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The Most Interesting Features Of The HTC One 2013


The top of the new mobile phone from HTC, the HTC One (which is the mobile brand logo), is where things get interesting for the public. The headphone jack of 3.5 is nothing new, but the power button has a split personality because it also functions as a launcher capable of transmitting infrared, allowing you to use the phone as a television remote control.

Since the power button is located on the left, the act of locking and unlocking the HTC One 2013 can be a bit more complex for people who tend to hold the phone in your left hand.

HTC One 2013 NFC transmitter is positioned at the back of the camera module

Now we walk back, which in itself is a study in symmetry and simplicity. Two strips of polycarbonate traverse the top and bottom of neatly aligning the top and bottom of the screen of4.7 inches across the mobile.

The camera lens is located in the middle of the back, just below the upper strip and is enclosed in a thin layer of polycarbonate. It is slightly recessed to prevent scratching the glass. You will see a LED flash to the side of the camera.

It also have the required HTC logo in the back of the absolute center of the marking device and Beats Audio which has a place just above the lower strip. NFC transmitter is positioned at the back around the camera module. Unfortunately something you will not find here is wireless charging, tough guys.

FULL SPECS Of The HTC One 2013

Dimensions: 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm (5.41 x 2.69 x 0.37 inch)
Weight: 5.04 oz. (143g)
Screen size: 4.7 inches
Screen resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 (468 ppi)
Screen type: S-LCD3
Battery: 2,300mAh Li-Polymer (non-removable)
Internal storage: 32/64GB
External storage: None
Rear camera: 4MP, BSI, f/2.0, 1/3” sensor size, 2µm pixel size, OIS
Front-facing cam: 2.1MP
Video capture: 1080p, 30 fps (front and back)
NFC: Yes
Radios: Depends on market — see hardware section
Bluetooth: v4.0 with aptX
SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 (APQ8064T)
CPU: 1.7GHz quad-core
GPU: Adreno 320
Entertainment: MHL, DLNA, IR sensor
WiFi: Dual-band, 802.11a/ac/b/g/n, WiFi Direct
Wireless Charging: No
Operating system: Android 4.1.2 (upgradeable to 4.2), Sense 5 UI

HTC Rumours & News Smartphone

Facebook Phone HTC Myst With QWERTY Keyboard

Rumors about the possibility that the U.S. social networking giant Facebook launched its own smartphone, never gone away, often reappearing every few months and then disappear back into the fog of rumors.

This time, more than ever, the possibility of this Facebook Phone is stronger than ever. Because, unlike previous occasions, this time reports indicate not only the manufacturing company to provide ‘physical work’, but also to have appeared the alleged technical specifications of this equipment. Something not expect high gamma.

Facebook Phone HTC Myst With QWERTY Keyboard and touch screen

Rather, a midrange option Facebook Phone would be, fulfilling the combination than Facebook, the operator AT&T and HTC announced several months ago.

At least for the moment this Facebook Phone is called HTC Myst which would have a special button with ‘Facebook’ function, HTC Status and a QWERTY keyboard, accompanying below to a touch screen of no small proportions.

Facebook Phone HTC Myst assumes a 4.3 screen inches with HD resolution 720 p

According to Unwired View, this new device manufactured by HTC assumes a 4.3 screen inches with HD resolution 720 p, a dual processor core Snapdragon MSM8960 of Qualcomm 1.5 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, which could not be increased with a microSD card.

It would also include five mega pixel main cameras and 1.6 MP front camera, HSPA support, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and 4G connection LTE, along with a dose of Android Jelly Bean in the version 4.1.2.


HTC Droid DNA on Verizon with Super LCD3 panel

The Taiwanese company HTC has taken a good note for the mobile market with its latest filing, for now, Android terminal intended for the U.S. market crowded with giant screens equipment.
This is the HTC Droid DNA, a device that boasts a panel Super LCD3 with 5-inch diagonal, which will provide a resolution FullHD 1080p, within a range of 440 dpi, all within a successful mobile design, thin and fairly light.

HTC Droid DNA features a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core processor

Inside of the HTC Droid DNA, it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core processor with 1.5 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage, with no option for an extension. It has an 8 MP rear camera and a front f/2.0, 2.1 MP, which is capable of recording in 1080p, like its ‘neighbor’.

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The HTC Droid DNA is compatible with 4G LTE, quad-band GSM, Bluetooth 4.0 per day, NFC and WiFi service, also approaches the audio quality Beats dual amplification technology.

For now, as it is mentioned at the beginning, the device gets attached to Verizon, with a two-year contract and a price of $ 200.

HTC Smartphone

HTC One X+: an improved version of HTC One X

A dramatic improvement in the middle of a product cycle? All companies try to cool it these days, even if they are at risk of fielding customers end up buying what they thought was going to be the flagship device of the year. HTC has really played this game for a while, first with the Sensation XE, which acted as a replacement part-time for the Sensation original and now, with the HTC One X+, which treads everywhere toes to HTC One X. However, with this latest phone, the manufacturer has made a justification: the HTC One X+ comes with 32 GB or 64 GB of internal memory, while the One X Global had a maximum of 32GB and version of AT & T only had 16 GB.

an improved version of HTC One X

Since these phones do not have expansion card micro SD, it is possible to argue that the HTC One X+ is a major upgrade, which is designed specifically for real users, hungry for disk space and for music fans. Later we will UK review of HSPA+, which is the version for the UK and compared primarily with One X HSPA+.

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There are other improvements as well as options for more space to store information, of course. NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, a jump in acceleration to reach 1.7 GHz, perhaps in an effort to challenge the state in the Galaxy S III market. A battery of 2,100 mAh Largest to stay at the same level with the new phone uses more power, the camera front module has been replaced with an embedded high resolution and better image processor, and there are also new circuits for audio to improve sound quality on the speakers.


Rumor about HTC J Butterfly

HTC is known for bringing smartphones to the market almost incessantly. Anticipating a future release, rumors emerge of a new Taiwanese company equipment to equip you to some interesting technical features, as indicated by reports last minute.

technical features of HTC J Butterfly

The phone in question is rumored that HTC J Butterfly, which would be provided a 5-inch display LCD3 1080p resolution, attractive screen, among the data, contained about 440 pixels per inch.

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Technically, it is also shown as a juicy device. Its microprocessor is Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core at 1.5 GHz is undoubtedly the center of the repertoire. Rumor also the existence of 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB storage.

technical features of HTC J Butterfly smartphones

Among the extras, you find Beats Audio (product of that distant agreement in effect) Support LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 8 MP camera, a 2.1 MP front and a battery of 2020 mAh.

Specifications at a glance:
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Sense 4+
1.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM
Super LCD3 display with 1080p screen resolution (440 PPI)
Beats Audio
LTE Support
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
MicroSD card support
71 x 143 x 9.1 mm, 140g
8 megapixel camera with f/2.0 lens, 2.1 megapixel front camera
2020 mAh battery

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Smartphone Comparison: iPhone 5 vs HTC One X (Part-II)

Smartphone Comparison: Multimedia and Camera

Again, light and shadow. The iPhone 5 does not change as far as media playback is concerned. Everything must go through iTunes, so that the entire library is limited to requiring the program management-bridge. You can play back standard as MP3, AVI or AAC, but it can only recognize those that are compatible with iTunes, unless you resort to converters and compromise. With the HTC One X opens the fork more. With this team we can play almost all audio and video files that we want, even HD formats in container Matryoshka – MKV – by exploiting the full potential of its huge screen.

smartphone comparison between iPhone 5 of Apple and HTC One X

As for the camera, you met a couple of excellent units. The iPhone 5 has a Sony sensor, capable of capturing images up to eight megapixels and FullHD quality videos. Outfit sapphire crystal lens and has a controller that makes it possible to shoot at high speed and a panoramic capture function yielding results of 28 megapixels. In said photographic recording speed the HTC One X is not inferior, showing further another feature that is also present in the subsequent iPhone 5: the capturing images during video recording. Also, the HTC One X can shoot with a maximum resolution of eight megapixels, could also filming on FullHD.

Smartphone Comparison: Processor, memory and system

It gets tricky at this point. What we face in these HTC One X and iPhone 5 are two very different chips. The first, the NVIDIA Tegra 3 and the second, the A6 for Apple, one based on an architecture of four cores with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz, the other a dual-core 1.3 GHz. Are there differences between the two? In principle, yes. Not only in the nature of the processor, but the way in which the operation is integrated in the system. The iPhone 5 delivers performance-matched second only, at most, by the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the HTC One X is fast.

On the other hand, the devices are matched in RAM memory: one GB each. It is in memory options dedicated to storage where these teams far. While the HTC One X is available in a unique option of 32 GB, the iPhone 5 is available from versions 16, 32 and 64 GB. Neither allows external drives expansion with microSD.

smartphone comparison between iPhone 5 of Apple and HTC One X

Regarding the system, you ran into two of the reference systems and the undisputed kings in terms of supported applications. While iOS 6 already exceeds the 700,000 apps in its online store, Android is still slightly below that limit in Google Play, its showcase online applications. The HTC One X goes on sale with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is the latest version of the platform, but in the middle of October this will be updated with the newest green robot, Android 1.4 Jelly Bean. The iPhone 5 itself that comes with the latest edition of your system, but it is experiencing a number of problems that have earned over a dispute, especially dedicated to its new application of maps or the fact that very few utilities available for this platform squeeze the new format of the device screen, throwing a pair of unsightly black bars at the edges of the screen.

Smartphone Comparison: Autonomy

It is difficult to say exactly this section, since HTC does not give official data battery life of 1800 milliamps. The iPhone 5, meanwhile, could support a theoretical index intensive eight hours, still above the 200 hours standby. In practical terms the results of both will vary on the type of use given to these devices, depending on how teams employ browsing Internet using Wi-Fi or 3G, using the media player or using calling features.

Smartphone Comparison: Reviews

With permission from the high-end Samsung pointers, you came across the reference segment against Android Apple’s newest. Once saved the characteristics that drive fans of both lean platform for each device, consider several points. If you want a large format phone, the HTC One X should be your choice. His panel is very comfortable 4.7 inches, although its length. However, as you are for smaller hands, you have to use the terminal as the sword of Conan: two hands.

Not so with the iPhone 5, but on the contrary, his panel is perhaps too long, and they are not adapted to all applications, there will be an effective use of its four inches. HTC One X design is very attractive, than the Apple mobile, but both have severe drawbacks. The first is a treatment that provides a soft touch too, and no wonder that we suffer a scare when sliding pocket to sit or hands to manipulate, the second is based on a type of aluminum that is very sensitive to scratches.

APPLE HTC Research & Analysis Reviews & Opinions Smartphone

Specifications Comparison: iPhone 5 vs HTC One X

The iPhone 5 of Apple and HTC One X are two references in the current market for smartphones. The first is a candy for fans of the signing of the apple, and practically a must buy for that segment. The second is a device that integrates power, a format very generous and a very comfortable user interface for the system Android 4.0.

As two devices are so different in essence, it is difficult to make comparisons. However, the public looking for a very reliable mobile, able to meet the needs multifunction await all smartphone and also bring it to account without stopping to be seduced by the brand, surely you would consider both devices before making your purchase. Let’s see how resist a face-to-face.

iPhone 5 vs HTC One X

Design and Display of iPhone 5 vs HTC One X

If you want a mobile aesthetically appealing, while light and handy, both the iPhone 5 and the HTC One X are great suggestions. At least at first glance. After a few hours of work with both devices expose some small problems that perhaps it is worth considering. But input, see what they have going for everyone in this sense.

The iPhone 5 is very light, only 112 grams. Besides, it’s really fine. The aluminum casing gives it a very elegant and at the same time tough, at least compared to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The HTC One X, on the other hand, weighs a little more, but it is also quite light in relation to the size it has. The casing is very solid and robust, without being ostentatious. The feeling is very nice in hand, and provides a good level of firmness.

Now, side B. The housing of the iPhone 5 is made of a type of aluminum that is very sensitive to scratches, making use of a protective case is almost mandatory if you want to detract from the beautiful design of the phone, though it be, ironically, hidden behind this protection. As for the HTC One X, the back of the device is really smooth, which gives it a touch as tasty as dangerous as it is not strange that you can get out of hand by mistake.

As for the screens, the iPhone 5 carries a four-inch IPS unit with a 16:9 aspect ratio which is particularly elongated in relation to what you are used to see in this type of equipment. The HTC One X muscle pulls and installs a panel of no less than 4.7 inches. The screen size issue is subject to user preferences, though some might find on the iPhone too small and the HTC excessively large. In any case, it is assessing whether it conforms to the functionality you are looking for. Indeed, the resolution of HTC One X is 1280 x 720 pixels, compared to 1136 x 640 pixels of the iPhone 5.

Connectivity of iPhone 5 vs HTC One X

At this point wins, without a doubt, the HTC One X. This phone is really complete in connections. It lacks almost nothing: Wi-Fi, 3G, NFC, microUSB, Bluetooth, GPS. A very balanced combo also includes options to share access to mobile data networks in other teams turning it into a wireless modem using the function Hotspot. In addition, the HTC microUSB One X supports MHL adapters, so you could share the video signal using HD cable HDMI -also be done without physical outlets, using the DLNA standard.

As for the iPhone 5, there is most of what you see on the HTC One X. But the key is in the almost. There are two major problems facing this phone in the comparison: the NFC and decision microUSB. Regarding the former, there is no alternative: the iPhone 5 will not be possible to use this data transfer system. Regarding the microUSB, is nothing new, as Apple always takes bets on its owner.

The thing about this device is that besides putting it more difficult for those seeking to use a standard connection, does the same for users of the firm itself, as it changes the 30-pin dock for an eight pins that have dubbed Lighting. This new system is faster, but limited compatibility with accessories released for previous generations of the iPhone, which will be required with an adapter, to make matters worse, will not work with all bases and accessories that were in the market to far.

HTC Smartphone

Leaked specifications of HTC One X +

The HTC One X + is a new terminal that has been making a lot of noise in recent weeks and although it has not been officially announced, and there is enough information about what you see when you arrive as the successor to the current model.

Leaked specifications of HTC One X

Last month, it appeared in a performance test (benchmark), but now a Twitter user leaked what he claims as will be the official specifications. The information has not yet been confirmed, and I sincerely doubt it happens, but it serves to get an idea of what is coming.

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Apparently it have a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, but the chip will reach a speed frequency of 1.6 GHz with four cores that accompany it. Like the current model, comes with 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB ROM and a 1800mAh battery. In filtration through Twitter adds that come with Android 4.1.1, Jelly Bean and Sense 4.5.

Unfortunately, no further details are known to paw timely HTC has an event scheduled for September 19 and possibly witness the official announcement along with other terminals with Windows Phone 8.

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Specs Comparison: Nokia Asha 311 vs HTC Wildfire S

The Nordic manufacturer Nokia has just introduced new models to its family Asha, which corresponds to mid-range devices low, most notably the Nokia Asha 311, a terminal completely touch with a fairly balanced sheet. But the strength of this Nokia Asha 311 is its price, around $ 100 in free format. Nokia wants to compete in all mobile segments, from high-end Lumia family even the simplest mobile with this line Asha. One possible competitor is the HTC Wildfire S, the smartphone midrange most popular Taiwanese manufacturer that also offers interesting features like touch screen 3.2 inch platform Android and especially the five-megapixel camera.

Specs Comparison: Nokia Asha 311 vs HTC Wildfire S

Here GadgetsATZ dot Com analyzed all the features of these two models in a comparative.

Design and Display

Despite being a basic, cheap device, the Nokia Asha 311 can boast of having a simple design and sleek, which is also available in pink, brown, red white and blue so that each user can choose the one that best suits your taste. It is a fairly mobile compact and lightweight, with the battery installed weighs 95 grams. The HTC Wildfire S has a more casual look to have a fairly flat around the edges, also available in several colors (black, silver, purple and white) but not as flashy as it has chosen Nokia to their new model. The little of HTC is more compact but nevertheless its weight rises to 105 grams, a difference is not excessive but for many users this is a crucial point when choosing a smartphone.
Specs Comparison: Nokia Asha 311 vs HTC Wildfire S
The HTC scores a both have a 3.2 inch screen with resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, offering fairly sharp images thanks to its concentration of 180 pixels per inch. The Nokia Asha 311 left behind in the section the screen, which is smaller and has lower resolution. Specifically the size is three inches and the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, half of his opponent. The two manufacturers have been sighted and have placed a sheet of glass resistant to scratches and bumps covering the screen, so will be more protected.


Access to Internet is a point essential, not only in high-end smartphones, but also in the most basic as is the case of these models. Both allow you to connect through 3G networks, but the Nokia Asha 311 does at a higher speed (14.4 Mbps) , while the HTC Wildfire S content to 7.2 Mbps download speed. The drawback of the network 3G is to set a limit operators of mobile data per month, at this point it is necessary to access Wi-Fi high speed to save data and so pass to sail much faster. Another of their commonalities is the port Bluetooth to share files or use accessories like headset or wireless speakers. But the biggest difference in this section comes with GPS. The HTC Wildfire S equipped with an integrated GPS that can locate you quickly. Meanwhile the Nokia Asha 311 does not have this feature and instead positioning is done by the Wi-Fi, so it is not as accurate.

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To close this section, the two terminals have the same physical connections the standard audio jack of 3.5 mm and 2.0 MicroUSB port for charging.

Camera and Multimedia

The camera of HTC Wildfire S is one of the main attractions and is imposed on the Nokia Asha 311, which has a much more modest camera. The HTC Wildfire S is a simple mobile that surprises us with its five-megapixel camera, which also has features like autofocus and LED flash to support taking pictures at night or in low light. Also records video with resolution VGA (640 x 480 pixels) at a frequency of 24 frames per second.

The Nokia Asha 311 equipped with a camera sensor 3.2 megapixel that has no autofocus (fixed) or no LED flash. However has other functions such as white balance, digital zoom lens four increases or a very light ( f/2.8). Also fails to catch up your opponent with respect to video recording, which will have a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and often stays at ten frames per second.

Both devices are very solvent at the time of playing media formats used, so there should be no problem when watching a video or listen to a song. Finally, the Nokia Asha has an FM radio tuner while the HTC Wildfire S lacks this feature.

Processor, memory and operating system

One of the strengths of Nokia Asha 311 is without doubt its power. Despite being a modest device has unveiled a one-gigahertz processor mononucleosis frequency. For its part the HTC Wildfire S equipped with a chip, also a single nucleus, with a clock speed of 600 Mhz and is also supported by 512 Mb of RAM – Nokia Asha 311 has not provided information about RAM. Such processors may seem insufficient when compared to those including high-end smartphones that in some cases they have four cores. But remember that both the Nokia Asha 311 as the HTC Wildfire S are moving more discreet that do not have such high performances, in this sense do not need a powerful engine to run too well.

Neither offers an internal memory too long, but the HTC Wildfire S is ahead by offering 512 MB of storage, while the Nokia is content with 256 Mb. How could it be otherwise, both help to increase memory MicroSD cards, which can reach a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The operating system of these two terminals is completely different, the Nokia Asha 311 comes with the platform S40 a very simple and basic, while the HTC Wildfire S bet on Android, one of the most popular mobile platforms. Both systems have an app store to decargar games or any type of content, however the Google Play on Android store is much larger. The operating system is an important point when choosing a mobile and in many cases will be decisive. Nokia S40 is more focused on users who do not want a phone with too many complications as qu and Android is more comprehensive and allows more possibilities for customization.

Range and prices

According to both manufacturers, the autonomy of these models is well matched, especially in regard to the battery when the phone is in use (approximately 7.2 hours in both cases). The Nokia Asha 311 will hold on longer when at rest, namely 781 hours, whereas HTC Wildfire S will not exceed the 570 hours.

The price is an issue to take into account and in this case the difference is quite remarkable. The Nokia Asha 311 will go on sale in free format by about 100 euros while his opponent doubles this figure and can be purchased for 200 euros.


You have seen that the HTC Wildfire S is higher in areas such as display quality and especially the camera five megapixel, two important points. The Nokia Asha 311 is something behind and the only point that stands out most is the power of your processor. But the price in their favor and is worth half that his opponent, which will undoubtedly encourage many users to buy.

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Technical specs and Features of HTC ONE X

This smartphone is quite robust, with a minimalist, but very comfortable in relation to functionality. It has a nice touch, the screen is large and has several internal specifications that make it stand out.

It has few buttons, the most useful, which are superior to power, access to jobs and jump back to the classic previous action (or access to the desktop). HTC ONE X also provides a microUSB port at the left terminal and a camera at the rear, which protrudes slightly. The screen system comes with anti bumps and scratches Gorilla Glass.

Technical specs and Features of HTC ONE X
The operating system is Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 of Android OS and includes the signature (HTC Sense 4.0), with aesthetic improvements. The browser is just fast. It comes integrated with Dropbox in the cloud to store whatever you want, even comes with a radio that does not require headphones, flashlight, Polaris Office, WiFi Hotspot, mirror, task manager and system customization.

The power of processor is huge, as is four-core 1.5 GHz, comes with 1 GB of RAM, ARM Cortex A9, 32 GB of storage, Adreno 225 graphics unit GPU, 4.7-inch screen with resolution of 1280 X 720, 8-megapixel rear camera, WiFi 802.11 signal/b/g/n WLAN, 1.3 megapixel front camera, ambient light sensor, LED flash, speakerphone Beats Audio, 1800 mAh battery and sensor proximity.

As for the keyboard, the HTC ONE X has adequate systems for the two operating systems, tactile and adaptable to international options.

The panel has an RGB matrix, with 180 degree of vision, and is adjusted color LCD IPS. It is a great screen.
The camera has backlit front, with wide angle and the ability to record video in Full HD (1920 X 1080). The quality is amazing and the shots are very fast.