Google + revive the “playback” of Google Wave

Prior to the launch of Google + search giant had two failed attempts in the field of social networks: Buzz and Wave. The first platform looked promising but had no success, while the second run with the same fate despite having some innovative features.

Google + revive the playback of Google Wave

Yesterday Google announced several enhancements to G +, as the long-awaited integration with Google Apps site or the launch of Creative Kit However, one of the inclusions that more attention was Ripples, which lets you see a kind of diagram with the “wave shock “caused by a public post is shared by many users.

This feature was part of Google Wave but under the name of Playback. The truth is an excellent feature as it also offers very comprehensive statistics on the impact of shared publications around the world. For now the option is enabled only in America but soon hit the world.

If you want to see in action Ripples can make it through this link. In the area of the diagram may increase or zoom out (using the mouse wheel) to visualize the spread of public posts in Google +. The truth is that Ripples is a very interesting addition that gives a bit of self-developed social network in Mountain View.

There is still much work in G +, but luckily Google engineers are putting much effort to create a unique experience for users. In the comments section will provide us with your opinion on Ripples or any of the new features included in the social network.


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