Complete reviews of the tablet Nvsbl P4D Sirius

The company NVSBL has set its latest model with Android, called P4D Sirius because they made tracks to reach customers around the world.
Complete reviews of the tablet Nvsbl P4D Sirius
The battery is fine and will last longer while the connectivity is higher than the previous one and will be available in a few days at a price of 185 euros, although some shops attention because we get as a special offer of 148 euros per launch.
The display type is capacitive, 8 inches and a resolution of 1280 X 768 pixels. We can use up the five fingers simultaneously. The touch response has improved a lot, especially in speed and accuracy. Something against: the material covering the panel is a bit rough to pass a finger.
The tablet Nvsbl P4D Sirius has an internal memory of 8 GB which is expandable with microSD card slot through which owns one of the sides. On the other connections, the most prominent is the output miniHDMI support up to 1080p.
It also has 512 MB of RAM, ARM Cortex A9 processor and GPU mail 400.
Other specifications: 6000 mAh battery, WiFi N, webcam of 0.3 megapixels, very good sound speakers and Android 2.2 operating system.
In terms of dimensions, this tablet weighs 510 grams and has a thickness of 13.7 mm.
The P4D Nvsbl Sirius is a good update on the previous model mainly by three characteristics: the screen capacitive, the battery life and price below 200 euros.
According to experts, this tablet is focused on games, web browsing and streaming content and we take this into account when buying.


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