Changes in all motherboards from Gigabyte

For those who have a recent Gigabyte mother board, this really is a great novelty. Is that from now on, no matter if the plate is high-end, medium or low, you prepare to work with Ivy Bridge and PCIe 3.0.

But this update is only compatible for any Gigabyte containing a chipset Intel H61, H67, P67 and Z67.

Changes in all motherboards from Gigabyte
And the good news does not end there: for the “modernization” of the plates can be made completely free of charge. It only requires that you install a software as part of the hardware already implemented.

In addition, Ivy Bridge will soon have an improvement in terms of energy efficiency and performance, both for the implementation of 22 nanometer and a tri – Gate.

Moreover, in the coming months it is expected to be available some graphics cards with PCIe 3.0.

The Gigabyte official site compared a complete list of motherboards that are compatible with this update, in addition to updating BIOS is required for each.
Some of the supported boards are:

  • G1 Sniper 2
  • GA- Z68 X: UD7 B3, UD5 B3, UD4 B3, UD3 R Y H B3
  • GA- Z68 XP: UD5, UD4, UD3P, UD3R
  • GA-Z68 MX, A, MA
  • GA-P67A: UD7 B3, B3 UD5, UD4 B3, B3 UD3P
  • GA-P67X: UD3R B3, UD3 B3
  • GA- H67 and GA-H67A
  • GA- H67 M Y GA-H67 N
  • GA- P61: S3 B3, DS3 B3, USB3 B3
  • GA- H65M D2H B3


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