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Apple iPad Pro 2020 is confirmed to be a renowned A12Z with one or more GPU core

The recent rumors of the Apple iPad Pro 2020 caused a sensation but it was probably the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad that captured the scene. It is no coincidence that the commercials on the product are largely focused precisely on the use of computers.

The new iPad Pro stands out only from its back, where there is a double chamber with a square protrusion similar to that of the iPhone 11. Inside the changes there are, starting with the SoC A12Z Bionic, a new range of processors that Apple incorporates an 8-core graphics processor, which brings with it a more powerful Octa-core GPU compared to the A12X.

A12Z will not be an A13X but is preparing to set a new record for the entire sector

6GB of RAM

The first feature does not need clarification and is clearly very welcome to make the user experience more fluid, in multitasking as in more complex operations. Note that in the 1TB version of the iPad Pro 2018 the 6GB were already present, while all the other models had 4GB.

Ultra-wideband U1 chip

The ultra-wideband chip was first introduced with the iPhone 11, but at the moment its use in the field is very small and this is probably why Apple has not mentioned it. Its effects are rarely noticed, just with AirDrop an indication of the direction in which another device equipped with Apple U1 should appear. The problem is that the real use of this device, capable of relating to others like it in space, will be seen when there are many around. So, we will have to get used to seeing it appear passively in the product data sheets so that when the first concrete applications arrive these will already be operational with the devices that we have in our hands for years.

IPad Pro 2020 camera

The new Apple iPad Pro 2020, integrates a rear module consisting of two cameras: 10 mpx ultra wide angle and 12 mpx wide angle , with which we can record spectacular videos and photos. The set of two cameras of the iPad Pro allows us to take photos and record videos in 4K quality. The front camera of the iPad Pro does not offer us any notable news compared to the previous model, since it is also compatible with Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition system.

Augmented reality on iPad Pro 2020

In the same module where the cameras are located, there is also a sensor in LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) a sensor that allows determining the distance by measuring the time it takes for a light beam to reach an object and reflect it back to the sensor. This sensor works hand in hand with cameras, motion sensors and the operating system to measure depth, making the iPad Pro an ideal device for augmented reality.

Apple A13 present in the iPhone 11 basically maintains the same architecture but is lower in computing power than the "old" A12X

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro with trackpad should also be compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro. The old Smart Keyboard Folio cannot be used on the new iPad Pro 2020, which requires the second generation. Instead, the 2nd generation Apple Pencil remains the same.

What else changes

Considering also these two additions, the iPad Pro 2020 differs from the previous model in the following characteristics:

  1. SoC A12Z (instead of the A12X)
  2. Base model capacity 128GB (instead of 64GB)
  3. 6GB of RAM for all models
  4. Ultra-wide 10MP camera (previously absent)
  5. LiDAR scanner for augmented reality
  6. Ultra-wideband U1 chip
  7. Wi-Fi 6

Prices of iPad Pro 2020

The starting prices of the Apple iPad Pro 2020 are the same as the previous generation, the only thing that changes is the storage space, which this time starts from 128 GB instead of 64 GB from the previous generation.

  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 128 GB of storage: 879 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 256 GB of storage: 989 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 512 GB of storage: 1,209 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 1 TB storage: 1,429 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 128 GB of storage: 1,049 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 256 GB of storage: 1,159 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 512 GB of storage: 1,379 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi + LTE 1TB of storage: 1,599 euros.


  1. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi 128 GB of storage: 1,099 euros.
  2. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi 256 GB of storage: 1,209 euros.
  3. 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi 512 GB of storage: 1,429 euros.
  4. 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi 1 TB of storage: 1,649 euros.
  5. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 128 GB of storage: 1,269 euros.
  6. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 256 GB of storage: 1,379 euros.
  7. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 512 GB of storage: 1,599 euros.
  8. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 1TB of storage: 1,819 euros.
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iPhone XR 2019 would have double camera and 18W charger

A new rumor coming from the Japanese medium MacOtakara puts in the spotlight the successor of the iPhone XR for this year. Apple is expected to launch a new generation in September for this more affordable handset than its flagship terminals. Among its characteristics? Pass from one to two rear cameras and incorporate a 18W fast charge charger via USB type-C. The charger will be used with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

According to MacOtakara, the phone that will replace the iPhone XR will adopt the same dual camera configuration that we currently have in the iPhone XS. It practically means that we will have a primary sensor of 12MP accompanied by a telephoto sensor with 2x optical zoom.

This is an important aspect because in previous generations this charger had to be purchased separately. In addition, the charger would be USB Type-C connection, meaning that a Lightning to USB Type-C cable would be used to be able to use it.
iPhone XR 2019: This is an important aspect because in previous generations this charger had to be purchased separately. In addition, the charger would be USB Type-C connection, meaning that a Lightning to USB Type-C cable would be used to be able to use it.

That’s what MacOtakara says of their sources, however, perhaps it would make more sense to see a wide-angle lens than a telephoto lens as a secondary sensor. For the simple fact that the iPhone XR has already shown that you can create the portrait mode without problems with a single camera. On the other hand, the trend of the mobile industry is to bet on a wide-angle for its great versatility, in addition to that it is expected that the iPhone successors of the XS will incorporate it as third sensor.

As we are seeing in various renders , it is very likely that Apple will adapt a slightly different design for the back in this year’s iPhone. This design would involve a 3D molded glass to make a difference in the place of the cameras. It has not liked everyone because of being on the side of the phone and not focused. Although if something knows how to do Apple is to bet on controversial designs that later adapts the rest of the industry.

Apple has been harshly criticized for the decision not to include in the packaging of their iPhone charger compatible with the fast charge and the corresponding cable, making us have to go through the box to take advantage of one of the functions of our iPhone when other brands They bring in the packaging. Now a new rumor of Mac Otakara makes reference to that Apple will reconsider this decision in 2019 and in addition the successor of the iPhone XR could finish incorporating a double camera so that the photographic aspect improves.

We are tired of hearing “this is the year of the 18W charger”, and it never ends up fulfilling. We saw this rumor tirelessly last year and in 2019 it seems to be re-surfacing. The truth is that as users we are we will not end up believing this until we see it with our own eyes in September 2019.

The details say that the device screens would keep the measures already known: 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch OLED panels on the iPhone XI Max and iPhone XI, respectively, as well as a 6.1-inch LCD panel on the new iPhone XR

If it is true that fast charging is not too good for our batteries, causing your health to suffer much faster. But it is undeniable that we have all been in this situation of having to leave home quickly and have very little battery and need to be charged 50% in 30 minutes. This with the charger that we are currently not possible, but with the boot of other competitors like Samsung.

If you do not want us to load our device with fast charging, why do they include it? Why do they sell us separately what is necessary to make use of one of the functions of our team? Obviously Apple is a great company that needs to make money but we believe that this decision is not the most successful and we believe that it would not resent the economy too much to add one or the other charger.

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Samsung PlayGalaxy Link, the platform that will compete with Apple Arcade

On March 25 the world saw a special Apple event that we were not used to, and that is that only services and platforms were presented. Among the ads was the Apple Arcade, a videogame platform exclusively for iOS, macOS and tvOS. It seems that this has reacted to the competition and Samsung could soon launch a similar platform under the name of PlayGalaxy Link.

Arcade vs PlayGalaxy Link: the new war between Apple and Samsung

The Apple Arcade platform is still in development, with the expectation of being launched in the autumn of this year . In it, as we said at the beginning of the post, will be exclusive games for Apple devices. It will host more than 100 video games developed by major companies that have already shown their optimism about the service.

Apple Arcade comes shortly after the announcement of the Google Stadia , streaming platform that Google presented during the GDC '19

Although Samsung has not yet officially pronounced on a new platform, we have found a patent of the South Korean company which describes something similar to that of Apple. That is, we would see a platform with exclusive games for mobile phones, tablets and televisions of this brand.

It should be noted that the patent does not describe how the platform would work, which would be called PlayGalaxy Link. Neither the availability of this appears in the document, although everything suggests that there was still some development time and that even the company could launch a new smartphone focused on gaming , something that until now was not usual in this company.

Be that as it may, it seems clear that Samsung’s response to Apple is clear . The competition between the two in the mobile telephony sector is marked by an intense battle, although both are losing followers in favor of others such as Huawei or Xiaomi. However, the South Koreans do not want to give space to Cupertino even now in the service sector.

We will have to wait to evaluate these services when both are known with precision and have been released to the market . In any case it is clear that they will not have easy to compete with already well-known platforms such as Sony with Play Station or Xbox. Although it is noteworthy that Apple and Samsung are video game platforms and, at least for now, have not ventured to launch a video game console.

How do you think the new Samsung video game platform will be? Will it rival Apple Arcade? Leave us your impressions in the comments box.

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Lenovo Yoga 720: we analyze the best-selling laptop

Lenovo Yoga 720: we analyze the best-selling laptop
What is the computer laptop ‘s sold on Amazon? That is the question that thousands of users ask themselves when, sitting in front of the computer keyboard, they set out to find the computer that best suits their needs.

Although choosing portable depends on the specific needs of each person at a given time, it is true that we are increasingly influenced by the opinions of users but also the demand that the product is at a given time in online sales platforms such as Amazon .

If we asked this question right now in Google or look for results in the ecommerce giant itself, the answer would be the Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKBR . This is a model presented at the Mobile World Congress in 2017, although its good price, the good results it is giving and the versatility of being able to have a PC and 2-in-1 tablet , have made it the best seller in its category one year after.

The most sold laptop have 360 degrees screen

Without a doubt, something that has helped to be the best seller is the versatility of the model, adapting to a fairly broad buyer profile. It is a convertible computer with a 360-degree touch screen that can be a tablet and a PC depending on the occasion. The equipment has a system of hinges that also allows the laptop to rest on itself, which makes it the perfect device to watch movies or enjoy any other multimedia content.

It weighs a little over a kilo and only measures 14.3 mm thick, which makes it a light companion for trips and trips

The size of the screen (13.3 inches) is perfect for traveling although you have to keep in mind that, unlike what happens with other convertibles, it can not be separated from the keyboard.

Another of its great advantages is its lightness. It is true that it is heavier than a conventional tablet-it slightly exceeds the kilo -but only measures 14.3 mm thick , which makes it very convenient to transport.

Good power and an SSD of up to 1 TB

And your processor ? Is it up to its high demand? Everything depends on the use that will be given to the team, but if it is true that it is not the most powerful in the market, it is up to the most capable.

This Lenovo Yoga 720 is powered by processors Intel Core of seventh generation configurations i3, i5 and i7. This means that, for the average user, he has enough power for what he needs. That is, it is sufficiently trained for the most common tasks and according to the experts it will not be slow in web browsing or with several simultaneous processes.

Something that also has to be evaluated very positively is, in addition to the two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt technology , the SSD of up to 1 TB – although the best-selling model is the 256 GB of storage-. This means that the data transfer to this Lenovo will be secure and, above all, fast.

The fingerprint sensor, besides being able to pay in certain places, ensures to log in up to three times faster.

The graphic card is something that also matters to the user who is going to also destine to play, even if sporadically. In this case it must be said that the graphic power is ensured thanks to the NVIDIA GTX1050.

As for the keyboard of the most sold laptop, it is backlit and reminiscent of those presented by Apple. In addition, it has a very precise trackpad and a fingerprint reader that, in addition to being able to pay in certain places, ensures logging into your Lenovo Yoga 720 up to three times faster.

Without leaving the leisure section, the user will also appreciate very positively the pair of JBL speakers that are available and that, according to Lenovo, will help you to enjoy the virtual surround sound of the sound.

A point in favor of the best seller: its Active Pen 2

Another asset of this Lenovo is the possibility of converting it into a digital notebook thanks to its optional Lenovo Active Pen 2. With it you can simply write as you would on a paper or draw if you want to use it much more professionally. This detail has made some have defined it as a 3 in 1 best selling computer, perfect if you are a student and you will alternate leisure at home with its use as a lifelong notebook.

This Lenovo best seller is available in three colors : gray, silver and copper, and if there are no last minute surprises, it has all the ballots to become one of the star gifts this Christmas.

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Google Play Store infested with messaging apps spyware and malware

The Google Play Store is infested with new spyware related to the world of IM mobile communication. Although Google Protect has introduced new and more tight security countermeasures to the full benefit of the privacy of Android data, it is impossible not to notice the ease with which new malware isolate the its application distribution circuits and all those ignorant users that every day they find themselves dealing with a system that is far from perfect in terms of security.

Some search engineers from the Lookout IT security company have identified a new Android malware family named SonicSpy. As anticipated at the opening, this is a new suite of malicious applications that lie behind instant messaging systems that infect phones by allowing full remote control.

Some search engineers from the Lookout IT security company have identified a new Android malware family named SonicSpy

These are products whose features are wide-ranging in the IM Messagging field, but conceal dangerous hazards through which targeted attacks are targeted at those who are victims of theft and data collection of calls, text messages, contacts, and data on active WiFi connections.

According to ForSmartphone security blog, it is the work of a single Iraqi developer who has been working on the implementation of more than 1,000 messaging apps that counter Telegram’s source code. Specifically, though Google’s development and control team has already taken care of their removal, they skip to the eye names like Soniac, Hulk Messenger and Troy Chat.

Michael Flossman, researcher on Lookout’s behalf, told Arch Technica’s microphones that incriminated Google apps can also be deployed through simple texts with embedded links that point to app downloads, just like a traditional phishing attack, or even through a market Google Alternative where you release apk compatible files.

For example, for Soniac there would still be a feedback regarding a portal called App Geyser. Lookout writes in this regard that:
“This family’s applications have proven to be able to generate spyware in the official application store. This suggests that such deceptive apps might fall into the Play Store at any time”.

Using these malicious application distribution methods on the Google Play Store has become common practice and over time, malicious people are further refining the technique by creating new and more sophisticated algorithms.

According to the Android search and security analysts, it would be 47 out of 1,000 devices that came across the new threat series. The situation is aggravated by the fact that malware correlates with popular and legitimate applications such as those related to the Judy series, famous for the use of digital functions linked to the world of cooking and life-style.

What do you think about the security factor on mobile devices? Are we constantly in danger or is there nothing to worry about?

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Fitbit’s smartwatch shows up in some photos rendering leaked

As it is known for several weeks, Fitbit is working on a smartwatch capable of competing with the competition featured by Apple Watch , Android Wear 2.0 and Tizen OS of Samsung. To do this, the US giant will rely on an operating system and a proprietary application store where third-party developers can publish their creations.

In the past few hours, some images have appeared on the net, making it show us the smartwatch (we still do not know what the trade name will be) in different angles and reveal some details about its aesthetics.

As you can see, the design of this smartwatch looks much like the Fitbit Blaze, a hybrid between smartwatch and smartband introduced a couple of years ago. The colors that will be set will be three: silver with navy strap, pink gold with blue and black strap with black strap.

Fitbit is working on a smartwatch capable of competing with the competition featured by Apple Watch

From the point of view of the physical buttons configuration, again here is the Fitbit Blaze design, with two buttons on the right and a button on the left .

The heartbeat sensor brought to a new level by Fitbit

Fitbit will rely on an operating system and a proprietary application store where third-party developers can publish their creations

The bottom of the device is quite protruding but this is good to ensure a more accurate heart rate monitor.

Fitbit is working on a smartwatch capable of competing with the competition featured by Android Wear 2.0 and Tizen OS of Samsung

About the heartbeat sensor, unlike its smartband, the American giant will use two red LEDs along with an infrared sensor . This is probably also to ensure the maximum VO2 monitoring in the blood .
Considering that the IFA in Berlin is approaching more and more, we are inclined to think that the presentation of this smartwatch will be in the German capital.

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Ransomware PetrWrap / Petya paralyzes dozens of companies (Updated)

Total paralysis in large multinationals: the food company Mondelez (parent company of companies such as Cadbury and Nabisco and owner of brands like Oreo, Chips Ahoy, TUC), Nivea companies, US laboratory Merck, Russian oil company Rosneft, Moller- Maersk, and law firm DLA Piper , one of the world’s largest law firms, have suffered an ransomware attack similar to that of Wannacry just a month ago. And they are not the only ones.

Kaspersky Lab analysts have discovered PetrWrap

Kaspersky Lab analysts have discovered PetrWrap , a new malware family that exploits Petya’s original ransomware module, distributed through a Ransomware-as-a-Service platform , to perform targeted attacks against specific organizations. The creators of PetrWrap created a special module that modifies the original Petya ransomware “on the fly”, leaving its authors defenseless against the unauthorized use of their malware. This fact is indicative of the increasing competitiveness that exists in the black market of ransomware.

In May 2016, Kaspersky Lab discovered the Petya ransomware which not only encrypts data stored on a computer, but also overwrites the master boot record (MBR) of the hard drive, Making it impossible for infected computers to boot the operating system.

In this case, the system encryption does not occur immediately, but expects a random interval between ten and sixty minutes for system reboot, programmed using schtasks and shutdown.exe.

After the restart, the MFT table is encrypted on the NTFS partitions, thus overwriting the MBR with a loader where the ransomware note is included.

As assumed by several users , PetrWrap is using the same WannaCry propagation medium , the exploitation of EternalBlue and EternalRomance on Windows and port 445 open but the latest reports confirm that the propagation is by email .

“Petya uses the same exploit Eternalblue and spreads on internal networks with Mimikatz WMIC and PsExec , so patched systems can be equally affected , ” said Mikko Hypponen, research director at F-Secure. The fundamental difference with WannaCry is that this malware only spreads on the local network, not through the Internet.

Petya also encrypts many fewer file types than its predecessor. This new ransomware uses the SMB exploit only in part of the infection, making use of MimiKatz to extract credentials from the lsass.exe process , and WMIC or PSExec for lateral movement, thereby rendering the MS-17 security patch innocuous -010. That is, even if a computer is completely patched it could be infected via propagation. Petya has also caused serious disruption in other large companies, including advertising giant WPP, French construction materials company Saint-Gobain and Russian steel and oil firms Evraz and Rosneft.

The attack was first reported in Ukraine, where the government, banks, State electric power, Kiev airport and subway system were affected. Chernobyl’s radiation monitoring system was put off-line, forcing employees to use manual counters to measure levels in the exclusion zone of the old nuclear plant. Those responsible for the attack ask the user to pay a ransom of $ 300 and send the payment receipt to an e-mail address with a pre-set password. For now, cybercriminals have received 12 32 45 transactions , the first of them at 12: 48hs today (Europe time).

Here you will find all the technical information corresponding to the binaries detected so far. At this time there are two versions of Petya active, the last April version can be recovered following this procedure . For the current version (27/06) you can try the same method but, unfortunately, there is still no safe way to recover. Update: Computer security expert Matt Suiche of security firm Comae Technologies has released the results of his in-depth analysis of the Petya code, which reveals that this latest version is not actually a ransomware but a ” Wiper ” , a malicious program dedicated to erase files and complete hard disks. This means that the victims of the attack never had a chance to recover their files because they were not kidnapped, but they had completely disappeared.

The Confidential
Palo Alto
Cisco Talos
Kaspersky Lab
Ukrainian Police
Bleeping Computer

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MyKronoz ZeTime: mechanical watch hands on a touchscreen

With the ZeTime the smartwatch manufacturer MyKronoz wants to bring a hybrid clock on the market which on the other hand has conventional pointers, but also has a touchscreen. The company’s crowdfunding campaign has already collected more than 3.5 million US dollars and the project seems to be very well received by the users.

MyKronoz ZeTime - a hybrid watch with hands AND touch goes through the ceiling

MyKronoz is not an untitled sheet, the company has already launched some Smartwatches on the market and, according to CEO, they already sold more than 2 million copies. So you already know a little in the market. Nevertheless, one would like to start with the ZeTime a crowdfunding project, probably also around the clock a little marketing-push, because after all, here you have no conventional Smartwatch, but a hybrid clock. The structure of the watch is interesting, because first you have the display on which your information is displayed. Above that come the pointers and above comes then the touch screen. This is ultimately protected by Gorilla Glass. So you have the possibility, despite the hands, to use the clock quite normally with the finger. And so that the pointers do not disturb the notifications, they are also simply rotated to a neutral position. Definitely a good idea.

Like all smartwatches, it is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and thus becomes the notification window for incoming e-mails, calendar entries, etc. The recharge time should be up to 3 days. Of course, I’m a bit skeptical about this statement. This is not an e-ink display, but a normal TFT.

While most smartwatches currently on the market are able to withstand just one day of intensive use, should the ZeTime last up to 3 days? I’m curious! If you only use the Smartwatch as a clock, so the display remains off, the battery life is up to 30 days. The ZeTime works with proprietary software, so you do not rely on Android Wear. This is why the Companion app of MyKronoz is required. The watertightness is indicated with 3ATM, Ie 30 meters.

Functions of the watch can also be performed with the smart crown.

Of the originally only 50,000 US dollars MyKronoz chose as a financing target, you have now already over 3.5 million US dollar arrived and the project is still 4 days online . Over 18,000 supporters will follow the project in the coming months. In September 2017 it should then be so, then namely the clock is to be delivered. Nevertheless, you should be aware that even an established company can embed a crowdfunding project, so a certain residual risk still remains if your “investor” wants to become an upcoming product.

The watch is quite attractive, which should explain the success. As an early bird you can get the clock already for 139 US dollar, in the trade it should cost at least 199 US dollar. This is the cheapest model with silicone bracelet. There will also be a variant with leather strap or metal bracelet, which is then more expensive.

Networking Rumours & News

LiFi technology is already 100 times faster than WiFi

LiFi technology with which many researchers pretend to make us forget about WiFi and whose main feature is that it is based on light, has just reached a new milestone since we now learn that not only can it offer a wide Band or stability that WiFi could never reach, but now, thanks to this latest research, it is up to 100 times faster .

Li-Fi technology is a new type of wireless connection that uses light sources instead of microwaves to transmit data


Curiously, the researchers behind this project have been working to solve one of the problems that this type of technology has, such as the fact that the light must be on at all times . To solve this they have been experimented with infrared rays with which they have obtained very good results.

Li-Fi technology is a new type of wireless connection that uses light sources instead of microwaves to transmit data, hence its name: Light Fidelity, in exchange for Wireless Fidelity. In this way, the LED bulbs in your home and office will make the router function incorporating an emitter modulator.


At this point, comment that LiFi connection technology is not new since it has been tested in laboratories since 2011 although, until 2015, it was not tested in real environments. At the moment, as we said, there are still serious drawbacks to be solved such as the one we have discussed or the fact that light cannot cross walls. Even so, Joanne Oh, head of the project and doctor at the University of Eindhoven, has achieved, based on the infrared, a series of harmless rays for the human being, able to develop a connection of up to 42.8 Gbps at a distance of 2.5 meters.

LiFi is slowly becoming a real alternative to WiFi.

To solve the problem of the walls, has developed a system composed of antennas that must be installed throughout our house . In this way we would connect our fiber optic cable to one of them, making our entire home network active. One of the main advantages of the LiFi by infrared is its low power consumption, which means that we do not need to power these antennas because the little current they need would come from the fiber optic cable itself.

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CES 2017: new sports smartwatch Garmin FENIX 5

At CES 2017, Garmin presents its new proposal Garmin FENIX 5 for those who live sporting passions in the round, every day and in any place, without compromise.

From the stage of the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Garmin has introduced three smartwatch dedicated to sports lovers: Garmin FENIX 5 , Garmin FENIX 5S and Garmin FENIX 5X. In detail, FENIX 5S is lighter, thinner and smaller than the other models and perfect for small wrists, like those of women, without sacrificing functionality and its sporting soul. FENIX 5X, however, reveals to have an integrated mapping . Finally, FENIX 5 is rich in features and is ready to carry out any challenge.

Pepcom Digital Experience, on the evening before the official opening of CES 2017

Basically, however, the biggest difference is the size and the fact that Garmin FENIX 5X has integrated mapping. As regards the dimensional specifications, FENIX 5S has a diameter of 42 mm and a 1.1-inch display; FENIX 5 has, instead, of a diameter of 47 mm and a 1.2-inch screen; Finally, FENIX 5X presents a case of 51 mm and a 1.2-inch display. The top of the range, the FENIX 5X, is protected by a sapphire crystal that can be requested as an option at about 100 Euros more about the other models, which by default possess a standard glass.

All three models are equipped with stainless steel case and integrated compass, GPS, GLONASS and sensor for the heartbeat. Being three smartwatch for sports, the new models of FENIX 5 series are all waterproof up to 100 meters deep.

The model Fenix 5X is the largest of the family, and is distinguished from the remaining two over that for the size also for the integration of the support to the maps.
Very interesting FENIX 5X variant with preloaded maps, ideal for athletes looking for additional information, such as points of interest along their path. The sensor for the heartbeat works constantly carrying out a survey every two seconds during normal activities and every second during sports activities.

Garmin guarantees for these its smartwatch also an autonomy improvement . It ranges from two weeks of FENIX 5 model in only eight days to watch the Garmin FENIX 5S mode, or from 24 hours in GPS mode Model FENIX 5 to 13 hours of FENIX 5S. Users can also take advantage of the UltraTrac power mode to extend battery life even more.

All FENIX 5 models are compatible with Connect IQ so users can personalize their watch with applications, widgets and much more.
They also allow you to manage Smart Notification to receive alerts from your smartphone push notifications, SMS, incoming calls and e-mails. Also they work as a fitness band, providing the wearer with information on the level of daily physical activity.

The new smartwatch Garmin presented at CES 2017 will arrive within Q1 of 2017 with prices starting from 599 Euros.

Look for updates on CES 2017 , please enter your e-mail in the box below: