Full specification Analysis of the Sony Tablet S

The new creation of the Japanese firm will come with Android 3.2 Honeycomb and a good platform for content. Regarding the interface, Sony has changed slightly from Android to suit your needs and add more value, since in the screen can be seen from the start a new row of shortcuts: browser, mail, remote distance, feed reader, access to Twitter and Facebook, all in the top.
Full specification Analysis of the Sony Tablet S
On the right, next to the applications menu Honeycomb will have access to most used apps and favorites. The company restructured in the applications screen of Tablet S to be more accessible and you can sort them according to various criteria.
This tablet uses folding to be more comfortable at the time of writing, the virtual keyboard is very interesting and if you add it to the response of the screen, gives practical and useful result that stands out for having all the keys and also the right number.
A novelty is the proper selection of applications that are in the firm’s Web site, although not exclusive, but that can be used to configure the tablet.
Let us now discuss the games and other services, which consists of Music and Video Unlimited access content integrated natively and implements the DLNA interface.
The services of streaming video and music are very good and functional, with news to buy or rent. You can also read e-books, but you should put the tablet in an upright position to make it more comfortable.


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