Follow the Olympic 2012 games from your cell phone with free apps

In a few days, on 27th July, the most curious the showpiece event of sport world, Olympic 2012 games will start. From London it will develop all the skills of several disciplines and if you are someone who can not attend them, you can download the software applications for your mobile phone to follow the Olympic 2012 games from the smartphone with free apps.

Follow the Olympic 2012 games from your cell phone with free apps

It has never been easier to be well informed of what happens in an Olympic 2012 games. So many sports vying for the same time even if they are watching on TV you always lose something. In this edition in the English capital you can follow each and every one of the games and competitions from the smartphone.

The first application is free and is called “Results, Official London 2012 App” available for the operating system Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. With this tool you can access all the information related to: performance, live show, real-time feedback, calendar, medals, sports and competed, athletes, etc. It also has a custom section called “My Games” to configure the data you want to know, by country, athlete or sport.

On the other hand, the application “Join In” allows you to know beyond the Olympic 2012 games, because it offers a guide to those who visit London with routes, maps, torch, attractions, etc. It is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry, but not for Windows Phone OS.

To download each you must enter the web store that belongs to each operating system (Android Market, Google Play, App Store, etc) and you are done, you can have all the information of the Olympic 2012 games on your cell phone and tablet.

No more excuses to say now you can be aware of that happening in London because you are in your office, now you know what is happening instantly from your mobile device.


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