Google Glass will Recognize the Clothes

Google Glass has a lot to prove but the few shots of contact have very positive things, most mortals have not seen beyond the conceptual videos and advertising that the search company shares with you. A vital part in the development of Google Glass found in the ecosystem being built around it. I’m sure Google will know take advantage of the invention, but it needs to reach application developers who can get more juice.

development of Google Glass found in the ecosystem being built around it

A first case is found in InSight, an application that Duke University is developing with Google itself. With her work in person recognition system based on the clothes they wear. You sell it as a useful complement to face recognition, but independent of the project, since the idea is to find a person in a large group, not necessarily close to your position.

For example, you come to a party, make a sweep of the premises and the software tries to identify people, superimposing their screen names. To make the system work should be recognized and related clothing with their owners, and of course there are always going to be dressed in the same way, or another person may be dressed like them. The database for the recognition, dubbed fashion fingerprint, stored patterns, such as textures and colors of the clothes, or supplements a person.

Unfortunately you have not shared material with which you can get a better idea of how it works, but it has been shown in a technology conference last week. In tests identified 15 volunteers with a hit rate of 93%.


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