The best economic printers to buy during COVID-19 lock down

An affordable economic printer offers several features and technologies, with the option of printing, scanning, and copying with USB or Wi-Fi connectivity. Here are the best.

The printer is one of the most important devices despite the digitization of modern services, a machine to always have available both at home and in the office for any eventuality. Obviously the most advanced models are particularly expensive, however for limited needs you can find excellent peripherals proposed at a price of less than 150 euros. In this guide to the best cheap printer we have collected the most popular economic printer models of the moment, perfect products to print, scan and photocopy easily and without spending a fortune.

affordable printer offers several features and technologies, with the option of printing, scanning, and copying

The best economic printers on the market

There are several printer models on the market, with a wide choice of inkjet, laser and multifunction devices. Here is the ranking of the best cheap printers to buy now, proposed in order of price all with a value of less than 150 euros.

Canon Pixma TS3351

A great budget printer is the Canon Pixma TS3351, an inkjet multifunction model with print, scanner and copier options. The machine features a practical 1.5-inch LCD display , can be controlled via the Canon Print app and ensures a maximum resolution of up to 4800 × 1200 DPI. The device can connect to Canon cloud services, has the energy saving function to optimize consumption, is compatible with Windows PC and Mac, has the Wi-Fi module for connection to wireless networks and offers a compact structure with a weight of just 1 Kg.

HP LaserJet Pro M15a

The HP LaserJet Pro M15a laser printer is an excellent laser model with a very affordable price, a reliable device with a light and fairly compact structure. The machine works only via USB cable connection , ensures a print speed of up to 19 ppm with a container that can accommodate up to 150 sheets. The configuration of the print specifications can be done from the LED panel , it is compatible with Windows PCs and offers a rather simple but functional technology, perfect for those who want to buy a very efficient economical printer. Buy it now on Amazon .

Canon Pixma TS5350

Among the best-selling affordable cheap printers on Amazon is the Canon Pixma TS5350, a highly regarded multifunction device for home use or work. In particular, the design is modern and elegant, with a black coating and a rather compact structure to optimize space. The printer offers a 1.44-inch LCD display , wireless connectivity with integrated Wi-Fi module and management via the Canon Print app compatible with Android and iOS devices. The operation is traditional inkjet, with printing, scanner and copier services , with maximum resolution up to 4800 × 1200 DPI and double-sided printing function.

HP Deskjet 2630

One of the best budget printers under $ 150 is the HP Deskjet 2630 , a multifunction model equipped with a scanner, print and copier for maximum versatility. This device integrates a Wi-Fi module for connection to the home or office wireless network, with the Wi-Fi Direct option and configuration via the HP Smart application, compatible with Android and iOS devices and downloadable for free. The printer can hold up to 60 sheets, or work on 20 sheets of photographic paper, has a 512 MB memory and guarantees a maximum resolution of 4800 × 1200 DPI, working with Windows PC and Mac. Buy it on Amazon .

HP LaserJet MFP 135a

Proposed with the black and white contrast design, an ideal ink multifunction printer for those on a budget is the HP LaserJet MFP 135a , equipped with a USB cable connection with energy-saving technology to optimize consumption. The device is capable of printing, scanning and photocopying, has a speed of up to 20 ppm and a maximum resolution of 1200 × 1200 DPI. This HP model is really simple to use, has a handy LCD display with 12 options for configuring functions, with support for up to 150 sheets and compatibility with standard A4 size. Buy the printer on Amazon .

HP OfficeJet 5220

A great budget printer is the HP OfficeJet 5220 , ideal for both the office and home use, an inkjet multifunction machine with scanner, fax, copier and print options. The device is equipped with the Wi-Fi module for connection to wireless networks, has the quick Wi-Fi Direct configuration and includes 2 months of subscription to the Instant Link service. This printer from HP is quite fast and quiet, supports A4 format and up to 35 sheets can be loaded together, with ecological operation and energy saving option, in addition to the dedicated HP Smart app downloadable on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

3D Gadgets Printer

3D printer from Cube 3

The company 3D Systems Launches New 3D printer that seduces us when we know that we can print from mobile devices and get it for less than $ 1,000. The letter could not be better, the Cube 3 is one of the best home printers that are on today and it can get settled into your room, now comes a more compact new design and larger functions security so as to avoid accidents.

Cube 3 home 3D printer allow you to print objects of different colors

To control the printer, only manipulate a touchscreen which has also been modified, being more intuitive and easy to use. LED lights let you know how it goes the state of the printing process and allow you to have free WiFi and Bluetooth allowing printing directly from your Smartphone working with iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

This Cube 3 home 3D printer will allow you to print objects of different colors and up to two types of materials (ABS and PLA), available with a range of up to 25 cartridges and each suffice to carry up to 14 objects. For its part, the dimensions of the objects may not exceed 152mm x 152mm x 152 mm.

3D Gadgets Printer

Staples sells 3D Cube printer online

As we have discussed in previous articles, it is clear that the impression of a 3D object is a futuristic flows slowly emerging in the field of technology worldwide. Despite its limited development achieved so far today with a 3D printer can create all kinds of gadgets, toys, novelties, and prototypes of devices designed for various needs.

Staples becomes first major US retailer to sell 3D printers with USD 1299 Cube

Along with its development, as well as his notoriety has increased competition and the various business models begin to appear in the market, creating competition and helping to bring prices down significantly and become affordable for most users and small businesses. This situation can see it reflected by logging into the online site of Staples, who by this time is selling 3D cube printer retailer to a value not exceeding $ 1,300 and can be purchased from the website. As if this were not enough, the company has confirmed to specialized media about the end of June, also have a limited number of computers to be sold in their stores with a final value of $ 1,299.

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The 3D Cube is a printer that works well with computers with Windows or Mac operating system, and hits the market with built-in templates 25 free to start creating and printing 3D elements. In addition, Staples confirmed that will release the necessary cartridges to reload the printer periodically and so the same is available for use on a daily basis either by common users of small and medium sized companies.


OKI to reveal first digital printers with white toner

OKI has presented two new printers, the first digital printers with white toner, oriented toward SMEs and companies working with graphics applications. The OKI C711WT and OKI C920WT provide great versatility to the companies that want to use white on his impressions and working with different types of formats.

OKI to reveal first digital printers with white toner

The new OKI printers have toners in cyan, magenta, yellow, and white and are one good solution both for printing in funds of different colors for graphics applications such as printing transparencies. In the case of the OKI C711WT, this A4 printer has a printing speed of 34 pages per minute on normal paper and 8 pages per minute in transparency mode. Printing resolution is 1200 x 600 points per page. In terms of time to print the first page, it is only 9 seconds, a very competitive time.

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The OKI C711WT printer with a maximum A4 print size is intended to provide some moderate demands of work, with a recommended monthly print cycle of 3,000 pages and a maximum cycle of 30,000 pages. The basic role of this computer capacity is 630 pages. OKI offers the possibility of increasing the amount of paper available to the 1,690 pages, while used toners offer a capacity of 11,500 impressions for each color and 6,000 prints blank. To be able to run different print jobs, includes a 533 MHz processor. The dimensions of the OKI C711WT are 389 x 435 x 547 mm, a fairly compact size to use in Office environments.
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As for the OKI C920WT printing equipment, it is a printer with a maximum size of print on A3 for a greater workload. Speed of printing up to 31 pages per minute in normal impressions and 10 pages per minute in transparency mode. The print resolution is the same as in the case of the OKI C711WT, with 1,200 x 600 dots per page. The second model of OKI is intended for larger workloads, with higher capacity toners that offer a yield of 15,000 pages in color and 8,500 pages blank. OKI C920WT has a more powerful 800 MHz processor. This printer has a larger size compared to the previous model (something normal in the case of an A3 printer) and will require more office space. In particular, the dimensions of the equipment are 471 x 654.5 x 623 mm.

Like its sister the OKI C711WT, this equipment is designed to print in different formats like photos, design testing, transparencies, labels for packaging or point of sale materials.
It was not immediately known the prices and release dates of these devices.

All in One Printer

Canon released four new models all in one printers

Canon has introduced four new models all in one printers that are added to the PIXMA line. This is the compact PIXMA MP230, MG2250, MG3250 and MG4250, according to Canon, these new printers are optimized for printing both documents to the photo, with a high quality comparable to a photo lab. Remember, Canon also has a line of printers designed specifically for photography, the SELPHY.

canon-pixma all in one printers

Among the features of these four printers you found the Auto Power Off (i.e. the printer is turned off by itself after a period of disuse) and the new Auto Power On. This feature makes it much easier and faster printing when the printer is off. You can, for example, send files to the printer from a wireless device and print them without having to manually turn it on first.

In addition, include how Quiet Mode that makes printing be more silent and platform My Image Garden, which combines in a single interface all the software available for PIXMA printers, making it easier to use. To all this we have to add things like facial recognition or compatibility of printers with Print Your Days, Canon’s new application for Facebook.

The new printer models will be available from September this year and is obviously looking to fill various needs and different budgets. Thus, the canon PIXMA MP230 is the cheapest among the new printers presented. Function has printing, scanning and copying documents, is very compact and is priced is 44 pounds (55 euros).

The model PIXMA MG2250 stands a step above. It has a seven segment LCD display and a design dubbed FastFront for easy replacement of cartridges and paper. You can print 10 x 15 inches, borderless, in about 44 seconds. Your document print speed is 8.4 pages per minute in monochrome and 4.8 pages per minute in color and its suggested retail price of 49 pounds (61 euros).

You continue with the Canon PIXMA MG3250, which has all the features you have seen in the MG2250 but is able to print even faster (9.2 pages per minute in monochrome and 5 color). It also has integrated Wi-Fi and a free application for smartphones and tablets that can print photos and scanned.

Finally, the PIXMA MG4250 comes with a TFT color screen of 6.2 inches, which easily print without turning on the computer and extensive connectivity options. As above, also has Wi-Fi. It is compatible with PIXMA Cloud Link functionality, allowing direct access to online albums from Picasa, Google Print and Web Template Cloud Print. It is capable of printing at 9.9 pages per minute in grayscale and 5.7 ipm in color.

Ah! Take this opportunity to remind you to take a look at our post with recommendations for choosing the photo paper best suited for your feedback.

Accessories Hi-Tech Gadgets Miscellaneous Printer Toshiba

Toshiba announces new printer with erasable toner

Despite the advances in technology and the inclusion of portable devices in the corporate sector, the paperless office is still not a reality as many expected. As a result, Toshiba has taken a new approach to reduce costs by creating a system by which the normal printer paper, once printed can be erased and re-use for at least 5 times.

Toshiba announces new printer with erasable toner

The idea is based on the same technology FriXion erasable pens, both used to heat the ink loses its color. With feathers, heat is produced by friction, with the machine, use is made of a heating element.

Unfortunately, the new toner printers only work with specially made, Toshiba, of course. To accomplish this recycling of paper, you not only need a machine, but a whole system.

The first piece of equipment is a special printer that works like any other, except it uses the new erasable ink. Then, to remove the ink and paper, insert the paper printed on another device called appropriately enough, draft. The paper comes out the other end looking like new.

Each piece of paper can be passed through the draft five times, which could dramatically reduce the role that is disposed in the offices, and at the same time save money. The draft is able to detect how many times a page has been sent through it automatically and sent to a separate compartment if it has exceeded the allowable amount. In addition, for those who like to add handwritten comments in your paper, having been made with FriXion pen, these marks can be erased as well.

The initial demonstration version of the new system allows only printing blue ink, but Toshiba says it is working on a way to use other colors too.

Accessories Camera Printer

Polaroid Digital Camera with integrated printer

Polaroid Digital Camera with integrated printer
The advent of digital cameras have made it much easier things we could forget about having to buy movies, not having to worry about the number of pictures and we can instantly see if the captured image we like it or not. However, this technology has made our memories are stored in the memories of ls cameras or some hard drive storage.
To re-display those cute moment captured, Polaroid has introduced a digital camera that raises the aesthetic of instant film cameras of the early 1980’s.
With the name of Polaroid Z340, the camera allows the integration of its own printer, which produces prints of 3 × 4 inches obtained through a slot in the front panel. The 2.7-inch screen can be used to preview or editing photos, with options for adding artistic frames before printing.
The printer uses Zink ink technology to avoid problems caused by the ink stains wet, but will need to purchase a special role to recharge the camera. The printer can produce full color photos in 45 seconds.
The camera captures 14-megapixel still images that are stored on an SD card. The company says the battery lasts for 25 prints and 75 catches before needing a recharge.
The Polaroid Z340 is available for $ 300, while 30 sheets of special paper cost $ 20.


Canon PIXMA iP4920 cheap inkjet Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA iP4920 cheap inkjet Photo Printer

Canon has launched the Canon PIXMA iP4920 a cheap inkjet photo printer. The PIXMA iP4920 can produce prints 4 x 6 inch borderless in approximately 20 seconds and provides a flow of about 12.5 ipm in black and white documents, and approximately 9.3 ipm in color. It has a maximum resolution of 9600 x 2400 color dpi.

Canon PIXMA iP4920 cheap inkjet Photo Printer

The PIXMA iP4920 uses ChromaLife100 + ink system with five individual tanks and supports automatic two-sided printing. The print function of Full HD movie clips convert your HD movies taken with the Canon EOS Digital SLR or Powershot cameras on beautiful prints. The printer can also print directly onto CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray.

The Canon PIXMA iP4920 is priced at $ 99.99.