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Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S: successor of the Mi Robot Vacuum

The two models, both the 1S and the new T6, have a suction power of 2000 pa.
Design of the My Robot 1S

Xiaomi has once again surprised us with a model that will thrill many of the users of robot vacuum cleaners. The Mi Robot of Xiaomi conquered the market in 2016, becoming one of the most sold and the robot vacuum cleaner par excellence. Now his successor is preparing to conquer 2019. In this article you have all the details about the new robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S.

As we can see in the specifications, the differences with the first generation are more numerous than we expected. The Mi Robot 1S could be considered the competitor of the Roborock T6 announced recently. Below we show you the differences in detail.

The Mijia logo can be seen in the laser distance sensor (LDS) located at the top of the robot, so we can know that the robot is part of the Mijia product rangeSpecifications: comparison with its predecessor and Roborock T6

My Robot 1S: Optimization of the 1st generation?

At first glance it seems that it is simply an offer of the first generation of successful robot vacuum cleaners Xiaomi / RoboRock. But if we look closer, we can see a kind of black lens on top. It is an improvement of the mapping sensor. With this optical sensor, the Mi Robot 1S should be able to detect doors, corridors and other similar objects with much more precision and be oriented even better around the house.

Sensors of the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S

The Mijia logo can be seen in the laser distance sensor (LDS) located at the top of the robot, so we can know that the robot is part of the Mijia product range. The manufacturer RoboRock, which has been involved in the development of all models of Xiaomi, is present again in this model.

Until now, however, we have not read that it has scrub / mop function to be read. It seems that this is a function that only the most expensive models include. The two models, both the 1S and the new T6, have a suction power of 2000 pa.

Programmable working hours for each room

With the laser sensor away, the 1S scans the house and creates a map, as we already know from other robots. This is shown in the “Xiaomi Home App” (recently renamed). The 1S includes another improvement that has also been introduced in the RoboRock T6 : the division of the house into rooms. In addition, different operating hours can be programmed for each room . For example, clean the room at 9:30 and the kitchen at 12:30.

Room layout with the Mi Robot 1S

The Mi Robot 1S divides the different rooms by sections like the Roborock T6.
Like its predecessors, the 1S comes with a brushing head on the bottom, the spare parts and accessories should be compatible with those of the other models , as usual. This means that the owners of another Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner can use their accessories in the new model and do not need to buy new ones.

Improvement (not only) compared to the first generation

If you consider the RoboRock T6 as an optimized RoboRock S50, you can also see the 1S as an optimized My Robot. However, the 1S has very interesting functions that are also present in the new high-end model T6 (see the comparison table above). Briefly the improvements of the Mi Robot 1S are:

Programmable cleaning of one and several rooms

  1. Room distribution
  2. Storage of maps of different floors
  3. Cortex A35 quad-core ARM processor more powerful
  4. optical sensor for more precise orientation
  5. simultaneous mapping and SLAM of the Mi Robot 1S

The really surprising thing is that Xiaom has incorporated the most innovative feature of the T6 in the Mi Robot 1S. We refer to the storage of maps of different floors , as well as the scheduling of one or more rooms. It’s something we did not expect. To compare the differences in the two models we have to wait to try them, since the technical data of the software speak more in favor of the 1S, which is probably cheaper than the T6.

Once the maps are saved, the 1S should be able to gradually optimize the routes . This feature is also present in the software package of other models, but in a more rudimentary way.

Forecast: The new Top model of robot vacuum cleaner?

The crowdfunding price in Youpin is 1999 Yuan ( € 270 ). We have no doubt that this objective will be achieved in a very short time. As usual, the Xiaomi Mi Robot 1S will be launched in China first, but we still do not know when it will go on sale.

Of course, we will have to see if the new features will work well in practice and if the guideline value of the current price will turn out to be the final price. Xiaomi still has not disappointed us in the field of robot vacuum cleaners and has always applied the functions announced to perfection. The RoboRock T6 is still under development and as soon as possible we will have a test model. We will do the same with the 1S when it goes on sale, and once we have tried it we will update this article.

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Some UK stores are selling Apple Watch without reservation

Today a large number of users are receiving the Apple Watch, after booking a few days ago. However this controversial system of selling the new device of Cupertino could be history now and that in several boutiques in the UK are selling Apple smart watches without reservation and only hope the relevant queue.

Apple from the beginning repeatedly confirmed that Apple Watch could only be acquired by the time if previously made a reservation, but it seems that is not exactly true.

Do you think Apple will change the method of sale of Apple Watch

By now, it has been confirmed that three UK stores selling Apple Watch without reservation. These devices would be those that are left after they were delivered all devices that were reserved. Of course it is sold at the price we already knew and has not disclosed whether there is stock for all versions of Apple smart watch.

Now we must wait to see if Apple officially confirms that the sales process has changed and especially if you add to these three stores, one more than the previous book sold without Apple Watch.

Do you think Apple will change the method of sale of Apple Watch? .

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Official accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3

The new Samsung Mobile Galaxy S3 has already been presented. In addition to all its new features, the flagship of the Korean company also will be accompanied by several interesting accessories ranging from a cover to a card holder and use it as a GPS navigator. But look at what other elements added to the Samsung catalog.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be 700 euros, but still there is to know at which prices will be available in different national operators. Based on Android 4.0, the latest version of the mobile and tablets OS, Google will become a benchmark in the market. And to get the most out of the terminal, Samsung offers various accessories to complement your biggest bet for this year 2012.
Official accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3

First, for users who do not want to use a wall charger and prefer a basis, Samsung offers an original model which will be put on both the working desk and in the bedside table, allowing the Samsung Galaxy S3 to function as alarm or bedside clock while charging the battery.

On the other hand, customers who want to maximize his 4.8-inch large screen to take notes and do not unwrap well with the physical keyboard, you can use a pointer stylus to take notes by hand in the style of Samsung Galaxy Note. According to the online portals, the base price is 40 euros, while the pointer will cost 20 euros.

Official accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3

Second, to protect the Samsung Galaxy S3 the company proposes a protective cover that only multi-touch screen and opens like a book. Just add thickness to the terminal, but surely more companies that are committed to other models that also cover the back of the design.

Meanwhile, for users with more sports, music player Samsung S Pebble will be ideal. Is a small accessories which houses a storage capacity of four gigabytes and that connects to the Galaxy S3 via a cable. However, so far not been given details of the operation of the invention, but is perfect for not risk a little accident while listening to music directly from your smartphone.

Also, users who want to share your media you have stored inside the Samsung Galaxy S3, have it easy with the Cast Allshare Dongle, a base that connects to your TV or monitor and makes Smart TV. This means that it can share videos, music or photos without using cables. Samsung Galaxy S3 has the function Allshare Cast works through Direct WiFi or NFC, and get in shape larger screen all content being played on the mobile. That is, you get what is known under the name of mirroring in English.

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Nook simple touch: an e-book to read in the dark

Does the person with whom you share reading room until the wee hours while you try to sleep? Well very soon you will give her the perfect solution to your problem: an e-book reader designed for reading in the dark. The idea has been the U.S. bookstore Barnes & Noble, which has launched its line model whose screen Nook shines in the darkness, so you do not need to have the light on to read late into the night.

Nook simple touch: an e-book to read in the dark

This model, which is called Nook Simple Touch, powered by Glowlight technology, capable of delivering the precise amount and adjustable soft hue of light so that we can read without disturbing people who are sleeping, as sources have assured signing in a press release.

In addition it is a fairly light model, since it weighs only 200 grams, making it the lightest of the range, which also has the advantage of having a touch screen that eliminates reflections 15 centimeters so that you can read without problems although you are in the sun.

It is expected that the Nook Simple Touch goes on sale on May 1, at a very cheap price (139 euros) with which he intends to compete with the Amazon Kindle Touch, company is also developing a model that can be read in the dark, as they say some technology-specific sites.

According to the creators of the model, it is the digital e-book more useful and versatile on the market.

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BlackBerry Mini keyboard for your playbook

Research In Motion (RIM) today introduced a new accessory for the tablet BlackBerry playbook. This is an ultra-portable mini keyboard that comes in a convertible at the same time serves as a support for your tablet.

BlackBerry Mini keyboard for your playbook

The BlackBerry keyboard also features a touchpad that supports gesture control similar to standard mouse controls and touchpad of a laptop. In additional, it has a battery that can provide up to 30 days of life per charge. The keyboard battery uses a microUSB port for charging.

This mini keyboard for the BlackBerry Playbook uses Bluetooth connectivity with 128-bit encryption for communication between the device and keyboard.

With a thickness of 6 mm, the mini-keyboard BlackBerry is now available for pre-order at a price equivalent to 92 euros.

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The best computer for video gamer

If you are a gamer, this news will interest you. They have released the specifications of the new GIGABYTE GB-AEGT, you can enjoy your favorite games with the best features, graphics and definition. A PC that you will surely love.

The best computer for video gamer

GIGABYTE has introduced a model that leaves nothing to chance, as it is designed for lovers of video games, but also for those who want a device rather than comprehensive and interesting. The GB-AEGT housing combines all-in-one with you to integrate the possibility of a good GPU, resulting in a great power to run the latest titles in your computer with complete fluency. It includes a motherboard, processor accepts up to 95W TDP, much cheaper than the low power, breaking also the limitations of the Mini-ITX format.

The display of this Gigabyte GB-AEGT is 24 inches with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. It supports configurations of up to 8 GB of RAM in two modules: an optical drive replaceable SSD or HDD 2.5 to SATA 3.5 HDD.

The best GIGABYTE computer for video gamer

It also supports graphics cards occupy two slots and consume up to 400 W. The power supply that comes with the computer is only 180 W, so you should choose to add a low power GPU.

In terms of connectivity, it has 5 USB ports, two of which are 3.0, inputs and HDMI video outputs, audio jacks, VGA card reader and traditional. Network is available with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n. This compact computer for gamer will be available soon, before summer arrives, the price is still unknown.

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The Vizio HDTVs come with integrated Skype

The budget brand HDTV Vizio and Skype, provides service VoIP video chat and Internet calling, just revealed that some of the next TV will be entitled to the Skype application factory.
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The Vizio HDTVs come with integrated Skype
When a call, users will not have to stop watching a show during a call, although you assume that the TV audio is muted to start a conversation. TVs require a camera that also contains four microphones that are able to collect the voice of a user who is 5 meters away.

When these sets compatible, still unnamed, are connected to the website, the Skype application will automatically appear in your application dock. Users will see that calls up to 720p quality when the network conditions and speeds permit. Minimum sustained download and upload speeds of 1.5 Mbps are required to do so.

The official camera XCV100 d Vizio costs $ 150 but Vizio has not announced if a camera from a third party will also be supported.

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Novero Solana a hybrid for business and pleasure

The new hybrid laptop-tablet Novero Solana has been presented recently at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. This device offers a combination of laptop and tablet so that users can switch between the Android 2.3 OS and Windows 7 (Home Premium 32-bit).

The Solana Novero hybrid has a 9.7 inch touchscreen swivel with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, support Multi-Touch and gesture, a 3 megapixel camera and HDMI support. Inside is a dual core Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and up to 128 GB SSD.

Novero Solana a hybrid for business and pleasure
Novero Solana a hybrid for business and pleasure
Another feature is a full-size physical keyboard, two USB ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSPA + (a SIM card slot) and support for microSD cards.

Reportedly, the laptop-tablet hybrid Novero Solana will arrive by mid-2012 with a price of about $ 700 for 64 GB model.

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Vertu Luxury Smartphone inspired by the Ferrari 458

Vertu, the maker of luxury mobile phones, has introduced its latest product, the Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari GT, a device manufactured in collaboration with Ferrari Italy based on the design of the Ferrari 458.

calfskin handmade Ferrari has also been integrated into the design with the Ferrari logo

This smartphone inspired this vehicle comes in three variants – polished stainless steel and black leather, brushed stainless steel and black leather and polished stainless steel and brown leather.

The new Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari GT has a candybar form factor with full QWERTY physical keyboard. It has a polished black pottery paired with a polished sapphire crystal and a titanium cover for the battery.

The calfskin handmade Ferrari has also been integrated into the design with the Ferrari logo embossed on the front.

For now, Vertu has revealed the release date and prices of the different variants of the Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari GT.

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Tablet Pantech Element LTE is already on sale in AT & T

In addition to the smartphone Pantech Burst, AT & T has also put on sale another device with support for LTE. This is the Pantech Element tablet that is offered at a price of $ 299.99 with 2 year contract or as a combo with Burst smartphone just $ 249.99, both with a new contract.

Tablet Pantech Element LTE is already on sale in AT & T

This tablet is run on the Android 3.2 operating system Honeycomb, powered by a dual-core processor 1.5 GHz with 1GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory.

The Pantech Element LTE comes equipped with an 8-inch touch screen with resolution of 1024 x 768, a rear camera of 5MP, a 2-megapixel front camera, LTE connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, HDMI and a microSD card slot.

The tablet has a 6400 mAh battery that offers up to 25 days standby and up to 12 hours of continuous use.