Curious Case for Laptops

That is the foreign friends around the world and in every corner is something that everyone knows and sometimes go down the street with that much work laptop that has cost you to buy and which may be in danger because it is a nuisance.

Curious Case for Laptops

We present a truly original laptop sleeve that will make more passes unnoticed and people do not really think about what you wear under your arm is for example a MacBook Pro, a computer tremendous in terms of performance but besides being very expensive is very greedy to the wrong hands.

This case has the typical form of document delivery envelopes, brown, with direction and even seals. It is also fully adjustable with Velcro carrying case inside One day I took a notebook style computer, and obviously you do not want stolen.

It has the appearance of a mail package, supports sizes from 8 to 17 inches, has a padded interior for added security when transporting your device and a very affordable price, about 23 euros.


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