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Toshiba Slim Series small-format LED TVs

Although normally we disclose TVs and imposing larger companies, there must also be room for the younger members of the family for those households that do not have much free space. This time we present the Slim series Toshiba W1 and L1, a range of TVs with sizes that do not exceed 32 inches in diagonal.

Today we present one of the best ranges of small-format televisions that are on the market. These are L1 and W1 Toshiba Slim, two series of panels with LED backlight LCD located on the edges that allow you to watch TV in smaller spaces and in your room or in the kitchen.

As you can see from the pictures, both models are very simple, with inconspicuous design, narrow and shallow frame to not take too much in the room-specifically, less than 5 inches in its thickest part. Available in two colors, black and white, with a refresh rate of 50 Hz and a brightness of 250 cd/m2.

Nicam stereo system capable of playing virtual surround and Dolby Digital decoding

However, the series L1 are 22 inches with resolution Full HD 1080p and 5 millisecond response while the W1 series are 24 inch HD Ready (1366 x 768 pixels) and response time of 8.5 milliseconds. One of the most interesting features of these TVs is that they can be left flat on its base or wall mounted saving even more space if you opt for the second option. Thanks to Freeview HD they also have a PC input allowing you to use as well as TV monitors.

Thanks to Freeview HD they also have a PC input allowing you to use as well as TV monitors

For sound, we find a Nicam stereo system capable of playing virtual surround and Dolby Digital decoding. On the other hand, connectivity complete with a USB 2.0 port to play any multimedia content, one component video input and composite video, one Scart and several audio outputs that bind to a common interface slot for pay DTT.

The price of these Toshiba TVs is pretty good, from 260 USD for the series L1 and 320 USD for the series W1.

Camera Toshiba

Toshiba Camileo S40 Pocket Camera Can Record In Full HD

Although many mobile phones on the market can record Full HD videos, Toshiba has thought perhaps prefer a dedicated product that you always carry in your pocket, thanks to its small size. This is also where the new camera Camileo S40 is already in stores for a price of 159 euros.

the new camera Camileo S40 is already in stores for a price of 159 euros

The new Toshiba Camileo S40 out for a size of 110 x 56 x 17 mm and a body weight of 140 grams, in exchange, the camera features a backlit CMOS sensor with a resolution of 5 megapixels, image stabilization function, digital zoom 10 power and LED lighting system when the ambient lighting is low.

In terms of connections, the Toshiba Camileo S40 has a HDMI port with which to view our videos on TV and a USB connector to transfer content. This camera has no internal memory but thanks to the slot for microSD cards.

the Toshiba Camileo S40 has a HDMI port with which to view our videos on TV and a USB connector to transfer content

In terms of software, Toshiba provides some basic editing tools with which to customize pictures and videos as well, if you want to share them on social networks you can do it from the computer program Camileo Uploader.

The new camera Toshiba Camileo S40 is available in various colors and as already mentioned is now on sale for 159 euros.

Camera Toshiba

Toshiba Camileo BW20 Heads To Summer

Toshiba has announced this week that their sport camcorder, the Toshiba Camileo BW20, now available for a price of 139 euros.

This compact camcorder can record 1080p content we can submerge up to five meters and soil it also withstands drops up to 1.5 meters. Its sensor is 5 megapixels, backlit and stabilization works in both video and photo mode.

Camileo BW20 is now available for a price of 139 euros

If you expect this camcorder, Toshiba Camileo BW20, zoom pocket, you know you only have one 5x digital that will be worth little. Yes you can play videos or frame properly using its 2-inch screen and anti-glare treatment.

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From their special functions Toshiba Camileo BW20 highlight the startup mode automatic recording when motion is detected, and the inclusion of a cover that can be used as a tripod or flotation belt for safety when used in water.

For recording Toshiba Camileo BW20 necessary to use SD memory cards, and to view the contents can “throw” its departure of miniHDMI.

Multimedia Tablet Toshiba

TOSHIBA AT 200 is now available with lower price

If you are interested in buying a tablet Toshiba AT 200, you are probably glad to know that its price will be 20% lower from now. In addition, it will proceed to updating to Android 4.0 ICS, which makes it a more attractive device.

TOSHIBA AT 200 is now available with best deals

Probably lower the price was the only alternative left to Toshiba if he wanted his tablet could be compared with the iPad, which equal price is preferred by most users. Now the price of this tablet will be a little cheaper, about 399 euros, and will have the added attraction of being able to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, which makes it an interesting alternative.

The announcement of the fall in price has coincided with the publication in various media of some data on sales of the latest gadgets launched by the brand in recent months. That, incidentally, if you study them in context there are – in economic crisis in which you live – more than acceptable: IT division has grown into a market that is plummeting, with a semester may marking a drop of 30%, and is suffering less than other brands the drop in TV sales.

The price cut for this tablet is now stands as one of the finest and light that you can find on the market, and also economic in price makes it very appealing.

All in One Computer Toshiba

Toshiba LX815 and LX835 all in one desktop based on Ivy Bridge

Besides the presentation of the Excite family of tablets, Toshiba has also announced two new desktop All-in-one PC bearing the name Toshiba LX815 and Toshiba LX835, both suitable for use at home.

Toshiba LX815 and LX835 all in one desktop based on Ivy Bridge

The Toshiba LX835 features a TN screen of 23 inches, while the Toshiba LX815 model sports a screen of 21.5 inches. These models offer a resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels (Full HD), optional touch screen and have the third generation of Intel Core Ivy Bridge.

The high-end configurations of these models are equipped with 16 GB of RAM, 3 TB hard drive, Blu-ray and TV tuner. There are two USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 and HDMI.

As a media center, these Toshiba computers provide Onkyo speakers with SRS Premium 3D Sound. It also comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The Toshiba LX815 will be offered at a price of 456 euros, while the Toshiba LX835 model will cost 669 euros.

Source: Gadgetfolder

Multimedia Tablet Toshiba

Toshiba launches new tablet

This is the Toshiba tablet AT100 model, which is intended for the enterprise market and not for the individual or family. Among its outstanding features, we find a dual core processor, operating system Android 3.1 and 3G connection.

Full specs of Toshiba tablet AT100 model

Additionally, this Toshiba tablet brings faceplates, like your battery.

Full specs of Toshiba tablet AT100 model:

  • display is LED TruBrite 10.1-inch diagonal (about 25.7 centimeters)
  • resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels
  • 350 cd/m brightness
  • ambient light sensor and a definition advanced, almost HD
  • internal memory: 32 GB with respect to SO

It has all the permissions to update the system and open access to Android Market, with half a million applications available for download. It offers more USB ports, headphone output, stereo speakers with ambient noise sensors, two webcams, SD card reader and slot Docking are noteworthy among other features.

Toshiba launches new tablet

Since the company have indicated that this tablet will change the concept that users currently have about this device and also the AT100 is designed for the professional market. It has appeared as the ideal for the following sectors: education, architecture, logistics, health and any company that is a lover of new technologies.

Apparently, both Toshiba and Samsung want to face that Apple has just released his long-awaited iPad 3, especially for the sector to which it is addressed and the price AT100, while not confirmed, is likely to be much less than the new creation of the signature of the block.

Accessories Hi-Tech Gadgets Miscellaneous Printer Toshiba

Toshiba announces new printer with erasable toner

Despite the advances in technology and the inclusion of portable devices in the corporate sector, the paperless office is still not a reality as many expected. As a result, Toshiba has taken a new approach to reduce costs by creating a system by which the normal printer paper, once printed can be erased and re-use for at least 5 times.

Toshiba announces new printer with erasable toner

The idea is based on the same technology FriXion erasable pens, both used to heat the ink loses its color. With feathers, heat is produced by friction, with the machine, use is made of a heating element.

Unfortunately, the new toner printers only work with specially made, Toshiba, of course. To accomplish this recycling of paper, you not only need a machine, but a whole system.

The first piece of equipment is a special printer that works like any other, except it uses the new erasable ink. Then, to remove the ink and paper, insert the paper printed on another device called appropriately enough, draft. The paper comes out the other end looking like new.

Each piece of paper can be passed through the draft five times, which could dramatically reduce the role that is disposed in the offices, and at the same time save money. The draft is able to detect how many times a page has been sent through it automatically and sent to a separate compartment if it has exceeded the allowable amount. In addition, for those who like to add handwritten comments in your paper, having been made with FriXion pen, these marks can be erased as well.

The initial demonstration version of the new system allows only printing blue ink, but Toshiba says it is working on a way to use other colors too.

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Specifications of Toshiba Satellite U840 ultrabook

Toshiba has launched its first ultrabook of 14 inches, the Toshiba Satellite U840. Based on the 2nd generation Intel Core, weighs only 1.59kg. The ultrabook has a thickness of 19.9 mm.

It has a metallic silver color and has a brushed aluminum chassis that provides strength and durability to withstand shock or unexpected falls.

Along with the new and exclusive Hi-Speed Start technology from Toshiba, the Satellite U840 can be turned on in just seconds.

Specifications of Toshiba Satellite U840 ultrabook

Specifications: Processor Intel 2nd generation Core i3/i5, DDR3 RAM up to 8 GB, 128 GB SSD or HDD 320 GB GB/500 hybrid SSD of 16 GB, HD screen LED backlit 14-inch (1,366 x 768 pixels).

Toshiba Satellite U840 also offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, Ethernet LAN, 1 USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, SD card reader, HDMI, backlit keyboard, 1.3 MP webcam with Toshiba Face Recognition, and stereo speakers enhanced with SRS Premium Sound technology 3D.


As for your operating system, Windows 7 Premium takes.

This machine will be available during Q1 2012 in the South and Southeast Asia. So if you’re considering buying this computer in Europe have to wait a little longer.

Display Devices Miscellaneous Rumours & News Toshiba

Toshiba Mobile (15.6″) monitor based on USB 3.0 technology

Toshiba is no longer seen (recently) its new USB monitor. Designed for mobile professionals who need an additional screen, the Toshiba Mobile is based on USB 3.0 technology and has a 15.6-inch diagonal (widescreen LED backlit), which in turn offers an HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. That’s looks pretty good.

Toshiba Mobile (15.6") monitor based on USB 3.0 technology

Weighing approximately 3.6 pounds, including the case/stand, the monitor has a thickness of one inch (which undoubtedly features easy transport) and is ideal for marketers who are making presentations to professionals who are accustomed to medium projections and for anyone who likes to do things (or activities) on long journeys.

Toshiba Mobile is scheduled to arrive to the market this April 2012. No word on possible unit cost.

Android Toshiba

Toshiba AT200, Android tablet listed for pre-order

The Android tablet, Toshiba AT200 has been listed for pre-order in Europe through the online shopping site of Deutsche Telekom. This new tablet, announced earlier this month at IFA 2011, comes in two models, 16 GB and 32 GB of capacity.

Toshiba AT200, Android tablet listed for pre-order

The Toshiba AT200 has a 10.1-inch touch screen with LED backlight with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and front camera 2MP.

Executed in the operating system Android 3.1 Honeycomb, the tablet is powered by an OMAP 4430 Dual Core 1.2GHz, has 1GB of memory and a microSD card support.

Its design features a brushed aluminum casing on the back and a battery that allows up to 8 hours of use. For connectivity, it includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a micro USB port and one output HDMI micro.

The price of the 16GB model is € 479 and the 32 GB model costs € 584. Both models are only WiFi.