Eon Extreme Flashlight

Eon Extreme Flashlight

Eon Extreme FlashlightIf you’re into gadgets you sure that what we present here are the less tempting it is. It is a flashlight very, very special, is the Extreme by Iain Sinclair Eon and it is really small, so that you can put it in your wallet in the department where you put your credit cards.

Also according to the website of the company, Eon ExtremeEon Extreme Flashlight is the world’s most powerful flashlight in relation to its weight, something that surely will bring us more of a bind if we stay in the dark and need to find something or inspect the engine during night, etc.

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It measures 85.6 x 54 x 3.4 mm, virtually identical to that of any credit card or identity card and its relationship light-weight is 230 lumens for only 43 grams, which is not bad, On the contrary, it is surprising.

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This light is achieved thanks to two built-in LEDs, which are super powerful and are in the front of this “card-lantern.” It recharges USB, so you can plug it into your computer and go recharging even trip, the bad, then your computer will run out of battery.