Eureka, a curious gadget with which you will never lose your keys, or anything like that

In our Gadget Blog we keep bringing mainly those products that make your life easier, especially those that are surrounded by technology and designed for our comfort. This time we have something that is going to be quite peculiar because who has not lost the keys in some occasion? This may have its days counted if you try this product.

We have in our hands Eureka, a Cellularline gadget with which you can locate instantly and from your mobile anything you have lost. Stay with us because we are going to see what Eureka is about and if it really can free us from some displeasure.

Cellularline gadget with which you can locate instantly and from your mobile anything you have lost

Small, portable and resistant

It is important that the Cellularline Eureka is small, otherwise we could take some displeasure and above all, it would be too annoying to take for example in our hands. This product has been developed by Cellularline with the collaboration of the experts in geopositioning and smart products from Filo. The product has the approximate size of a coin of two euros, a thickness that does not reach ten millimeters and a weight so light that honestly, it is not worth mentioning it, why we are going to recreate something like that.

It has a PVC plastic design and is available in four colors: Black, blue, white and red. It has a unique button that is integrated with the Cellularline logo and that will serve to do the search in reverse, that is, find our smartphone with which we have it connected, for this use the Bluetooth connection . This functionality is included in a good number of wearable products such as smartwatches and sports wristbands. It has a resistant rubber that we have put to the test and that serves as a hook, only with it you can “tie it” practically wherever you want.

What is Eureka capable of doing?

It has a warning, so through the smartphone we will be able to activate the sound so that we can find it and thus recover what we have lost and what we have linked the Eureka. We will also find on the screen the geo-positioning point via GPS that will indicate the specific place where we have the Eureka, that is, for example, it will help us locate the car if we do not remember the street where we parked it, Put an example of something practical that we can use on a day-to-day basis.

It also serves to find our smartphone, l will be notifications to our phone when we press the button that includes the Eureka, so we can do a reverse search, instead of finding the Eureka we will find our smartphone. The same happens when we activate the Comfort Zone function , that is, we will receive a notification on our smartphone if it detects that we have moved too far away from the Eureka or that object to which we have tied the Eureka, without a doubt these are the most practical applications that we have found Eureka, but surely there may be some more depending on the needs of each user in particular.

How does it work and how do we connect Eureka?

Well it is quite simple, how could it be otherwise this Eureka has an application for our smartphone where we will be able to get all the juice, you can download it for both iOS and Android easily through the official application store, without complications. Once we have downloaded them we can proceed to link our Eureka device easily, something I liked is precisely the simplicity with which this task is performed.

We open the application and choose the possibility of adding a new Eureka, then we will press the Eureka button while the screen indicates it and in a matter of seconds it will emit a sound indicating that the Eureka is correctly installed and we will be able to screen to sound the Eureka and even cucarlo through the GPS. It’s that simple how we’re going to make it work. It has a replaceable button battery that lasts approximately ten months, and the action range is approximately thirty meters, so it is not rechargeable, although it would not make much sense either.

Eureka price and points of sale

This Eureka starts from 19.99 euros and you can buy it in physical and usual Celluarline outlets. It is not yet possible to acquire it through Amazon or the Celluarline website itself, although we will be vigilant if any online point of sale is added and thus make things easier for you by adding the link here. If you have purchased or plan to acquire a Cellularline Eureka you can leave us your queries on our Twitter or directly from the comment box.


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