3 Google offerings to make quarantine easier

With the world currently experiencing one of the worst epidemics in human history, entire nations and populations have been forced into lockdown and isolation. With staying at home, the only option, the quarantine can be a real challenge for everyone.

Thankfully, Google and its list of services, like they do every day, are here to help you breeze through this tough period. We now look at three Google Services that you can use to make your quarantine more fun and productive:

Google offerings to make quarantine easier: productive quarantine & have fun

1. Google Home

Devised to be the perfect assistant to your daily living, Google Home is a range of smart entertainment speakers offered by the tech giant. Powered by the ever-reliable Google Voice Assistant, Google Home is your perfect companion in isolation. Equipped with the latest technology and machine learning capabilities, it provides you news, fetches the latest health updates, lets you search for information, and do a lot of other things with just your voice commands. Feeling low in the evening? Simply say “Okay Google” and ask it to play your favorite track. Need a timer during those home workouts? Use these smart speakers with your voice and they’ll give you a count. From searching for information to controlling your television, Google Home is the perfect assistant to make life under quarantine easier. Pair it with Chrome Cast and navigate your binge-watching sessions with your voice. Get the Google Home from Noon at USD 100, and grab a sweet deal with Noon coupons.

2. Google Stadia

With Stadia, Google has now entered the gaming industry. With a set of offerings that look to blow the Xboxes and PlayStations out of the water, the Stadia is unlike anything seen in the gaming industry. A complete cloud-cased service operated by Google, the Stadia lets you stream 4k video games at a whopping 60 frames per second from your device. With the gaming console based on the cloud, Stadia can be accessed from Google Chrome and your games played over the cloud on the high-performance Stadia cloud console. Games like GRID, Destiny, and Thumper are made available for gamers to play. Furthermore, to help people through these times, the Stadia has been made free for 2 months in 14 countries. Sign up and start playing! Get your consoles for Stadia from Ubuy at a bargain with Ubuy Coupon codes.

We now look at three Google Services that you can use to make your quarantine more fun and productive: Google Home Google Stadia & Google Earth

3. Google Earth

Among the most popular Google Offerings, Google Earth lets you explore the world from your device, taking you to some of the most popular places on the planet. Using satellite imagery and street photography to provide virtual views and tours of the world’s most famous places, Google Earth is the closest we will come, right now, to a vacation. With street view explore the lanes of the world’s major cities. Dive deep into coral reefs or simply see the earth as visible from space. Connect the VR apparatus and you are ready to take a virtual vacation. Keeping you entertained, Google Earth is here to save you from boredom.


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