What are glass curtains & different types of folding glass panels?

In a world in which awareness of the environmental impact becomes increasingly essential, choosing glass curtains for your home or business becomes a discovery.
If in 2020 the different objectives proposed by the EU & US have not been met, the countdown to climate change will have begun. A threat that highlights the need to promote awareness that we can carry out through the smallest details: plants at home, recycling or, in case of having a business or a large garden, opt for the known as glass curtains . And many of you may ask, what is special about these elements?

glass curtains

The glass curtains are made up of different folding glass panels that allow any place to enjoy an extra space as it is a sliding system that facilitates the opening of a space, being able to opt for different models depending on the measurements, the quality of the glasses, the colors to be implemented or the different needs of the environment.

A new generation of curtains that bet, especially, for an inclusive concept.

People with reduced mobility and glass curtains
Currently, we live more aware than ever with the needs of all social groups, being those with reduced mobility one of those who demands new products that adapt to their needs.

Of all of them, glass curtains become one of the most effective, since they are specifically designed for people with reduced mobility . Without lower guidance, they facilitate the passage and integration into leisure and living spaces of any person, by eliminating any architectural barrier that could be an obstacle. With little effort, the curtains can be opened and closed with just one hand and without the need to push, since the glass also allows the enclosure to be completely light.

In addition, its insertion in any space allows the passage for all persons with physical disabilities, exceeding limits and opening new options in any scenario, especially if you have a garden area on your property or if you are looking to reinvent that hospitality business in which you still There are many aspects to improve.

If you have reduced mobility or a person in a wheelchair at home, glass curtains become one of the best options.

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