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Tips for choosing the perfect Home Cinema

Do you want to experience the dreamlike experience of movie theaters in your living room
Do you want to experience the dreamlike experience of movie theaters in your living room? The Home Cinema will become the perfect ally to achieve it. Then we bring you some fundamental keys in which you should look at when buying home cinema.

The instant when Sauron’s unique ring was destroyed on Mount Doom, the seconds before the Death Star explodes into a thousand pieces, the decisive battle between the young wizard Harry Potter and the unnamed Lord Voldemort, the tragic sinking of the Titanic through the eyes of Rose and Jack Dowson or the moment when the Ark of the Alliance is open to unleash all its fury are some of the scenes that you can live in an epic and immersive way with a good home cinema.

This entertainment system, born in the mid-nineties, became an experience for the senses, giving us the opportunity to experience emotions that we have only experienced on the big screen.

The sector of sound devices for home theater is one of the most complex, given that the very diverse models and existing brands, we must add some features that may be difficult to understand.

Keys to consider when buying a home cinema

Choosing the perfect home cinema is not a simple task if we really want to live a unique experience every time we watch our series and favorite movies. However, we can follow some fundamental keys such as those specified below:

-One of the first questions we must ask ourselves is whether we are going to use our home cinema daily or, on the contrary, in a more spaced or punctual way throughout the month. If we are going to use it every day, the most convenient option is to use a sound source or sound bar. Although they may be of lower quality than others such as multichannel amplifiers or A / V receivers, the truth is that they consume very little energy and are designed to work for many hours at a time.

On the contrary, if we are going to use our home cinema only for a more specific view, dedicated only during the weekends, for example, in those cases, we should opt for the aforementioned multichannel amplifiers , in addition to the speakers separately.

-We must take into account, when choosing the home cinema, is that there are many different types of systems. In this sense, we can highlight the 2.1 system, formed by three speakers, left and right channel, and a subwoofer designed for the most serious sounds. Likewise, we have the 5.1 system, which is made up of a total of five loudspeakers, to which there are five channels that independently treat a specific range of frequencies. It is presented as one of the most demanded and standard systems, both for the production of titles and films designed for this format and for a wide assortment of compatible players.

Adding two more speakers to the previous system, we have the 7.1 and that is often used for video games, an area in which sound effects play a very important role. In systems 7.2 , a subwoofer is added in the back with respect to the 7.1. For systems 9.1 two loudspeakers are added to the ceiling (although they can also be included in the front) and in 9.2 a subwoofer is added to the previous system.

-With regard to the power of the amplifier , we must take into account the actual watts of the device that can supply the channels. The wider the room where we are going to install it, the higher the watts should be.

– With regard to decoders , the home cinema chosen must be able to translate into sound the main standards of the market. At least you should try to achieve it with the majority. One of them is Dolby Digital, a format widely used in DVD, Blue Ray and digital television; the Dolby Digital EX with an extended channel 6.1, since it includes six audio channels and a channel of low frequency effects; the DTS , an optional format that adds separate channels for sound effects; Dolby Pro Logic , which creates an enveloping sound from two channels that transforms into four; THX-Certified, a kind of certification that confirms that our team meets the minimum requirements.

-With regard to connections, when choosing the home cinema, we must remember that the most important for a perfect model are, for example, RCA , which uses separate audio channels for stereo, usually differentiated by black color or red; or XLR , a type of balanced professional audio connector.

-With regard to the speakers , we highlight the basics such as the front (located on the left and right of the screen). In these cases, the amplitude and distribution of the room must be taken into account to avoid rebounds and sound distortions. On the other hand, the central speakers offer intensity and power to the main sound channels of a film. Along with these we can find equipment for a more immersive experience with rear speakers , located behind the listeners. There are also side surround speakers, which require a small range of emission and are not so important when choosing a device.

– On the other hand, the subwoofer is the one that will grant us the lowest registers of sound. We can find them with two technologies: passive, less and less common because they lack an internal amplifier. We also have active models , which use both digital and analog sound filters.

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2015 is the year of smart wireless headphones for athletes

This new year we release will come loaded with gadgets and apps that will expand the already extensive collection of devices that are familiar sportsmen. The smart headphones also come to stay .

Especially those doing sport outdoors know how uncomfortable it is to have to put the headphones every time you move or fall. Therefore, several developers who last year worked hard to launch a headphone able not only to avoid falling or moving but also to monitor all of our sport .

The Dash, the first to arrive

This project is the big bet of German Bragi by a system much more comfortable and useful to the user wireless audio.

The Dash headphones allow us to listen to music from any devices connected via Bluetooth or even play your favorite songs stored on its 4 GB of internal memory, but not the most notable of this gadget.
The Dash has our steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation or the energy consumed with this activity
In fact, what makes them even more interesting are features of quantification, that will leave home or quantifying smartwatch bracelet to use only these headphones to monitor our workouts.

The Dash has our steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation or the energy consumed with this activity. In addition to quantifying we communicate through our performance sound notifications during the year and we can dip them because they are waterproof to one meter deep.

These wireless headphones design with Bluetooth 4.0 connection aptX offer integrated touch controls on the body of the headset itself; touching the left you can change tracks or forward, while the right you can control the volume.

We also have a way of “transparent” listens through which you can play the sounds around us to avoid having to remove the ears when we want to hear what also happens to additional functions to control our physical activity through mobile apps.

Coming soon: Parrot Zik Sport

For its part, Parrot is developing a new model headset that come to us in this 2015 and assumed his foray into the area of sports gadgets.

Parrot Zik Sport , designed by the firm Stark, aspiring to become a real coach capable of monitoring all our physical activity.

Although they are compatible with most smartphones and music devices and has a high audio quality thanks to its 32-bit DSP, these headphones go far beyond simply listening to music.

In the second half of this year we can already get hold of this gadget you are looking to deposit all our devices for athletes in the drawer. Designed with a plastic finish, weight drop from 100 grams and has a battery that allows a range of five hours

To start includes a sensor and a pedometer heart through which we know both our frequency during exercise as steps, distance and calories than we burn.

Through its in-ear biometric sensors and application designed Parrot for these headphones we analyze the style of the corridor, posture, time of contact with the ground, cadence or heave.

Rounding further invention allows listening environment while running using a system of up to 8 microphones. For example, if we practice running in the street, we can simultaneously listen to our favorite music and activate the “street mode” to hear ambient noise.

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Knowing the colorful music players Nokia Guru

After the event Nokia held in Abu Dhabi, we were able to meet some of their most anticipated mobile devices, but in addition to phones and tablets, you should know that there is also room for music players, in this case, the colorful Nokia Guru.

With a very simple design, perhaps recalling the iPod Shuffle, you can find Nokia Guru that extracts color Nokia device family. Thus comes to the hand, with the personality of Lumia family, the device remembers the Apple classic player.

Nokia Guru has a very simple design, perhaps recalling the iPod Shuffle

As from the Finnish company and spent several years working on these devices, they have now begun to include new features in terms of connectivity and have Bluetooth to communicate and NFC for synchronization with speakers and headphones.

These devices may be used as a hand free to Lumia phones, but are just rumors. We also see in the image the microUSB to connect to devices that enable to charge your battery and add data.

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Wireless music from Android or iPhone with Pure Sensia 200D

Presented at CES 2012, Pure Sensia 200D Connect is then reviewed at IFA 2012 in Berlin and finally finished in your hands for a test. The photo testing this week is dedicated precisely to this special “rugby ball”, which in reality is a powerful, high-performance wireless audio system that uses a precise display touchscreen color capacitive high resolution and a convenient interface user. Moreover, it can easily take advantage of the services and software Pure.

Pure Sensia 200D Connect uses a wide screen of 5.7 inch diagonal which is very large for the area to which the device belongs

Pure Sensia 200D Connect and aesthetic characteristics

Pure Sensia 200D Connect uses a wide screen of 5.7 inch diagonal which is very large for the area to which the device belongs. Above, you can see not only information about songs or listen to the stations, but also cover photo album, slideshow of digital radio and a range of content from the widget. Read also: Bose SoundLink Air digital music systems wirelessly around the house

Twitter feeds, status updates of friends on Facebook, photos from Picasa and news from RSS feeds. Yes, it can also act as a digital photo frame. With a capacitive touch screen is easier to type text into the search bar – for example – with the virtual keyboard. The power audio output is 30W RMS, class D amplifiers and it offer a good stereo separation and control of bass and treble. You can hook up an mp3 player with built-in input is also compatible with iPod and you can connect headphones.

Pure Sensia 200D Connect features

Pure Sensia 200D Connect can offer different functionality such as USB recording timed at will or can be activated by pressing the button Register on the included remote control or touch. Pure Stream is the easiest way to send music wirelessly from devices such as smartphones or tablet with Android operating system or media players like iPod Touch, or iPhone and iPad up to radio or powered speakers Pure.

Pure Sensia 200D Connect can offer different functionality such as USB recording timed at will or can be activated by pressing the button Register on the included remote control or touch

Pure Tags provides the ability to tag therefore, to attach a label to the digital tracks played on the radio in order to recover information (title, author, discography, links to purchase), then Pure Connect that is the well-known portal to listen to live radio and access content on demand. It will be so easy access to a virtually unlimited library of music stored on a computer or on the cloud, to Internet radio, podcasts, or catalogs of sounds, without forgetting the dear old FM radio. Finally, among the simplest functions but no less useful: complete two alarms, countdown timer and auto power off.

Pure Sensia 200D Connect conclusions

The price is important, as many of the devices in this sector: for € 349.99 is not an object so cheap (especially given the time), but includes a number of features and services exclusive and ideal for lovers music and multimedia. If desired, also becomes significantly laptop, at least in the range where the Wi-Fi signal “takes” thanks to the optional rechargeable battery Pure ChargePAK. Read also:
Sony CP-A2LAPKSS, wind battery charger

The screen is a mixed blessing: on the one hand it is very comfortable and provides a comfortable typing experience, but it is a bit pixelloso for example, if you look at pictures. Pure services are excellent, the sound quality is clean and of high quality. Finally, the app for iOS and Android are the final gem of a device almost unique.

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Energy MP3 Stick player attached to a USB memory

Energy Sistem has just launched a small MP3 player that has the form and utility of a memory USB. This is the Energy MP3 Stick. In its size of 80 × 20 × 11 mm and 15 grams, mortise Energy has a few more features including voice recording with his own microphone and FM radio.

The Energy MP3 Stick integrates a tiny screen OLED monochrome

The Energy MP3 Stick integrates a tiny screen OLED monochrome 128 × 32 pixel and four buttons to control playback. You can navigate through folders or music shuffle inside with seven EQ modes.

Moreover, the device behaves like any other memory USB where you can dump the files you want to coast yes music space. The Energy MP3 Stick has its own rechargeable battery through the port USB.

The device is available in three colors and capacities of 4GB or 8GB. The price is 25 euros lower capacity version and 30 euros for the 8GB version.

Technical specifications

  • 8 GB of internal memory.
  • Direct USB pendrive style connector to transfer content.
  • 128×32 pixel OLED screen.
  • Integrated FM radio with presets and recording.
  • Digital voice recorder with built-in microphone.
  • High fidelity ear earphones with neodymium magnets.
  • Plays MP3 / WMA.
  • 7 EQ modes: Normal, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz, DBB-Bass.
  • 7 and repeat play modes (including random mode).
  • Folder navigation.
  • AB repeat mode.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Upgradeable firmware.
  • No drivers needed.
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SONY walkman F800, media player with Android ICS

So far, the iPod Touch has not been found with a media player that makes you real competition. The battered Zune HD, Microsoft, was one of the few who tried to fight face to face with the Apple device, but also failed in his attempt and was discontinued after only two years.

SONY walkman F800, media player with Android ICS

Since Android won massive not found a worthy rival for the gadget of the block, despite the efforts of major corporations such as Samsung. One of the firms trying to beat the tug of war with Apple is Sony, which unveiled the Walkman F800.

Details of the device are rare but are known to have a 3.5 inch multi-touch screen and powered by Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0. Perhaps this last point is the highlight, as it will provide unrestricted access to Google Play Store.

As expected the Walkman F800 offers WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth. There will be three internal storage options available: 8, 16 or 32 GB. For now there is not much more information about the product, which still does not have a dedicated website.

The device looks very attractive. A bonus is that Sony has a background in music players, so the franchise Walkman always generates interest. As we mentioned point against regional constraints imposed by Google Play Store.

If Sony expects users to buy music, movies and other content from the official Android store will have a margin of reaching the public severely limited. Remember that Google Music and other services as part of Play Store are available only in the United States. We look at developments in the F800 Walkman and when more information will keep you informed.

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Lenovo IdeaTab S2109 Android 9.7 inch tablet with 4 speakers

Lenovo has officially unveiled an unusual Android tablet, Lenovo IdeaTab S2109. This gadget comes with a 9.7 inch screen with 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1024 x768 pixels with IPS panel 178 degree viewing angle.

Lenovo IdeaTab S2109 Android 9.7 inch tablet with 4 speakers

Within Lenovo IdeaTab S2109, there is a dual core processor of Qualcomm Sandpragon S4 1.5 GHz combined with the operating system Android 4.0. This device also offers a 1.3 MP front camera, a microSD card slot and a port microHDMI.

With a shell with a bronze finish, the Lenovo IdeaTab S2109 brings a total of four speakers with SRS TruMedia audio technology.

Unfortunately, still no word on price or date for its release.

Source: Gadgetfolder

Accessories Miscellaneous Multi-media Player Rumours & News SONY

Sony introduces an updated E series Walkman docks matching

Sony just introduced in Japan two new players Walkman E series, which, according to the manufacturer, are thinner and lighter than their predecessors.

Both have a color LCD screen of 1.4 inches and a noise-canceling design, while promising 30 hours of music playback when fully charged. The NW-E060 brings 2GB of onboard memory, while the NW-E063 features 4GB of memory.

Sony introduces an updated E series Walkman docks matching

Both models can be purchased at a dock in the same color as the device, which also functions as a speaker. Players and docks are available in pink, black, blue and red from 11 February.

The 2 GB model will cost the equivalent of nearly $ 115, while next to the dock is priced at around $ 140. The prices for the 4GB model were not disclosed.

In addition to these combos, two new docking stations were presented. The RDP-NWG400B offers Bluetooth and 20W total power of its two speakers and a subwoofer and is priced at $ 180. The second is the RDP-NWM7, ideal for use at outdoor and can be powered by four AAA batteries. The price is $ 140.

Sony has not stated whether these products will be offered in other markets.

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Tow most wanted new features of Iriver E40 media player

The company Iriver will release a new media player called Iriver E40 in the Russian market, which comes with rounded corners and a thickness of only 9 mm. Interestingly, this gadget is that it has a long battery life, able to offer a range (continuous favorite music) up more than 50 hours. Its battery is easily recharged via any USB device.
Tow most wanted new features of Iriver E40 media player

Iriver E40 plays the most popular audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, APE and FLAC. The device has 30 preset equalizer settings, easily accessible menu (better than the previous model, Iriver E30), 2-inch screen, FM radio and voice recorder.
This player will come to Russia in November. It will be available in white, pink and black. Its estimated retail price, equipped with a memory of 4 GB reaches the 1,900 rubles, and with an 8 GB totals to 2,200 rubles.

Audio HTC Multi-media Player Smartphone

HTC and Beats Audio make Sensation XE official

The first HTC smartphone and Beats Audio is not the Runnymede (seen yesterday in a filtered image), but if the Sensation XE, which has just been officially announced by the Taiwanese company.

price of Sensation , HTC Audio Beats , quality Dr. Dre , excellent HTC Sensation , specs of Sensation XE , Smartphones Sound, specs of HTC Sensation XE

The HTC Sensation XE is obviously enhanced version of the Sensation. It offers a 1.5 GHz processor, long battery life and excellent sound quality provided by Beats Audio (famous for receiving the patronage of music producer Dr. Dre).

price of Sensation , HTC Audio Beats , quality Dr. Dre , excellent HTC Sensation , specs of Sensation XE , Smartphones Sound, specs of HTC Sensation XE

Other than that (and some nice red accents), this is the same Sensation that has been available since May, that has Android Gingerbread OS, Sense user interface, 4.3-inch QHD screen, 8 megapixel camera with recording 1080p, 1 GB internal memory and a micro-SD card (8GB or 16 GB) pre-installed.

According to HTC, the Sensation XE will be available in late September in EMEA and Asia Pacific. The company did not announce the price of the new phone, but should be slightly higher than the current price of Sensation.

At the moment it’s still unknown, whether the Sensation XE will be released in the U.S. and Canada or not.