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MyKronoz ZeTime - a hybrid watch with hands AND touch goes through the ceiling

MyKronoz ZeTime: mechanical watch hands on a touchscreen

With the ZeTime the smartwatch manufacturer MyKronoz wants to bring a hybrid clock on the market which on the other hand has conventional pointers, but also has a touchscreen. The company’s crowdfunding campaign has already collected more than 3.5 million US dollars and the project seems to be very well...

New Balance RunIQ, new Android Wear smartwatch for sportsmen at CES 2017

New Balance RunIQ, New Android smartwatch for sportsmen

After one full year by the announcement of the opening of the Digital Sports Division , New Balance presented RunIQ, its first specific smartwatch for runners , based on Android Wear and developed in collaboration with Intel and Strava. This smartwatch design is simple with a plastic shell, interchangeable straps...