4 state-of-the-art Tactics to Expand Your Business

After a certain point in time, every business owner looks forward to expanding and growing their business. However, people might find it difficult to grow their business initially. Spreading online business is easier due to various successful strategies. Previously, many online businesses have expanded their business globally with the assistance of international SEO services. Welcoming visitors to your website from all over the world can boost your sales and business. Below discussed are some other ways to expand your business.

New customers will get attracted to your business if you have maintained the quality of products

1. Wide Range of Products:

Customers of today’s era do not possess time to roam from one store to another to shop for different products. This is the reason why they search for stores that provide a wide range of products. Considering the same requirement, you shall first focus on expanding the range of products before expanding the business. However, make sure that the products you are planning to extend are related to your domain and the products that you are currently selling. Similarly, if you are providing services, then you can try and increase services provided by your company. This will be beneficial for your business in the long run.

2. Product Quality:

New customers will get attracted to your business if you have maintained the quality of products. No matter what, it is suggested not to compromise on the quality of your products. It is said that your product itself helps you market as well as spread your business. If you are the one manufacturing the product, then you shall keep a watch on the quality of products that are being produced. If you notice a degradation of quality, then you must take necessary actions to improve the same. With simple efforts, more and more people will get attracted to your business and will purchase the product.

3. Increase Customer Relations:

Every business has a certain set of people who are their regular customers. These regular customers play a vital role in expanding your business. Once you have put in efforts to bring customers and make them a regular one, your business will be benefitted for a long period of time in the future. If you make good relations with your customers and sell them high quality products, then you can easily convert them into regular customers. You can adopt different ways to improve the customer relations.

4. Market Requirements:

On an annual basis, needs and requirements of market changes. Things that are required and trending in market in present might not be in demand in the future. This is the reason why it is important to keep a watch on market requirements. Make research on what all is required and demanded by customers. If you are able to fulfil the same, then you can easily get your business expanded. You can either alter your product or can bring new ones that satisfies current market needs. Your business might be considered outdated by the customers if you do not study market requirements.


Are laptop batteries lithium? Myth about NiCd laptop battery technology

If you have a laptop, its battery life is very good. This type of battery has found applications in consumer electronics, including PDAs and laptop under 200 Euro. They have gained wide popularity for economic and technical reasons, especially because of the great convenience and the difficulties involved.

Laptop battery charging

Lithium-ion batteries have replaced the nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries used in laptop launches and the nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries that have surpassed NiCd laptop battery technology. Because they are lighter than other laptop batteries, they charge longer than other technologies, and do not affect the effects of memory, and today dominate the laptop battery charging market. A typical lithium-ion battery is twice the energy density of a conventional nickel-cadmium battery. In addition, lithium-ion batteries have a single cell voltage of 3.6 volts, compared to 1.2 volt cells in nickel cadmium batteries.

the disadvantages associated with lithium-ion batteries include: the ability to launch a failed battery pack in bad conditions

However, the disadvantages associated with lithium-ion batteries include: the ability to launch a failed battery pack in bad conditions, and the ability of other battery technologies to be more sensitive to high-temperature environments and save charge, which is why Can damage batteries. They have been completely discharged due to failure, and in contrast to the strong link between battery malfunction and old battery chemistry building / discharge cycle, battery inheritance chemistry is deteriorating with age. Lithium ion computer batteries require circuitry to control the battery compartment, ensuring safe voltage and current levels, as well as ensuring that the battery temperature is within the safe operating range.

The cells of a compact lithium ion battery are typically similar to conventional rechargeable batteries. The plastic housing is housed in several cells, each connected to maximize the required voltage supply and storage quality (measured in millimeters). There are also parasitic lithium ion cells, but they are very small and are commonly used in devices such as cell phones, where weight and width must be considered first.

There are several factors that can affect the life of a lithium ion laptop battery. Keeping the battery in cold conditions prolongs its life as heat can quickly drain the battery. Manufacturers typically offer a storage temperature of approximately 60 F for long-term storage of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries, as mentioned earlier, do not protect the memory from a half discharge cycle, so a full discharge cycle is not required. In fact, running a battery on a semi-motorcycle helps extend its life span. Lithium-ion batteries, like older battery technologies, have a limited lifespan, but are relatively independent of their charging cycle, mainly due to their age. A typical battery lasts 2 to 3 years. This is true even if the battery is not used, so it is important not to replace the laptop before replacing it.

The cells of a compact lithium ion battery are typically similar to conventional rechargeable batteries

If one of your cell phone managers switches from computer to laptop, you will soon find yourself in a situation where you need to know about laptop batteries. Then, buy them sometimes. Here are some key tips:

Laptop Battery Summary: The most commonly used type of battery is nickel cadmium (NiCd, NiCad) chemistry, which dries very quickly and can handle heavy loads. But these chemicals are very toxic. Next-generation batteries, nickel metal hydride (NiMh, NiMH) batteries, now use nickel and rare metals as electrodes and potassium hydroxide. They are more environmentally friendly than nickel metal hydride, but they have a longer shelf life. The new type of battery is a battery made of lithium ion (LiIon, Li-Ion). Although smaller and lighter than NiCd and NiMH batteries, it offers the same capacity. Also, these batteries do not suffer from “memory effects” and have a low self-discharge rate.

Lithium polymer ion battery: This is the latest battery chemistry. Although they are similar to lithium ions, there are some important differences. Lithium polymer ion batteries use a thin plastic-like membrane such as electrolyte, resulting in significant weight loss and greater gravitational force than most types. They are used in universal laptop batteries. So when you need a new battery, look for a laptop.

Miscellaneous Tips and Guide

Bluetooth 5.0, what is different and why does it matter?

Modern smartphones and many other devices, especially headphones, already incorporate the new Bluetooth version 5.0. In this article we are going to tell you how important this technology is, what improvements it brings compared to previous versions, and whether or not it is worth looking for devices that are compatible with it.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest specification of the Bluetooth communications standard . It is frequently used for wireless communication between devices, such as wireless headphones and a smartphone, or without going any further, a PS4 or Xbox One with its corresponding controller.

The reality is that with Bluetooth 5.0 the devices reach transmission speeds of up to 2 Mbps (which is double that of BT 4.2) as long as they are practically glued

Bluetooth 5.0 vs Bluetooth 4.0: news and differences

A new version of the standard means improvements have been added, but only when used with compatible devices. In other words, it is useless for your smartphone to have Bluetooth 5.0 if then your headphones do not support this revision. However you not need to worry if it is because the versions of this standard are all backwards compatible with each other , ie, Bluetooth 5.0 supports Bluetooth 4.2 for example.

Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy

One of the most important novelties of this version of the standard, if not the most, is called Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth LE. It was already introduced in version 4.0, and is designed to reduce the power consumption of wireless devices that connect using this method. The difference is that in BT 4.0 LE there were some major restrictions regarding compatible devices, and now with the 5.0 standard virtually any device can use this low-power mode .

For example, Bluetooth headsets couldn’t communicate via BT LE, so they had to use the classic standard instead, increasing power consumption compared. With BT 5.0 all audio devices can communicate with this bass mode with sumo, which greatly extends its battery life. In other words, devices that use the Bluetooth 5.0 standard have LE mode and therefore better battery life.

Dual Audio

This revision of the standard also enables a new feature that allows audio to be played on two connected devices simultaneously. This means that with a single audio source, we could pair two Bluetooth headsets at the same time and both listen to the same music. But this is not all, since it could even be done with a single smartphone, two different people listening to two different songs at the same time.

This is more useful than just sharing an audio source, since it allows, for example, putting a pair of speakers in stereo and without the need for cables. Of course, the source device must be compatible with this feature, and we have already seen it for example on Samsung smartphones (where it is called Dual Audio).

More speed, distance and bandwidth

Of course, this version 5.0 of the standard also brings improvements related to transmission speed, bandwidth and maximum coverage distance. The official material of the Bluetooth association states that the distance is multiplied by four, the speed to double and the bandwidth by eight compared to Bluetooth 4.2, but the reality is that these figures are simply theoretical.

Features of Bluetooth 5.0 vs 4.2

The reality is that with Bluetooth 5.0 the devices reach transmission speeds of up to 2 Mbps (which is double that of BT 4.2) as long as they are practically glued, and in terms of the maximum distance, it reaches up to about 200 meters (they should be 240 to be four times more than the 60 meters of Bluetooth 4.2), but this distance is drastically reduced when there are obstacles (such as walls) in between. This distance is especially interesting for drones, as you will already assume.

The aptX compression standard already promises CD-quality audio at speeds below 1 Mbps, so a speed of 2 Mbps should allow for better audio quality. Technically, devices have to choose between higher speed or longer range, so that “double speed” benefit is only useful when operating at close range, as we have already discussed.

Miscellaneous TV

3 Android TV browsers to check the web on your TV

Android TV is a system that allows us to enjoy any Android application on our TV. But, if you have a TV with this system, you will surely have noticed that it does not have any application to surf the web pre installed.

Luckily, we can find in the Google Play Store several Android TV browsers specially designed for you to use from your TV, so you can check your favorite sites.

It is true that surfing the web on a television is not exactly the most comfortable in the world. But there are occasions (for example, when we want to watch a video that is on a website) when it can be especially comfortable. Therefore, we will show you the best apps for it.

Android TV browsers Google Play Store several browsers specially designed for you to use from your TV, so you can check your favorite sites.

1. TV Bro Web browsers for Android TV

TV Bro is one of the simplest Android TV browsers we can find in the Play Store for Android TV.

Of course, it is important that we keep in mind that it is not compatible with all televisions or all devices. But, if it works for you, it complies with what it promises. It is very simple and does not have too many options. But it does have interesting features such as voice control or the ability to save sites to favorites.

In addition, it is intended for use with the TV remote. If you want to download it and start using it, you can do it in the following link:

Download TV Bro
Developer: Phlox Development
Price: Free

2. TVWeb Browser

This is another of the most popular Android TV browsers. It is intended for use with the remote, and has the ability to save bookmarks or check history. We can download it easily in the following link:

TVWeb Browser for TV
Developer: Rarity Co. Ltd.
Price: Free

3. Firefox for Fire TV

Probably the best to surf the Internet from your TV is not exactly a browser that we can find in the Play Store. And is that Firefox is a tool designed for Amazon Fire TV .

But it has been tested on an Android TV and it works perfectly. And it is probably one of the most complete browsers we can find. It has practically all the options that we can find in the PC version. As we have already mentioned, it is not available in the Play Store, but you can find its apk in the following link:

Download Firefox for Fire TV – APK

Do you have a TV with Android TV at home? Have you ever used it to surf the Internet? Have you used any of these browsers or do you know any other that might be interesting?


What are glass curtains & different types of folding glass panels?

In a world in which awareness of the environmental impact becomes increasingly essential, choosing glass curtains for your home or business becomes a discovery.
If in 2020 the different objectives proposed by the EU & US have not been met, the countdown to climate change will have begun. A threat that highlights the need to promote awareness that we can carry out through the smallest details: plants at home, recycling or, in case of having a business or a large garden, opt for the known as glass curtains . And many of you may ask, what is special about these elements?

glass curtains

The glass curtains are made up of different folding glass panels that allow any place to enjoy an extra space as it is a sliding system that facilitates the opening of a space, being able to opt for different models depending on the measurements, the quality of the glasses, the colors to be implemented or the different needs of the environment.

A new generation of curtains that bet, especially, for an inclusive concept.

People with reduced mobility and glass curtains
Currently, we live more aware than ever with the needs of all social groups, being those with reduced mobility one of those who demands new products that adapt to their needs.

Of all of them, glass curtains become one of the most effective, since they are specifically designed for people with reduced mobility . Without lower guidance, they facilitate the passage and integration into leisure and living spaces of any person, by eliminating any architectural barrier that could be an obstacle. With little effort, the curtains can be opened and closed with just one hand and without the need to push, since the glass also allows the enclosure to be completely light.

In addition, its insertion in any space allows the passage for all persons with physical disabilities, exceeding limits and opening new options in any scenario, especially if you have a garden area on your property or if you are looking to reinvent that hospitality business in which you still There are many aspects to improve.

If you have reduced mobility or a person in a wheelchair at home, glass curtains become one of the best options.

Roof systems, bioclimatic pergolas, windshields and other allies for your terrace

In addition to the glass curtains , in they have all the necessary allies to cover or protect any space. Check out the catalog and let yourself be seduced by its innovative roof systems or bioclimatic pergolas, ideal for completely reusing solar energy from our garden or terrace.

In addition, you can also count on the best windscreens when it comes to protecting your business and many other options that you can consult.

Accessories Hi-Tech Gadgets Miscellaneous

Reasons to buy a blender

Surely in September, with the return to school after a summer of excesses, you have proposed to eat healthy. If this is not your case, you are still on time, as this is something we should all do. Following a healthy and balanced diet is the first recommendation to protect our health and avoid cardiovascular diseases, which can later lead to more serious ones. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes, as well as nuts, accompanied by a lifestyle with movement is usually synonymous with health in normal conditions.

 buy a blender

Small appliances can help us make this diet more attractive if what we need is a push to convince us . Making delicious green juices, detox or fruit can be an incentive to prepare healthy, nutritious breakfasts, desserts or snacks. The blender will help us to make them in the best possible way and, above all without effort . We all know what it costs to make an orange juice with a manual juicer, and that this is a more or less affordable fruit.

If we want to squeeze vegetables or, for example, ginger, we will need a more powerful machine like a blender. The blenders are mainly used to extract all the juice from the pieces and make natural juices. The main advantage is that we can choose the ingredients, making sure that we only use natural ingredients, without additives, preservatives or added sugars . In short, it is much healthier to prepare a homemade juice than to buy it packaged, and with a blender we can do it.

How does the blender work?

Its operation is really simple. We only have to introduce the pieces through the mouth of the blender and the machine is responsible for squeezing all the juice without you knowing and, most importantly, without staining the entire kitchen. The juice leaves the nozzle and the pulp is stored in a removable tank. Then, we just have to remove it comfortably, empty it in the trash and wash it. We can put it directly in the dishwasher. This is much easier!

We can also make these juices with a glass blender.

What are the differences between the blender and the glass blender?

Basically, with blenders we will make liquid drinks, while with glass blenders we will make milkshakes or thicker juices. The advantage of glass blenders is that we can use it for different tasks in the kitchen. While the blender only extracts the juice from the pieces of fruit or vegetable, the blenders, thanks to its complements, crush ingredients, mix and beat them.

This is really practical because there are many recipes in which we need to do these steps. Sometimes we need to mix the ingredients well if we want to make a sponge cake and, at other times, crush the pieces well to make a vegetable cream or a green smoothie. This is because they come equipped with professional blades with which we can crush hard foods. Some even have the ability to chop homemade ice (not industrial ones) and make them combined or slush.

With the blender, however, we cannot do these functions, but they are much more precise when we want to extract the juice from fruits or vegetables to make fully blended juices.

Finally, we will talk about the price of the blender . How much does it cost? Is it economical? Is it worth it? The truth is that we can find a wide variety of prices depending on the model and the establishment. New models can exceed 150 euros. You have to take into account that they are like small kitchen robots and that, therefore, their price is close to 200 euros in almost all brands.

Accessories Curious Gadgets Miscellaneous

Eureka, a curious gadget with which you will never lose your keys, or anything like that

In our Gadget Blog we keep bringing mainly those products that make your life easier, especially those that are surrounded by technology and designed for our comfort. This time we have something that is going to be quite peculiar because who has not lost the keys in some occasion? This may have its days counted if you try this product.

We have in our hands Eureka, a Cellularline gadget with which you can locate instantly and from your mobile anything you have lost. Stay with us because we are going to see what Eureka is about and if it really can free us from some displeasure.

Cellularline gadget with which you can locate instantly and from your mobile anything you have lost

Small, portable and resistant

It is important that the Cellularline Eureka is small, otherwise we could take some displeasure and above all, it would be too annoying to take for example in our hands. This product has been developed by Cellularline with the collaboration of the experts in geopositioning and smart products from Filo. The product has the approximate size of a coin of two euros, a thickness that does not reach ten millimeters and a weight so light that honestly, it is not worth mentioning it, why we are going to recreate something like that.

It has a PVC plastic design and is available in four colors: Black, blue, white and red. It has a unique button that is integrated with the Cellularline logo and that will serve to do the search in reverse, that is, find our smartphone with which we have it connected, for this use the Bluetooth connection . This functionality is included in a good number of wearable products such as smartwatches and sports wristbands. It has a resistant rubber that we have put to the test and that serves as a hook, only with it you can “tie it” practically wherever you want.

What is Eureka capable of doing?

It has a warning, so through the smartphone we will be able to activate the sound so that we can find it and thus recover what we have lost and what we have linked the Eureka. We will also find on the screen the geo-positioning point via GPS that will indicate the specific place where we have the Eureka, that is, for example, it will help us locate the car if we do not remember the street where we parked it, Put an example of something practical that we can use on a day-to-day basis.

It also serves to find our smartphone, l will be notifications to our phone when we press the button that includes the Eureka, so we can do a reverse search, instead of finding the Eureka we will find our smartphone. The same happens when we activate the Comfort Zone function , that is, we will receive a notification on our smartphone if it detects that we have moved too far away from the Eureka or that object to which we have tied the Eureka, without a doubt these are the most practical applications that we have found Eureka, but surely there may be some more depending on the needs of each user in particular.

How does it work and how do we connect Eureka?

Well it is quite simple, how could it be otherwise this Eureka has an application for our smartphone where we will be able to get all the juice, you can download it for both iOS and Android easily through the official application store, without complications. Once we have downloaded them we can proceed to link our Eureka device easily, something I liked is precisely the simplicity with which this task is performed.

We open the application and choose the possibility of adding a new Eureka, then we will press the Eureka button while the screen indicates it and in a matter of seconds it will emit a sound indicating that the Eureka is correctly installed and we will be able to screen to sound the Eureka and even cucarlo through the GPS. It’s that simple how we’re going to make it work. It has a replaceable button battery that lasts approximately ten months, and the action range is approximately thirty meters, so it is not rechargeable, although it would not make much sense either.

Eureka price and points of sale

This Eureka starts from 19.99 euros and you can buy it in physical and usual Celluarline outlets. It is not yet possible to acquire it through Amazon or the Celluarline website itself, although we will be vigilant if any online point of sale is added and thus make things easier for you by adding the link here. If you have purchased or plan to acquire a Cellularline Eureka you can leave us your queries on our Twitter or directly from the comment box.

Ecological Gadgets Miscellaneous

Advantages of installing solar panels in your home, business or company

More and more consumers are committed to environmental care and, above all, to energy savings. Therefore, solar energy is gaining ground and there are already many who have switched to electric self-consumption. Although there is still ignorance and doubts about the advantages of installing solar panels, both in homes and in businesses or large companies.

What is Solar Panel Systems?

There are many advantages to buying a solar panel system to light up your home. This article will give you an idea of the sources of photovoltaic products. A solar panel is a set of photovoltaic modules that are mounted on a support structure, and that are electrically connected. A photovoltaic module is a packaged and connected assembly of solar cells. The solar module can be used to supply large scale residential and business electricity when used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system.

Alternative Energy – Turning Light into Electricity

Solar panels essentially convert light into electricity. The name “solar” comes from where they draw energy, which is the sun, and which is considered the most powerful source of energy that exists. The word photovoltaic basically means “light-electricity”.

All the cells that are in the solar panel work together to produce photovoltaic energy. The more light reaches each cell, the more energy is produced. One example is the spacecraft, that although the control tower is moving, the photovoltaic cells always point towards the sun.

7 advantages of installing solar panels in your home, business or company

What are the advantages of installing solar panels?

1- Savings on your electricity bill

The prices of solar panel installations have been reduced considerably in recent years. It is possible to obtain savings of up to 85% on the electricity bill when switching from normal electricity to solar water heaters. To have a better estimate of what is the saving for solar energy change, it is only necessary to say that in the United States, a saving of 1% in the energy bill of its industries would represent US $ 1 trillion dollars per year. In some states of the United States, economic benefits are being given to those who adopt solar energy, such as Florida and California.

2- Increase the value of the property

The houses with installations of photovoltaic plates are revalued in comparison with those that have conventional electrical installations. The future owners will be happy to know that they can consume solar energy in their new home, without having to make the initial investment.

3- Healthy conservation of the environment

The primary benefit of the use of solar energy is the healthy conservation of the environment. This means that the use of this type of energy does not generate harmful substances for the survival of the living beings that inhabit the planet. Another benefit is the boost that a country’s economy receives when it implements this type of clean energy.

4- Green energy consumption

More and more consumers are committed to sustainability . If you want to be part of this movement and put your grain of sand, start consuming clean energy . Solar energy is an unlimited source and helps reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

5- Social recognition and pride of belonging

Installation of photovoltaic panels in your business or company will be a success. Both your employees and your customers will be proud to know that they belong to a modern and proactive company in the face of environmental care. This will encourage a pleasant attitude and positive comments or opinions outside of the work environment.

6- Dissemination of a positive message

If your business or company has sufficient recognition to be influential in society, you are responsible for its formation. You can help promote the knowledge and importance of renewable energy . That is, your message will influence the society we build for the future: use it, make it positive! Many of the most important companies worldwide (Ikea, Apple, Facebook …) already boast of consuming green energy. With electric self-consumption, you will go one step ahead.

Solar energy is not only a form of sustainable energy consumption but infinitely renewable – at least until the sun ends without energy within a few trillion years. Solar panels require little maintenance, as they do not have mechanical parts that can fail.

Solar energy has many advantages and has come to stay because there are many benefits for consumers. We must also say that solar panels are very efficient, since they can create energy in a few millimeters, and all this is done in silence, which is beneficial if you have demanding neighbours.

One of the disadvantages of solar energy is that it can not be produced at night. Another disadvantage is that these equipment can be expensive at the beginning for many people.

How can I install solar panels?

The benefits of solar energy have not yet been fully exploited. The reason is that most homeowners and small businesses are not able to embrace this green energy source because of the high cost of installing solar panels. However, the fact is that most people do not know about the government assistance that is offered in order to offset the cost of photovoltaic panels. Once you have given this cost of the system, you would have access to practically free electricity.

Just contact your nearest solar energy provider, who are providing financing of up to 100%, installation and maintenance, permit management and the best personalized offer. Whether it is for a single-family house, townhouse, community of owners, businesses, large companies, industry, livestock or agriculture … Go to self-consumption energy!

Miscellaneous Tablet PC

Huawei MediaPad T5: why is it one of the tablets of the year

For a while now, tablets have become one of the most demanded electronic devices. Along with the smartphone is one of the most requested technological gifts at Christmas, hence it remains one of those objects that is renewed in the family constantly. Now that the year has just begun – and with it the relevant rebates – it is time to analyze which are the tablets with the best value for money.

The best-selling tablet in Amazon Spain has a 5100 mAh battery

In this particular selection, today it is the turn of the Huawei MediaPad T5 , the tablet that despite having been on the market for a few months, has become the most sold on Amazon. One of the reasons for this great success is that it is perfect for families and, also, its attractive price: € 194.62.

With a 10.1 – inch screen, a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels , 224 dpi, brightness of 400 nits, and filter blue light, the Huawei MediaPad T5 has microprocessor other devices Chinese house, the Kirin 659 of eight cores, four of them at 2.36 GHz and other four at 1.7 GHz. The storage space is 16 or 32 G B, always expandable by SD card.

As for the sound, it has two dual speakers, the same number as the cameras, which reach 2 and 5 MP , in the case of the rear.

The best-selling tablet in Amazon has a 5100 mAh battery (equivalent to 8.1 hours of battery in video playback mode) but has no fast charge. On connectivity, it has dual band AC and optional 4G WiFi. Its connection, USB Type C, the market standard of the moment and comes with Android 8.0 and Huawei own: the EMUI 8.

This Huawei tablet is, therefore, one of the mid-range with better value for money, as experts insist, hence during the weeks of highest sales of the year (December and January), this has become the authentic Best sellers of the Jeff Bezos ecommerce platform.

Huawei MediaPad T5: a thin and light tablet designed for children

The tablet of the Chinese brand has a fairly refined Premium design. Made in metal, its weight, 460 grams, make it an elegant and lightweight device. Thus, it is very easy to hold while we see any content and it is easy to transport if you want to accompany us on our trips.

Something that buyers are appreciating is the Kids Corner with which it is integrated. It is a fun place where children can play and learn with applications designed especially for them. If what worries you is the use you make of these applications, you can easily control them as well as the time they use the tablet with a simple personalization in the access for the little ones.

It is, therefore, a choice of the most successful if several members of the house will make use of it since this Huawei MediaPad T5 is used for office use (you can install keyboard and mouse separately) as well as for audiovisual use for the moments of leisure both large and small.

Although this year the tablets have great rivals, as the ‘great’ iPad Pro that we analyze here, the truth is that if you do not want to spend much of your budget on this device, the Huawei is an option to be taken into account.

Specifications Huawei MediaPad T5

Display: 10 “with 1920 x 1200 px resolution and IPS technology
Processor: Kirin 659 (Octa-Core up to 2.4 GHz)
Operating system: Android 8.0 Oreo with EMUI 8.0
RAM: 2/3 GB
Internal memory: 16/32 GB expandable with micro-SD cards
Battery: 5100 mAh
Front camera : 2 Mpx
Rear camera : 5 Mpx
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS, Micro USB …
Measurements: 162.2 mm 243.4 mm x 7.7 mm
Weight: 475 grams

Miscellaneous Tips and Guide

How to Effectively Organize Your Lab

Place your waste bins on the side of your dominant hand so you can eject pipette tips and other equipment easily

Researchers may need lots of lab equipment to conduct their work. However, too much lab equipment can make a lab cluttered and hazardous. If you need tips for efficient laboratory organization, look no further than the following strategies to save space and benefit the workflow of your research. Using these tips, you can conduct your research in a space that is clean, efficient, and safe.

#1: Clean Out Your Samples and Compounds

Do you have several samples lying around your lab, untouched for months? You and your fellow researchers probably do not need them anymore. Create a system where you and your lab mates can efficiently dispose of any expired or unwanted samples every month. By clearing out the samples you don’t need, you can save significant cupboard and fridge space for relevant research.

#2: Choose Equipment with a Small Lab Footprint

Whether you’re conducting protein stability analysis or you’re trying to run a qPCR assay, working with large, clunky equipment can take away valuable lab space. When you shop for new lab equipment, choose items that are small and compact. If it’s been a while since you’ve purchased new equipment, consider updating to a more efficient model with a low lab footprint. These products can make a significant difference in your workflow and productivity.

#3: Incorporate Cleaning into Your Workflow

Nothing feels less productive than a dirty, messy lab. In addition, lab spaces that are not clean can pose significant safety hazards to lab occupants. It can be easy to neglect tidying up while engaging in strenuous research – but you lose the space you need to complete your research in a productive manner to the mess cluttering your space.

Incorporate tidying up into your workflow whenever possible. Start cleaning and putting away any equipment you are not using as soon as you finish working with it. A few weeks of practicing this habit will make cleaning up your lab space feel like second nature. You will free up your lab space and keep your workspace free of hazards using this system.

#4: Organize Your Lab Bench Ergonomically

You can lose a lot of efficiency and productivity simply by not organizing your lab bench in a seamless manner. Adopt the theory of ergonomics, which prioritizes efficiency in the workplace, while organizing your lab bench:

  • Place your waste bins on the side of your dominant hand so you can eject pipette tips and other equipment easily.
  • Keep your lab notebooks away from your main workspace to prevent damage.
  • If you have solutions that you use every day, place them on the side of your non-dominant hand. For solutions that you do not use as frequently, place them in higher places. Make sure you label all of your solutions.
  • For general supplies such as scissors, calculators, wipes, and other items, designate a certain spot for all of these items at your workbench. That way, you’ll always know where to find the items you need, instead of searching for them all over the lab.
  • Place your tip boxes within arm’s reach on the side of your dominant hand.
  • Make sure to only keep the items you need on your workbench. Store miscellaneous or extra items elsewhere.

Whether you have a lot of lab space or you’re trying to make the most out of a small office, these tips can help you reduce your lab footprint and increase your workflow’s efficiency. With a cleaner, efficient lab, you can increase your productivity and keep your workspace free of potential hazards.