How to recover data when the hard drive fails

How to recover data when the hard drive fails

One of the biggest disasters that can happen to a computer user is that one of his hard drives is damaged and it seems that he has lost all the data that he lodges inside . In case the hard drive fails, there are methods to follow to recover the information stored in it, although if it is a serious oversight, it is best to turn to a company specialized in computer security.

Hard drives, like all electronic components, have an average lifetime that indicates the amount of time the unit should last . If it is a mechanical hard disk, this is especially important, because it is elements with mechanical parts that move, and are more prone to failures.

How to know if the hard drive is failing?

As a general rule, hard drives start warning before they completely fail: unusual noises, that the system takes too long to boot and that, if it does, when accessing the hard disk data, the operating system will fall .

When the hard disk fails, the most practical thing is to make an urgent backup, that is, a backup copy of the most important data that is housed in the unit. That way, if the hard disk is inoperative, the data will be protected.

There are solutions to recover data from the hard disk when it fails or is completely disabled, some more and others less coarse: from trying to transfer the files through a Linux Live CD to another unit from the hard disk itself, use a disk recovery software hard or literally remove the unit from the computer and install it on another computer, although the latter does not ensure such successful results.


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