with Smart Voice Recorder you can pause and automatically recording

Smart Voice Recorder Android App

There are many application for Android that can be adapted to all kinds of situations and lead. In some situations it can be very interesting to record the audio of a meeting or conversation in order to save and store all the details accurately with names, numbers and phones. In this way, quietly listening again to the file, you can take note of all the details provided by the customer or your friend. If you are looking for an innovative tool that allows to record in a professional manner you should definitely try Smart Voice Recorder. It is a free...

This BlackBerry Messenger 7 update includes improvements of all types, but the most notable is the VoIP service free calls between users

BlackBerry Messenger 7 with VoIP service launched officially

A couple of weeks ago we spoke of a beta version of BlackBerry Messenger including VoIP service free calls between users, if both are connected to the service using WiFi. To download it had to register with the Beta Zone of RIM, and that may back off to more than one. Well, BlackBerry Messenger 7 is now available in the App World. This BlackBerry Messenger 7 update includes improvements of all types, but the most notable is the VoIP service. It is also important to note that since it is now possible to synchronize contacts and groups through the cloud...

VoIP Technology benefits and voip call cost

Benefits and cost of VoIP Technology

In times of crisis the first thing you think of is to cut costs. In that sense, the technologies currently available can help save money on telecommunications, technology and VoIP (voice over IP) is a good choice for this. Thanks to the success of this type of technology is that many projects are based VoIP companies and universities, which has been reduced by about 20% the cost of communication. What is VoIP technology: in the 90’s there were developed some mechanisms allowing over the multimedia traffic data networks. Thus, it was possible to transport digitized analog signals properly. VoIP (voice...