GoTouch, the projector digital surface into Interactive digital whiteboard

The work meetings go with what is strictly necessary: a tablet, the smartphone and a pen drive with the necessary to continue the exhibition without Internet need. Precisely, one of the key mistakes is to assume that you are going to have a connection to the network and that all devices will work. If you want all your meetings are a success you must have GoTouch, the pocket projector that turns any whiteboard surface.

Make Any TV or projector into a giant interactive digital whiteboard Instantly with GoTouch

Project and edit your images wherever you want

When it comes to exposing a project there is nothing better than using a slide show and supporting ideas with a whiteboard. These two elements go hand in hand, but with the arrival of the touch panels there is the same space for two functions that were different. That is, as you discuss the content of each slide you can explain or highlight key concepts for a presentation to be round.

GoTouch is a small device that not only what you have projected on the screen of your mobile device. It will also allow you to edit it and make your meetings more interactive. Its physical appearance is that of a modular cube that is divided into three parts. On one side is the body of the device that has a C-shape and features a USB port on one side and the power button on and off. At the upper end is a projector that despite its size is able to reproduce a 4K screen at a maximum of 200 frames per second (allowing you to play multiple screens without losing quality). It can be rotated to fit the display to the space you need. The central part will accommodate the smart pen.

The gadget has three functions: The first is that you can turn any surface or television into an interactive whiteboard. You can also clone the display of your mobile device allowing the rest of the room participants to use the touchpad to work with the projected document. Finally, if you have an Internet connection, the gadget will send the screen to all connected devices.

A price according to the possibilities

As you can see, GoTouch is a gadget that will improve your business meetings . Having a 4K projector in the palm of your hand is no small thing, and if you add the functionality of working with your documents on any surface or device is an advantage. The price is what probably does not attract you as much, as it costs about 260 euros (300,000 Korean kroner at about change).


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