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It is the age of electronic and digital devices. Almost everyone uses a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and store their information and their data into these devices. Now, this data is critically important for everyone and losing this data is a strong threat to everyone. Sometimes, these devices malfunction and unfortunately one can totally lost his or her data from the devices. Since the advent of hackers, nothing is safe from being lost from your own laptop. There can be other misfortunes like accidentally inserting a virus contained pen drive into your desktop or laptop which freezes everything and your laptop is dead, crashing your laptop or tablet by running water on it or your laptop could take fall from the roof while you were busy with your pet. All of these scenarios could happen to anyone at any time and lead to a dead laptop. The loss of data is real and it can affect people. For instance, someone may have his or her million dollar job contract saved in the laptop, someone may have lost his precious pictures or videos, or someone might just lose his or her thesis which he or she might have been working for one year. So the big question here is “Is there any free data recovery software or a method to recover deleted files?

This free data recovery software is very convenient to use as they have given some guidelines to use this software on your device

Yes, there is free data recovery software available from EaseUs Data Recovery. This EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free software can help you recover deleted files and retrieve lost files through any device like a personal computer, laptop, tablet, mobile, hard drive, memory card of any sort, USB, or from your DSLR camera.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Software:

This free data recovery software is very convenient to use as they have given some guidelines to use this software on your device. It is safe, efficient, and flexible that is why it gets all the positive reviews from all around the world. There are different guidelines to run this free data recovery software on Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, USB, Memory card, DSLR, iPod and hard drive recovery. You will be provided with proper assistance step by step to run this EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Software on your device.

First, you have to launch the software on your device. Now you can find the location where your data was lost.

Then, to go search for the retrieval of lost data, it will run a quick and deep scan. There, you will see the recovery of deleted and lost files. This free data recovery software will restore data and recover deleted files that have been lost due to any reason including system crash, accidental deletion of important files from USB or Memory Card, any virus, spam or malware attack or hard drive failure. You can pause and, then resume the scan progress as per your convenience. You can also export and import the data at this step.

Lastly, you will see what you have recovered so far. You can preview all the files you have recovered and filter them according to your need.

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