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How to compose music on your smart phone

The proliferation of smartphones has caused a massive increase in the number of apps on the Play Store, a reality that we all know. Specifically, in this article we are going to focus on those apps that teach us how to compose music. Notably, there is an influx of apps of all kinds, including some very specific ones designed for certain industries.

This is the case of the tools for musicians and composers, some services make their work a bit easier by allowing you to create backgrounds, preview certain effects, automate transfers, change the key of a piece in seconds and very long wait, very useful. That is why we decided to choose the best, which are these:


This is an app that not only allows us to create scores easily, but also to know the result instantly without touching it. The best thing is that it includes instrument simulators (violin, viola, cello, piano, drums, among others), so that it doesn’t limit you in any way, but it gives us the opportunity to know which of them is the best for our composition.

Audiotool , for its part, is a synthesizer that may be of interest to experts


In addition, it has an option that allows us to modify music files, it has a simple interface to use, it includes the possibility of sharing our compositions with anyone, and it includes vibrato and various effects. Of course, to start enjoying its advantages you have to pay.

For iOS, you can download the app at this link.

Note Reader

As for Note Reader, its main advantage is that just by taking a picture you can listen to a sheet music. It is appreciated if you wanted to know how what you are writing sounds like. In any case, it is a rather basic app that allows you to make a composition of the place. It is also useful for those who have trouble imagining what a particular score sounds like.


Of course, there are other types of resources and tools in addition to apps that will delight composers and music lovers. Noteflight, for example, is a website where you can create, view, print, share, listen to musical compositions and has approximately two million members.

The page is available even in several versions , a basic version where we can do the above from the browser itself; and a premium version that is more focused on learning. This first includes the ability to create unlimited scores, simulate up to 85 different scores, transcribe and transfer scores, organize scores, and more. The annual fee is approximately 45 euros.

What Incredibox has successfully achieved is that it is one of the most popular apps of its kind

As for the learning version, in addition to those mentioned above, it has a specific performance and evaluation function. Of course, it costs 10 euros more. To learn how to get the most out of them, the site includes user manuals, help, reviews, FAQs, and more .

iGigBook Sheet Music Manager

Designed by musicians, this application is very complete, since it allows you to transpose a piece of music to a new key without racking your brain, find basic chords for a certain style, find sheet music, etc. However, it is not free, it costs 14.99 euros and is primarily focused on searching for music in general.

Available for iOS, on the App Store
Available for Android in the Play Store


For ScoreCloud (formerly known as ScoreCleaner Notes), what it does is transcribe what you sing or play into a musical language , a neat feature if you’re inspired rather than typed. An interesting option, especially for instrumentalists, even for those who learn in the most amateur way but who need sheet music. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that some of the best works are produced spontaneously.

It also has an intuitive interface capable of recognizing melodies in almost any setting, from studios to community gatherings. Of course, it doesn’t capture chords, that is, it doesn’t recognize those notes played at the same time, so we don’t recommend it if you’re a pianist, guitarist or lover of both strings. etc.

Indaba Music

Although somewhat different, Indaba Music is another interesting web service and community. We can create music and share it with other users . Among its advantages, we have highlighted the variety of instruments and effects, the possibility of collaborating with other musicians, voting for our favorites, winning contests with their own compositions, etc.

iReal Pro

Another of our favorites is iReal Pro, which does not allow you to collect chords for certain songs

Another of our favorites is iReal Pro , which does not allow you to collect chords for certain songs, integrates accompaniment functions, chord diagrams and even a function that gives us the possibility to make a certain piece sound in a loop possibility .

This is the perfect interpretation if you are unsure about the accompaniment. Of course, you can only listen to it with piano, bass and drums. Also, the official product page has a dedicated blog with technical support, reports on different updates and more. It is currently available for Android, iOS and Mac.


Audiotool , for its part, is a synthesizer that may be of interest to experts in the field as well as to amateurs and the most curious. Described as “a powerful online music production studio, right from your browser.”

So first of all, you have four preset schemes (Rookie Acid, Minimal, Berg and another empty), different instrument functions, the ability to mix tracks and more. It has a wide variety, so it is not easy to use if you are new to the field. Fortunately, there are many tutorials available to us.


In our selection you can not miss those tools designed to awaken in children the passion for composition . What Incredibox has successfully achieved is that it is one of the most popular apps of its kind and is often used in primary and secondary classrooms.

To start using it you do not need to register, but you can create different melodies with various beatbox-style rhythms. What is interesting about the application is that different characters appear to interpret and characterize the work in question . In addition, it allows you to record and generate links that can be shared on social networks, etc.

Creating Music is a website designed for the little ones in the house to develop their creative skills

Creating Music

Also aimed at the smallest of the house. Creating Music is a website designed for the little ones in the house to develop their creative skills and start creating in a simple way. Simply drag the appropriate instrument onto the staff.

It also includes a specific section for playing Beethoven music and scales, listening to music, comparing rhythms, creating melodies by choosing different visual methods, detecting changes in short pieces of music, etc. Of course, this is a good place to start. Share on social networks and more.


From writing simple accompaniments to making it easy for us to learn techniques like scales, to doing it professionally. PocketBand gives us a variety of virtual instruments and synths, as well as recording capabilities, from our practice and editing.

It is only available in Android version.

We recommend the Pro version, although it is paid, it has more personality than the LITE. Of the two, yes, you will be able to share compositions of up to 12 tracks, share compositions and more. It is also designed for temporarily separated groups.

5 other applications to compose music

In addition to what has already been said, there are other music apps that are great for those who are learning to play an instrument, which will give the aforementioned professionals an extra hand to teach them.

Noteworks: Available for Android and iOS, great for fluency when reading staves. A video game in which they have to find out which notes appear in the different keys (G and F, C in the 3rd and C in the 4th).
Music Intervals: Similar to the previous one, in this case it focuses on the interval between notes.
Perfect Ear 2: Improves auditory perception, identifies chords, rhythms, scales and more. Become the king of dictation.
Funk Drummer: A rhythm generator tool with a very large sound library for “playing” gears for technical exercises like scales, arpeggios, etc.
Piano Maestro: An interactive way to learn to play the piano, an app that recognizes what we are playing through the microphone and gives us a score.
I hope this information has been useful to you, do not hesitate if you know of any other app to leave it in the comments.

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Universal Remote Control, turn your Android into a remote control

Losing the remote control of our TV is a classic. Luckily, there are simple alternatives. And Universal Remote Control is an app that can help you a lot in these situations. It is an application that turns your smartphone into a remote control. In this way, you can change the channel or do anything you need without spending money on a new universal remote.

Without a doubt, a function that can be extremely practical.

Universal Remote Control, the TV remote on your Android
Universal remote

The main advantage that we find in the Universal Remote Control app is that it intends to replace a universal remote. This means that it is valid for virtually any television . Whatever brand or model you have, this application can solve your problems.

Among the brands that have been tested with which this remote control works are Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba or Xiaomi.

This means that if you have several televisions in your home, you will not need to download a different application for each of them. From this same app you can control them all. In addition, the configuration for a new TV is very simple.

And you can have several settings saved if you are going to use the app with different TVs. Therefore, you will forget about having to be looking for a different controller for each device.

Usage requirements

So that we can use Universal Remote Control from our smartphone it is necessary that we have a mobile with infrared . That is why some people may see that it does not finish adjusting to their needs.

In the case of televisions with Android TV, it is also possible that they can use this application in the event that their smartphone is connected to the same WiFi network as the TV.

Otherwise, nothing else is necessary. Or install any additional application on our smartphone or have any specific software on the TV . If we meet the necessary prerequisites, the use of this application is very simple. And the reality is that it is a fairly practical app.

  • Download Universal Remote Control Android
  • Universal Remote Control is a completely free application. All you need is to have a mobile with Android 4.0 or higher .
  • If you need a remote control for your TV and want to try this app first, you only have to download it at the following link:
  • Developer: Universal Electric Appliances Remote Control
    Price: Free

Have you tried this application and want to tell us your impressions about it? Do you know any other application that serves to replace the remote control of your TV? We invite you to go through the comments section at the bottom of the page and tell us your opinions about this app.

Mobile Apps Security System

What is bloatware and how to remove it from your Android mobile

Samsung-Galaxy-S9 bloatwareYou turn on the mobile that you just bought, and you see that the application drawer is full of applications that you have not installed or probably use during the entire time you have the phone. That is the bloatware.

Although manufacturers are increasingly benevolent with users and little by little many have been leaving aside the habit of flooding the software of their phones of all kinds of applications , there are still those who refuse to part with these add-ons. that a good part of its users demonstrate not having the desire to use them.

But not all bloatware is bad, though. And the one that is, can usually be uninstalled without too many problems. In this guide we explain everything you need to know about Android bloatware, and how to eliminate it forever.

What is bloatware?

At the beginning of the article I was referring to bloatware as pre-installed applications on a device from the day you buy it.

Broadly speaking it is true, but usually the term bloatware refers to all that “filler” software, which comes pre-installed in the operating system of the device, occupying and consuming resources without providing obvious benefits for users .

Therefore, it would not be correct to name the application of system adjustments as pre-installed on all Android phones, as well as an option within the settings that, for example, can be used to analyze installed apps in search of virus despite the fact that Android already includes a tool of this type through Google Play called Play Protect, as it has been shown on more than one occasion that it is not necessary to have an antivirus installed on Android.

And is that the “junk software” or “filler” is not reduced only to applications. We can also find options, added in the system settings, modules or components of the user interface that, despite not providing any value , are there occupying space, consuming resources such as memory or battery, or simply messing up the experience with the device.

Therefore, what could we consider “good bloatware“? All those applications or additions that, despite not being essential for the operation of the system or the device, do contribute a real utility or are there to improve the user experience . Applications that do not come by default in AOSP as a file explorer, a video player or a gallery application, would be examples of truly useful pre-installed apps , as long as they do not exceed the limit of incorporating more functions than necessary.

How to remove the bloatware from your Android mobile?

But there is good news: the bloatware can be deleted. Some manufacturers offer the ability to disable or disable pre-installed applications. While this may be a solution to get rid of the bloatware, we must bear in mind that the deactivation of the apps consists of eliminating the installation of the application itself, keeping the installer package so that, in the future, it can be recovered.

The most drastic and effective way to get rid of bloatware is, therefore, to uninstall those applications pre-installed in the system by the manufacturer . The simplest way to do it is, logically, uninstalling the app as usual through the system settings. However, it is not always possible, and it is in this situation that a more effective solution must be resorted to :

Remove the bloatware without root: Uninstall applications

You do not need superuser permissions on your mobile in order to remove the bloatware. Just a USB cable, and a computer with the ADB drivers installed on it . If you meet the requirements, these are the steps you must follow:

  1. First, activate the USB debugging of the phone and connect it to the computer.
  2. Now, open a command window -CMD or Terminal- on the computer.
  3. To verify that the phone has connected successfully, execute the “adb devices” command. The identification number of the device must appear in the command window.
  4. On the computer, enter the “adb shell” instruction.
  5. To list all the applications pre-installed by the device manufacturer, you must execute the command “pm list packages | grep ‘brand’ “. For example, pm list packages | grep ‘samsung’.
  6. To delete a specific application, enter the command “pm uninstall -k – -user 0 packagename”. For example pm uninstall -k – -user 0 “.
  7. Repeat the previous step with all the apps you want to uninstall.

The only bad thing about this solution is that it only allows you to eliminate specific applications , and not added in the phone software as options within the menu of settings or elements of the interface. Luckily, this type of additions, despite being annoying, do not usually consume as many resources as system applications do.

Miscellaneous Mobile Apps Research & Analysis Rumours & News

Google Play Store infested with messaging apps spyware and malware

The Google Play Store is infested with new spyware related to the world of IM mobile communication. Although Google Protect has introduced new and more tight security countermeasures to the full benefit of the privacy of Android data, it is impossible not to notice the ease with which new malware isolate the its application distribution circuits and all those ignorant users that every day they find themselves dealing with a system that is far from perfect in terms of security.

Some search engineers from the Lookout IT security company have identified a new Android malware family named SonicSpy. As anticipated at the opening, this is a new suite of malicious applications that lie behind instant messaging systems that infect phones by allowing full remote control.

Some search engineers from the Lookout IT security company have identified a new Android malware family named SonicSpy

These are products whose features are wide-ranging in the IM Messagging field, but conceal dangerous hazards through which targeted attacks are targeted at those who are victims of theft and data collection of calls, text messages, contacts, and data on active WiFi connections.

According to ForSmartphone security blog, it is the work of a single Iraqi developer who has been working on the implementation of more than 1,000 messaging apps that counter Telegram’s source code. Specifically, though Google’s development and control team has already taken care of their removal, they skip to the eye names like Soniac, Hulk Messenger and Troy Chat.

Michael Flossman, researcher on Lookout’s behalf, told Arch Technica’s microphones that incriminated Google apps can also be deployed through simple texts with embedded links that point to app downloads, just like a traditional phishing attack, or even through a market Google Alternative where you release apk compatible files.

For example, for Soniac there would still be a feedback regarding a portal called App Geyser. Lookout writes in this regard that:
“This family’s applications have proven to be able to generate spyware in the official application store. This suggests that such deceptive apps might fall into the Play Store at any time”.

Using these malicious application distribution methods on the Google Play Store has become common practice and over time, malicious people are further refining the technique by creating new and more sophisticated algorithms.

According to the Android search and security analysts, it would be 47 out of 1,000 devices that came across the new threat series. The situation is aggravated by the fact that malware correlates with popular and legitimate applications such as those related to the Judy series, famous for the use of digital functions linked to the world of cooking and life-style.

What do you think about the security factor on mobile devices? Are we constantly in danger or is there nothing to worry about?

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Win8 Controller: The apps to control your Windows 8 PC

Windows 8, the new desktop operating system from Microsoft, has introduced a new interface to better fit the new solutions with the touch screen. Through the Win8 Controller app for Windows Phone can use this interface in a convenient and immediately checking your computer with Windows 8 installed.

The Win8 Controller free apps support many of the features of Windows 8 as various multitouch gestures, swipe and virtual keyboard. For the application to communicate with our PC we need to install an app server on your PC downloadable for free at this link.

The app support many of the features of Windows 8 as various multitouch gestures, swipe and virtual keyboard

The following are the features that you can read in the Store of this first version:

  • Multitouch gestures (pinch, stretch, swipe, rotate)
  • Natural Scrolling Experience (Scroll horizontally and vertically as you scroll on a tablet)
  • Use as a mouse (move, left / right / middle / double click, drag)
  • Side gestures (swipe from left / right / bottom / top to switch to next open app, show charms, show options app, close app respectively)
  • Tiles Screen (A screen tiles including most needed shortcuts like show start, show desktop, open the computer and much more)
  • Power Options (Shut down, restart, hibernate, sleep, lock, log off your computer with one tap)
  • Volume Control (Win8 Controller has a volume controller by which you can adjust / mute / unmute your computer’s volume from your phone)
  • Virtual Keyboard (Type text by using your Windows Phone’s keyboard)
  • Easily go back / forward (Tilt your phone left / right to go back / forward in your favorite web browser or file explorer)
  • Four (or five) fingers pinch (start screen easily to reveal)
  • Quick Connect feature

Read also: Keyglove, the glove with built-in keyboard and mouse
If interested, find the Win8 Controller app in Windows Phone Store available for free trial.

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Follow the Olympic 2012 games from your cell phone with free apps

In a few days, on 27th July, the most curious the showpiece event of sport world, Olympic 2012 games will start. From London it will develop all the skills of several disciplines and if you are someone who can not attend them, you can download the software applications for your mobile phone to follow the Olympic 2012 games from the smartphone with free apps.

Follow the Olympic 2012 games from your cell phone with free apps

It has never been easier to be well informed of what happens in an Olympic 2012 games. So many sports vying for the same time even if they are watching on TV you always lose something. In this edition in the English capital you can follow each and every one of the games and competitions from the smartphone.

The first application is free and is called “Results, Official London 2012 App” available for the operating system Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. With this tool you can access all the information related to: performance, live show, real-time feedback, calendar, medals, sports and competed, athletes, etc. It also has a custom section called “My Games” to configure the data you want to know, by country, athlete or sport.

On the other hand, the application “Join In” allows you to know beyond the Olympic 2012 games, because it offers a guide to those who visit London with routes, maps, torch, attractions, etc. It is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry, but not for Windows Phone OS.

To download each you must enter the web store that belongs to each operating system (Android Market, Google Play, App Store, etc) and you are done, you can have all the information of the Olympic 2012 games on your cell phone and tablet.

No more excuses to say now you can be aware of that happening in London because you are in your office, now you know what is happening instantly from your mobile device.

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First real smart phone software applications for blind people

The British company Screenreader has created what it calls the first smart phone really the first for blind people or vision impaired people. While not really a new smartphone, but a suite of software applications that make a regular phone with Android in a new way to use the phone, this device comes with a simple menu that provides auditory feedback and features that are important and useful for those who can not see.

First real smart phone software applications for blind people

Powered by partner Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds, who have also spoken created software applications for the blind, Georgie provides useful real-world applications, such as indicating to the user in which direction they are going, or where the nearest bus stop is. By running your fingers through the menu, a voice tells the function. Deciding on a menu option, an extra moment ago that the function starts.

Georgie can be purchased as a set of software applications for those who already have a phone, or as a complete system. It comes with a single software application that allows basic functions such as dialing and voice dictation and has useful features such as “places” that advertise the address and can be loaded with the known risks along the way.

Users wishing to add more functionality have three software applications packages to choose from. The software application “Travelers” which features the names of places such as restaurants, bus stops, shops, along with weather reports by voice. Another software application package called “Lifestyle” offering the ability to listen newspaper and magazine articles and even entire books. The third software applications, called “Communicating”, helps users to connect socially, helping them to record, convert to text and then send Twitter messages or text.

The basic software applications costs 190 euros and each extra adds an additional 32 euros.

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Android Security: 20,000 apps for malware in the last three months

One of the dangers lurking on Android since it is experiencing an increase so “busy” users of the platform is malware: it is well known that developers of malicious tools (Ignore conspiracies that include antivirus companies today) seek to attack as many users as possible (for example, Windows has more malware because the vast majority of users use it).

Protect your Android from unauthorized access with a security method

We have two news related to the field of security in Android: the first part is a drastic increase of Malware on Android in a very short period of time. The second story, but not least, is that a Microsoft engineer specializing in Spam has found a network of Android devices “zombie” (that is when a device is remotely controlled via malware to perform actions like spamming ) organization, which can be disturbing.

Let’s start with the first news: According to Trend Micro, in the last quarter have been created around 20,000 malicious applications. It is a very significant amount compared with 5,000 the previous quarter, and most intriguing is that 10,000 of the 20,000 applications were created in the last month. In addition 17 of these apps filters passed Play Store and got to be published, accumulating more than 700,000 downloads in total.

In the video (Which reminds me too much to The Rules of the Game, personally) simulating a situation of industrial espionage in a work environment that, although it may be too exaggerated and manipulated, it is feasible. There is a phrase in which the engineer is absolutely right: you are the first cause that comes to your Android malware.

More and more people are what I call the procedure Windows: give everything you see “OK” without worrying about what actions are confirming. They are also users who download applications and repositories rather dubious sources, along with the most abundant and which fall within the first group do not spend even a second to check the permissions that the application requests. No doubt this type of behavior are most facilitate the entry of malware.

We continue with the second story, a Microsoft engineer who specializes in technology to combat spam or junk mail has identified a global network of Android devices “Zombies”, which send spam to addresses worldwide. It has managed to keep track of this network by the firm that included the topics: Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android. Engineer in his own words:
“I bet those mobile users downloaded some application malignant to avoid paying for the legitimate version of the application, but got more than they expected.”

We return to the previous point, namely the download and install applications from sources and repositories with dubious reputation.

And how you can protect yourself from all these? Here are a few tips that will help to protect you, it is worth remembering:

  • Protect your Android from unauthorized access with a security method as Face Unlock, unlock pattern or password.
  • Download applications from the official channels and contrasted, like Play or Amazon Store AppStore.
  • What reputation does the developer? What about the application? Check this before downloading any app.
  • Important: see the permissions for each application twice before installing, and if you are unsure do not install it. It is unreasonable for a game we ask permission to access services for which you have to pay, for example.
  • A security suite is optional: depends on each user (I do not like, for example)
  • And most important of all: Common Sense. This does not need more security measures.
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Easy Battery Saver extends the battery on your Android phone

One of the biggest drawbacks of smartphones is, without doubt, the short duration of their batteries. And is that the large touch screens and wireless connections carry a lot of energy. However, there are several applications to manage more efficiently the resources of the mobile, such as Easy Battery Saver, created especially for terminals with Android operating system.

Easy Battery Saver extends the battery on your Android phone

Specifically, the application Easy Battery Saver provides relevant information to the user about the use and consumption of the battery from the terminal. Thus, it is possible to calculate an approximate time of use, or plan which features off for extending battery life as much as possible. All through a simple application that, despite not having a very attractive design, functional and easy to handle. Thanks to its classic system of tabs.

This tool has three useful tabs. The first, shown just start the application, provides current information on the battery and terminal usage times. In more detail, shows a graph with the percentage of energy contained in the terminal and the current mode of consumption. Just below, this application makes it easy to enable or disable various functions responsible for a high energy consumption. Finally, in the bottom of the screen provides an estimate of the time that will hold the terminal if used to talk on the phone, surf the Internet, listening to music or play videos.

But the really interesting application Easy Battery Saver is what is in your second tab, called Optimization. And, in this menu, you can create and choose a savings plan that meets user needs and allow extending the battery life as possible. It counts with five different plans. Normal Mode maintains the normal functions of the terminal, General Power Saving Mode disables only features like Bluetooth connectivity, automatic synchronization; Intelligent Power Saving Mode, meanwhile, makes a more thorough inspection consumption on all functions, Super Power Saving Mode restricts all functions of the terminal, except for calls and messages and applications that the user desires, being the most efficient plan. Finally, Customized Advanced Mode allows for a personalized plan by the user.

Finally, the third tab, called Consumption, provides information on battery consumption. That is, on what features and applications make it more expense. Although this issue was now available from the terminal settings menu, it helps to establish a savings plan quickly knowing what question we want to avoid consuming more battery power.

In short, this is a complete program to help extend battery life by offering personalized plans, unlike other applications that only offer connectivity and control the brightness of the terminal. The only downside is its lack of translation into Castilian. However, Easy Battery Saver can be downloaded for free. As it is developed for mobile Android operating system, it is available through Google Play.

Miscellaneous Mobile Apps

The apps to extend the desktop into mobile devices

This is Air Display that lets you enlarge the desktop into a tablet or Android mobile operating system. It is ideal for multi-screen use, especially in relation to various jobs that require it, or just for fun with all your devices at once, while none of them behind or forgotten.

The Air Display apps to extend the desktop

This application offers the possibility of extending the desktop and take advantage of multitasking options that the computer has. For example, you can work on the big screen and let the tablet next to be opened on Twitter or Facebook. It also serves as a graphical input, to build on and draw on the screen of the device. It also allows you to move items between computers and is compatible with all Android tablets, as well as for Windows XP and above (except Windows 7 starter) and Mac OS X Leopard operating systems.

This is an app but that can be used in tablets and Mac or Windows computers. Not yet available for Linux, for example. It has improved a lot since the last update, however, still has to work on doubling the speed of the desktop image on the screen of the small device.

If you need to use applications with low resolution or not very heavy, Air Display is ideal, but you can use tools with more features or wait for new versions, because it slows down the process. The advantage is that you can connect via WiFi, and can use it more comfortably in your office or at home. The tablet can be used both vertically and landscape and you can download this application from the developer’s official website (Avatron) or Google Play for Android device.