Sony patented a friction-based electronic stylus

Many users miss the distinctive touch that has the paper when they write with a electronic stylus on a touchscreen. Sony just registered a patent in stylus that could emulate that characteristic strength of the pressed pulp.

distinctive touch that has the paper when they write with a stylus on a touchscreen

Patent curiously resembles the concept of pen. The diagram shows an electronic stylus in the sense of texture or haptic feedback is accomplished by friction rather than by vibration.

A series of actuators increase or decrease the pressure on the ball of the ‘pen’ digital to mimic different finishes on the polished surface of a touchscreen.

Although the patent is not a generic concept to a control interface could be used to transmit the sensation of deterioration in video games or to improve accuracy in 3D modeling. Sony has not specified whether the patent is focused on tablets, smartphones or other devices.


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