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Hanspree Tablets Hannspad SN10T4and SN70T1

After visiting the IFA 2011 fair can learn much more about updates and new products from each company. In this case, the company Hanspree still devoted to mix components already used as yupara to create new devices such as the Honeycomb tablet Hannspad SN10T4 with 10.1-inch screen and a resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels.

Hanspree Tablets Hannspad SN10T4and SN70T1

It also offers a Texas Instruments processor model OMPA 443-1 Ghz, 16 GB internal memory and two  cameras: a 5-megapixel rear and 2 megapixels front.

On the other hand, the device has 3G connectivity (LTE for U.S. versions only).

In terms of dimensions we have a fairly common device: it measures 259 X 178 X 112 mm and weighs 750 grams. To the outside, it offers a sleek design with black plastic but actually does not say too much, is very ordinary.

The other model is the Hannspad SN70T1 and is 7 inches, very similar to Samsung Galaxy Tab, but with some differences, such as dual SIM card slot.

If we talk about the inside, it has a processor something unusual for a tablet: Qualcomm MSM7627 dual-core to 800 Mhz.

It has an 8 GB memory, operating system Android 2.2 and 2 megapixel main camera. It also has Wi Fi and 3G connectivity. While the dimensions are 198 X 115 X 113 mm and weight is 400 grams.

Both devices will be available only at the beginning of next year and still not know the price of any of them. What if we could say is that these tablets will have to rethink the release date, because we step, in January 2012 will be quite obsolete in relation to the competition.

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