The graphene and quantum computing

The evolution of computing is here, the graphene and quantum computing will allow a few seconds to process the large volumes of information that currently take centuries archive.

The lack of understanding about the world of quantum physics is the limit to the current advances in computing, the main idea is the presence of a single particle in two places at once, and by looking at these particles change their state and so which his study is not at all simple.

Electronics devices depends on the transistors which are technological devices

You could not improve the ways of working in the computer development, if in just over 10 years it could not be created faster processors and if it would be impossible to create smaller transistors.

Electronics devices depends on the transistors which are technological devices same as a building brick. With them you can block or enable the passage of electric energy. The current development of new processors depends on the ability to include more transistors in the same space, and in turn these are economically viable.

What happens if we reach a limit on the production of transistors? There appears graphene, one of the new materials that won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010. Supermaterial is a carbon sheet with a thickness of one atom; has durability, flexibility and high electrical conductivity.

economically viable for mass production of graphene transistors

Thanks to this material may create faster transistors, but so far has been very difficult to work with graphene because of its size. However this is changing, scientists at Stanford University already created graphene nanowires using DNA, is now expected that these technologies are perfections and become economically viable for mass production of graphene transistors. The future is just around the corner.


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