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Glance Clock, the smart wall clock

Startup Launchpad is part of Global Sources Electronics and Asia’s largest startup show. That is why I did not let it take me to stroll through the hall, looking for interesting new ideas and products. The product Glance Clock has caught my attention right here, because it is a smart wall clock .

Glance Clock is a smart clock that gives you the notifications that you actually need

To be honest, it was not really difficult for my watch to win my attention, because that is exactly their job. The clock naturally shows the normal time, but thanks to numerous LEDs also the possibility to notify the owner on special occasions. For example, when a call is received, an appointment is in the calendar, or the driver is outside the door. For every event, the clock displays a different pattern in other colors, so that you already know by a brief glance what is, therefore also the name Glance Clock.

The smartphone connects it via Bluetooth to the clock and with the Companion app, the individual functions are set. Thanks to Amazon Alexa support, the clock can also easily be integrated into the existing Smart Home. The watch has an accumulator lasting about 3-6 months, depending on the frequency of notifications.

The project was very successfully financed at the end of last year on the Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with over 450,000 USD and has been in production since then. A launch is scheduled in November 2017. Glance Clock is scheduled to come on sale for $ 199.
Definitely a very interesting project which is certainly a sensible addition to a smart home. With every notification, the smartphone from the bag to pull and watch is not only time-consuming, but also annoying. There is the idea of the smart clock on the wall for the home but much better.

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