Handheld console game system developing with android

The device is called Archos GamePad and is one of the many portable devices that can be found in the market, as you are accustomed to in recent times. However, this console game system has features that differentiate it from its peers as it aims for developing with android, Google’s operating system.

Handheld console game system developing with android

It also has internet, a powerful hardware is compatible with most of the latest video games titles and retails for around $ 200. The company has been commissioned to create it is Ouya, responsible for giving a boost to this industry independent consoles, leaving the typical and major brands.

Your system is open source and is very close to being in stores. It is expected that by early 2013 we acquire. Archos GamePad offers many games. Offer a CPU of 1.5 GHz dual core, quadcore GPU, 8GB internal storage from (expandable up to 64 GB SD card). The screen is 7 inches, will feature a mini HDMI port and the control system is very well suited for use with both hands, come with a d-pad, and XYAB separate buttons on the other end, with Start and Select. Below the analog small speakers will enjoy music and game sounds but also issues from a suitable application for Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The feature that makes it really different from Archos GamePad is that it is based on Google’s OS, and is compatible with over a thousand titles available for this. This console created by Ouya has attracted the attention of not only users but also businesses and developers, for or against, of course. As a final advantage (so far known), is being able to map the buttons on the touch screen.

As far as known, this curious handheld console game system will be sold from next October.

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