Google Glass XE6: The new update improves image quality

With an eye to continue improving their properties and integrating innovative technological glasses, the Google research team made the official announcement Wednesday of a new update for its unique glass eye wear, which Google called Google Glass XE6 and presented in the market with the corrections arising from the user experience and the resulting adjustments to the system. Also, this new version of the main attraction Glass incorporated one notable improvement in the quality of the photos can be taken with the device and even your own photo service. These features add to the tools that were included in the previous update, the Google Glass XE5, among which highlighted the addition of social networking notifications Google+.

Google to confirm the new version of their glasses

But putting us directly into the novelty introduced the latest version of the Google Glass, we highlight the new capabilities which include glasses to automatically capture a series full of photographs when taking a picture. The device is responsible for the range of shots combine to generate a main photo that has a higher quality in the final image and better results in dark and few favorable.

Besides this interesting tool, the Google Glass XE6 offer customers the ability by which the integrated camera of the device to the glass as you can capture images HDR, which allows to take pictures with good quality even when running on bright light environments or even on the move. As reported by Google to confirm the new version of their glasses, they also offer the chance to add captions on the pictures and through the voice capture system where the user sees fit.

Apart from these elements linked to the photo service, the new Google Goggles also include other details smaller but equally useful, starting with the way notification sounds for those times when the equipment is not positioned in the user’s head or when it is off. In this sense, the Head Off detection system, which reports to the system the time the lenses are removed from the client’s head has been optimized by Google. For users interested in downloading and immediately start enjoying this latest version of the Google Glass can do it now, considering that it is already available for installation from within the Google Glass website.


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