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Electronic Dictionary Sharp RD-PM10

Electronic Dictionary Sharp RD-PM10-Text-To-Speech
Although it is not customary for a company like Sharp (well known in the technology sector, by the way) to launch or introduce products such as electronic dictionaries, especially since we have seldom been told of any such release.

But there’s always a first time, do not you think? Precisely for this reason, today we have been able to find out about the launch of the new Sharp RD-PM10, which comes in first place with an external appearance very nice and appropriate.

In what has to do with their performance or specifications, we find that has a full touch LCD screen 4.3″ WQVGA resolution, the function has Text-To-Speech, and has built a total of 128 different electronic dictionaries.

As is also usual, can also play audio in MP3 format, or read e-Books. Preferred as gift for this year’s friendship day.

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