Detected threat that spreads to twitter direct messages

Social networks have become a fundamental part of our lives, but unfortunately more and more viruses or threats are appearing on those platforms. Facebook and Twitter are more committed sites (for crowding as many users), so it is advisable to be careful.

Detected threat that spreads to twitter direct messages

In the last hours a new infection was detected at the site of the bird: it is a virus that is distributed and reproduced through direct messages. The text that appears in the DM says: “There is a rumor about you circulating on the web [link] You might want to read more about it”.

There are several versions of the message going around Twitter, but the important thing is not to click on the link it contains. If you click on the hyperlink text will be forwarded to all your followers and your account will be compromised. Be cautious and keep their social networking contacts informed about the problem.

Worst of all, this is not the first time an event happens like this. Some time ago users of the popular microblogging site were affected by infected tweets offering tools apparent miracle weight loss or to know who visited your profile.

In the event that your account or that of someone you know has been compromised by this threat. Do not hesitate to change your password and to revoke permission to third party applications.


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