E Ink Android Phone: the mobile electronic ink display

The E Ink Android Phone was created by the company Onyx, who knows that the current trend is this type of display with electronic ink, offering them the ebook readers. The advantages of these devices are: the duration of the battery, cheaper in relation to the purchase of paper books and last (but not least) the quality of the look of the text.

The E Ink Android Phone was created by the company Onyx

In the case of E Ink Android Phone with electronic ink display technology, battery (according to the company) lasts a week without needing to be recharged, as well as being designed with a super AMOLED screen green.

Having a smartphone and need not be an ordeal when recharging, something very common today, especially if you use it all day and you are connected to the network constantly. As a solution to this drawback is that the E Onyx ink created Android Phone, a mobile phone that besides having its electronic ink display is not necessary to recharge all the time.

The panel is flexible and energy spent on or only when you need to refresh it shows. It weighs only 700 grams and its interior has an ARM processor A5 Corex, which could be the Qualcomm MSM7227A. So, your battery will last for a week, according to the updates you do to the screen, while they may be slower than a traditional phone, you may get used.

What we will not have this E Ink Android Phone with electronic ink display technology is excellent resolution and good views of images and videos, as it seems to be a picture painted on a post on the phone, as can happen with the Kindle Fire or Nook. It is a low-power device that can become a world revolution.


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