“. This time, the option “USB modem and WiFi Zone“, you must choose the latter. And just like that, the computer will recognize that a device is connected as a modem and you can browse websites.

Internet Connection Sharing via Bluetooth

Finally, another way to connect to the Internet through wireless technology, is the Bluetooth option. Unlike the first option in this case only be binding on a single computer, in other words, the connection may not use more than one computer or tablet at a time. To activate this option, you must go back to “Settings” menu within the Samsung Galaxy S3. In the “WiFi Zone and USB modem” mode will also be “Bluetooth Modem“.

After activating this option, you must contact the receiving computer and activate the same connection. After this, emitter and receiver device should be linked to each other. And once achieved, and can connect to the Internet and browse different websites.

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