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Reolink C2 Pro, a smart way to monitor your home [Analysis]

We remain focused on the analysis of IoT products or designed to make life easier in the home, demotic, surveillance and security are very interesting sections that are exploiting much more than ever thanks to the growth of virtual assistants at prices of demolished like those of Amazon and Google.

On this occasion we will analyze a product from a firm that we have already had before, we are talking about the Reolink C2 Pro, a very versatile and cheap surveillance camera. Therefore, we invite you to stay with us because we are going to show you this latest Reolink camera with great detail.

As on previous occasions, we will discover the main details of this product, firstly through the materials and design, to later know its technical specifications and of course, tell you what our impressions have been after using this Reolink C2 Pro camera . However, if you plan to go directly to the action, you can buy it directly at the best price on THIS Amazon LINK. Without further delay we invite you to take a seat, we start with the analysis of this fully articulated and highly versatile surveillance camera.

Reolink usually offers its products in a compact package that includes what is necessary

Materials and design: Minimalism and versatility

On this occasion Reolink returns to bet on dressing your camera with a white plastic that tries to go unnoticed in almost any circumstance. We have a bottom base of spherical shape in which we have the logo of the signature on the front, while we find on one side the hole to perform the “reset” to the camera in case we find a problem of operation. In the back we also have some add-ons, an Ethernet input, the microUSB port for charging and the slot for microSD cards that will allow us to store the recordings depending on what we assign in the application.

Dimensions: 10.3 x 9.5 x 11.7 cm
Weight: 299 grams

We have in this rear area the two WiFi connection antennas that crown the device in a general way. Finally we have in the upper part the camera, rather the sensor, arranged in an arc that will allow the camera to go from bottom to top and allowing us to handle the vertical angle. In the same way the base has a metallic ring of silver color that is what differentiates the mobile from the fixed area, since we will remember that this camera also has the possibility of rotating horizontally to provide us with greater visibility.

Unboxing and package content

As always, Reolink usually offers its products in a compact package that includes what is necessary. We have a rectangular black box that just open it will give us access to the small envelope containing both the instructions and a sticker that will allow us to report that we are recording. The next thing we have is a box where we find the plug with international adapters, along with a cable of approximately 1.8 meters in length.

Reolink returns to bet on dressing your camera with a white plastic that tries to go unnoticed in almost any circumstance

We have in the lower part the camera properly protected and with a small plastic protector in the area of ??the sensor to preserve its integrity. We do not have much more to emphasize, a correct packaging and in which we find everything necessary to work. It is important to mention the detail that comes with a support that will allow us to put the camera on any wall in a stable way thanks to the two screws included and that seems to me a determining factor when placing it, however, the wiring is perhaps the aspect that will limit us.

Technical characteristics

The technical section is equally relevant and we know what you are most interested in knowing. We have night vision in a 5 MP sensor capable of recording at 2560 x 1920 resolution that we can modify. To improve the recording has 8 infrared LEDs to improve the performance of night vision. With all this we have 355º of horizontal vision and 105º of vertical vision together with an optical zoom of 3 increases. To connect we have the possibility to use the dual band WiFi, that is to say, it connects so much in networks of 2.4 GHz as in the increasingly popular 5 GHz thanks to its antennas with MIMO 2T2R connectivity. Finally, mention the possibility of using its two speakers located on the sides, which will provide bidirectional audio broadcasting .

As for recording and playback , all video recordings activated by the motion detection system are saved on the microSD card (up to 64 GB) and the alerts issued by the camera can be reproduced at any time and place, provided that the camera is connected via WiFi. Remember that we have the possibility to configure any NAS or server so that these recordings are stored.

Configuration and usage experience

As always, the configuration of the camera is quick and painless, we only have to download the Reolink application ( iOS ) ( Android ), click on the “+” button and choose the Reolink C2 Pro camera when we appear on the screen, but it is It is important to note that first we have to connect the camera by Ethernet cable, so that the procedure is automatic. Then we focus the QR code of the application in front of the camera and start walking.

Once connected the controls are basic, we can use a virtual joystick to move the camera to pleasure, as well as manage alerts, save the videos stored in the camera and even zoom and select specific areas of activation of the camera. As with other Reolink products, the management of the application is simple, as it allows us to program the camera to work in specific areas of each day.


The design and construction materials
The possibilities of the application and its easy use
The features offered with the adjusted price


It could be a little more compact
We found some delay in the handling

What I liked most about this camera is precisely the possibility of moving it and the good image quality provided by the sensor. However, it also has some other negative point , an example is that even taking into account the possibility of moving it horizontally and vertically, it is even relatively large. The camera costs 113.99 euros on Amazon.