Garmin Index: an intelligent scale for healthier life

Garmin has announced a new scale. Its name is Garmin Index and its main feature is that it is intelligent , so it is able to know in detail the body of the person and keep track of different parameters such as weight control, muscle mass or fat, among others.

A connected scale with metrics that matter, the Index Smart Scale is another tool that will help Garmin users pursue their health and fitness

Specifications of Garmin Index

Garmin Index is a scale that is designed for both athletes and for people who want to control weight or follow a lifestyle more healthy . And all thanks to their performance is achieved, as its “intelligence” knows the body of the person and analyzes the different parameters that measure the health from the inside.

With this scale, the person using it can measure the different variables such as weight, body mass index, body fat, water percentage, bone mass and muscle mass.

Garmin Index is prepared to make wireless technology through Bluetooth Smart with different devices. Besides, you can synchronize via WiFi with Garmin Connect , which is the online community of the firm.

A connectivity options that facilitate the user consult their data and verify your progress and fulfill its objectives, from a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Another advantage is the number of people who can use it in a simultaneous , since it works smoothly with up to 16 people different loading of each metrics automatically from your body composition to Garmin Connect. Garmin battery operated Index and it offers a battery life of nine months .

Design: The Garmin Index scale has a minimalist and elegant design, launching in two colors to choose: white or black. Its dimensions are 35 cm x 31 cm x 3 cm. The weight is 2.8 kilos.

Price and Availability
Garmin not been provided so far this information.


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