F-Secure Sense, Security in a Box for gadgets and smart home

On the Startup conference Slush 2015 in Helsinki, of course, are already long established companies present, including F-Secure. The Finnish security company presented at the conference before its newest product, which for safety in your own home but to make the move.

F-Secure's classification name for software that displays advertisements

At a previous event gave us Mikko Hypponen, CRO of F-Secure, an insight into the world of hackers and vulnerabilities in the network. It is frightening how easy it is sometimes to hack into a public system. As a security company F-Secure scans continuously the network for open systems and has already made some interesting discoveries, we found interfaces control the motors or adjust the control room for a swimming pool with the possibility of the chlorine content. They also had to look at access to a POS system from Subway and were in a hospital, the vital signs of patients. All these were publicly and for everyone accessible interfaces.

One might even say that the F-Secure Sense systems would need no access to the network, but they are without a user name and password, so absolutely unsecured available. Scary and an absolute security problem! So when even companies and public institutions are unprotected in the network as it looks then in from individuals? Much worse.

In addition to the smartphone, tablet and notebook we have in our home a lot of other devices can not be attacked or tapped. From Smart TV, on the fridge, the wireless lamp up to the baby monitor. According to Gartner, by 2022 we will be more than 500 devices in our homes have connected to WiFi, and therefore potentially vulnerable. A little more security is certainly appropriate here, especially in IP Cams will not necessarily that someone “mitschaut”.

F-Secure will improve security in your own four walls and has presented for F-Secure Sense. This is a hardware and software solution. Sense assumes the task of your Wi-Fi to make sure and imagine a secured Wi-Fi connection available and warns you if any of your equipment makes strange connections to Russia, China or elsewhere. In addition to the hardware, there is an app with which you can control the sense and will also be notified if a device gets out of line and behaves conspicuously.


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