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Energy MP3 Stick player attached to a USB memory

Energy Sistem has just launched a small MP3 player that has the form and utility of a memory USB. This is the Energy MP3 Stick. In its size of 80 × 20 × 11 mm and 15 grams, mortise Energy has a few more features including voice recording with his own microphone and FM radio.

The Energy MP3 Stick integrates a tiny screen OLED monochrome

The Energy MP3 Stick integrates a tiny screen OLED monochrome 128 × 32 pixel and four buttons to control playback. You can navigate through folders or music shuffle inside with seven EQ modes.

Moreover, the device behaves like any other memory USB where you can dump the files you want to coast yes music space. The Energy MP3 Stick has its own rechargeable battery through the port USB.

The device is available in three colors and capacities of 4GB or 8GB. The price is 25 euros lower capacity version and 30 euros for the 8GB version.

Technical specifications

  • 8 GB of internal memory.
  • Direct USB pendrive style connector to transfer content.
  • 128×32 pixel OLED screen.
  • Integrated FM radio with presets and recording.
  • Digital voice recorder with built-in microphone.
  • High fidelity ear earphones with neodymium magnets.
  • Plays MP3 / WMA.
  • 7 EQ modes: Normal, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz, DBB-Bass.
  • 7 and repeat play modes (including random mode).
  • Folder navigation.
  • AB repeat mode.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Upgradeable firmware.
  • No drivers needed.

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