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If you have a Tile tracker your data may be for sale: Life360

When it comes to personal data, including those acquired through tools and devices equipped with localization systems, storage and their treatment are factors of primary importance. The use and sale of this information by companies can be a potentially infinite source of income, which is one more reason for those who use Tile trackers to raise their antennas and pay attention to what is happening.

Life360's acquisition of Tile is upsetting the owners of the geolocation tags: here's what's happening

Last month, the US-based tracking company was acquired by Life360, another American company specializing in providing location-based services to users around the world. The flagship product of the latter is the app of the same name : born in 2008, it shares its coordinates, notifications, emergency messages and more with family members, friends in their circles and third parties who offer specific services. based on where the person is. Although, at least at first glance, everything may seem perfectly normal, what worries users and experts is a report recently released by “The Markup” which allegedly exposed some unscrupulous behavior on the part of society.

Tile and Life360, what happens?

According to what is reported in the document, Life360 would be ready to sell the data recorded by the trackers of Tile tracker’s 33 million users. An extremely vast amount of data and users, due to the fact that Tile was the first to produce the well-known tags to be applied to key rings, backpacks and other valuables in order to always have traces of them and avoid any possibility of losing them forever.

Already in 2020 , as pointed out by “The Markup”, the company would have brought into its coffers as much as 16 million dollars with the sale of the locations of the users of its services. To point the finger at Life360 there would then be some workers in the sector, such as a former employee of the partner company Cuebiq, who would have confirmed that in the past the same information would have been widely exploited for the creation of marketing campaigns , also carried out by third-party companies. which data had been sold.

Life360, the company’s denial

Direct denial came from Life360 founder and CEO Chris Hulls. For the number 1 of the company, the data of the subscribers to the application are a fundamental resource for the company, indispensable for providing the free services that usually fall within the package of its best-known product.

Similarly, however, Hulls stressed that Life360 has implemented stringent policies on user privacy ; the information, he explained, would in fact not allow the identification of the person connected to them in any way. A necessary reassurance even if, as happens in these cases, it may not be enough to let users sleep peacefully.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020), a classic that continues to work

Amazon has a range of Fire devices with which it tries to meet the needs of a good handful of users by offering connectivity features and an adjusted value for money. For its part, the Amazon Fire TV Stick has been with us for a long time to make our television more “smart”.

Amazon has decided to renew the Fire TV Stick range with a new product that receives some news in this year 2020. We are going to take a look at the cheapest alternative to equip our TV with smart capabilities with its own operating system, take a look at Amazon Fire TV Stick with us.

Materials and design of Amazon Fire TV Stick

In this section, the North American company has not been innovating at all for a few years. The Amazon Fire TV Stick stands out for its compact size and its few “flourishes”, the idea is that it remains completely hidden behind the television or monitor to which we want to connect it, and it does this very well.

Amazon Fire TV Stick black plastic, the only color we can purchase the unit from, and it lacks any LED or informational details

It is made of completely black plastic, the only color we can purchase the unit from, and it lacks any LED or informational details. Simplicity has always been the identifying flag of this type of Amazon Fire products, and this was not going to be the exception.

Dimensions: 86 x 30 x 13 mm
Weight: 32 grams

Very far, for example, from what Google proposes with its new Chromecast with striking colors and rounded designs, precisely the one that will now position itself as the main rival of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick in terms of functionality and even at the price level if we compare it with its older brother, the Fire TV Stick 4K.

We have included in the box the power adapter, the microUSB cable (in case you thought they were extinct) and an HDMI extender that will help us in certain situations, identical content to what we had to date.

Technical characteristics

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick has been a slight improvement in the technical section with respect to its predecessor, and although it is difficult to differentiate them, in this case we are clearly talking about the edition that arrived at the beginning of September 2020 and that since then we analyze.

Amazon has decided to renew the Fire TV Stick range with a new product

To move the operating system and the rest of the technical capabilities, Amazon has opted for a Quad-Core processor at 1.7 GHz (it has grown 0.4 GHz) of which no manufacturer is mentioned, however, for other products of the brand we could boast who have returned to bet on MediaTek. You can buy it from 39.99 euros on Amazon (link).

As for the internal storage, this Fire TV Stick has 8GB in total, designed mainly for applications, since the connection through the microUSB to a PC can be problematic without the necessary knowledge to do so. For its part, we have the IMG GE8300 GPU in charge of offering us content in Full HD 1080p, the maximum resolution supported by it. We have 1GB of RAM.

We have dual antenna WiFi (MIMO) compatible with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, something that has evolved over time, such as Bluetooth 5.0 for content sharing and BLE for accessories.

We have very diverse video content formats, HDR 10, HDR10 + , HLG, H.265, H.264 and Vp9 as long as our television is fully compatible, of course. Although there is no mention of Dolby Vision, we imagine that due to royalty issues. However, in the sound we do find the brand’s signature, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital + surround sound and audio pass-through through HDMI for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital + and Dolby Atmos.

As for the image, we will have a maximum of 60 FPS for the content both in Full HD and in lower qualities, something to take into account. We are therefore facing the third generation Fire TV Stick.

The command does not change but it is enough

In this case, the command allows us to manage Alexa, the virtual assistant of Jeff Bezos’ company, through voice control. This remote measures 38 x 142 x 16 mm and without batteries it weighs around 43 grams.

To use it we will need two AAA batteries that are easily inserted through the lower system. In addition, these batteries are included in the package, something to keep in mind, since not all brands provide this simple detail.

This remote will work both through Bluetooth and infrared, and one of its advantages is that we will be able to control the TV directly with the remote if we wish, with an exclusive off button for the TV, something that we will appreciate in its most daily use.

As for the voice guidelines, it is more than enough with its microphone located in the upper central part. In this section, the Fire TV Stick control has advanced over time, but it still has buttons that may be excessively hard or of clearly inferior quality when compared to mid-range and higher-end televisions, something that tarnishes the user experience. However, in a Samsung TV we see that we can make it work directly with the official remote.

An accompanying user experience

As always, this Fire TV Stick from Amazon has a layer of customization on top of Android. The system flows and does it well, offering a very good user experience, superior to what we could expect from the controller. But this is something that veterans of the Fire TV Stick range already knew.

It is extremely easy to configure, as always, with a few simple taps and linking our Amazon account, we will be offered the download of the main applications such as Movistar +, Spotify or Netflix, in addition to the pre-installed ones such as Amazon Prime Video. I highly recommend going for an alternative browser like Firefox.

Once inside, all that remains is to enjoy, we can install a multitude of applications and the experience continues to be above the rivals, especially if we take into account the price. In fact, the performance is superior to that offered by most mid-range TVs from Samsung and LG, for example, which makes it an ideal battle partner.


Compact and minimalist
It moves with extreme fluidity
The price is unbeatable
Great application Candida


Controller build tarnishes experience
Too much priority to own content in the OS

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Huawei MatePad analysis: A tablet that stands up to the iPad

The Chinese company Huawei continues with its foot on the accelerator in order to keep its launch calendar impassive. Recently it was the turn of the Huawei MatePad, one of the “star” products of the firm and which has continued to be renewed in order to continue maintaining the good reputation that precedes it.

On this occasion, Huawei has wanted to emphasize the student sector and the range of access to this product, which due to its characteristics points quite high. Discover with us the new Huawei MatePad, what are its characteristics and the tests that we have carried out to tell you everything.

Discover with us the new Huawei MatePad, what are its characteristics and the tests that we have carried out to tell you everything

Materials and design of Huawei MatePad

Let’s start with the design. In this case, Huawei has opted for a 10.4-inch product that stands out mainly for how small its front frames are, something that I sincerely liked a lot. In front we have the camera for video conferencing, while in the rear we have a single sensor protruding from the chassis.

Size: 245 x 154 x 7.3mm
Weight: 450 grams

We have accessed the version in Midnight Gray, with aluminum on the back and a peculiar result when it comes to avoiding tracks. As for the materials, it seems like a real success. In this regard, I have found myself comfortable with daily use and handling, yes, we have to remember that we have an ultra-panoramic format that can become strange for those who are used to somewhat more “square” tablets.

Technical characteristics of Huawei MatePad

On a technical level, this product leaves practically nothing behind, we highlight its 4GB of RAM in the tested unit, as well as the more than ratified processor of its own manufacture by Huawei. These are all the details:

Processor: Kirin 810
RAM memory : 4 GB
Storage: 64 GB with microSD expansion up to 512 GB
Display: 10.4-inch IPS LCD panel at 2K resolution (2000 x 1200)
Front camera : 8MP Wide Angle with FHD recording
Rear camera : 8MP with FHD recording and LED flash
Battery: 7,250 mAh with 10W charge
Connectivity: LTE 4G, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C OTG, GPS
Sound: Four stereo speakers and four microphones

Undoubtedly in the technical section we are going to miss few things in this tablet that seems to be prepared for a good dose of work and development. Undoubtedly, thanks to its hardware, it becomes a good everyday companion. It is clear that when playing video games we are not going to find high-end results, but as you have seen in the test video we have enough. For their part, the rest of the applications dedicated to consuming multimedia and office automation content have performed correctly.

Compatibility with own accessories

We emphasize in this case that although we have not been able to test them beyond the small pre-breafing of months ago, this MatePad is fully compatible with the Huawei M-Pencil that will allow us to draw and write with considerable quality.

For its part, it is also desirable to use accessories such as its own cover / keyboard, which although it does not have a trackpad system, will help us perform better office automation tasks and of course work with the tablet. This case fits you with a glove and the key travel has shown itself to be sufficient in our tests.

Multimedia experience

One of the key points of this type of product is precisely that of consuming multimedia content, and that is usually quite clear to Huawei. We have a 10.4-inch panel in ultra-wide format. This is how we have an IPS LCD panel at 2K resolution (2000 x 1200) that is capable of offering 470 nits of brightness. The result has been good in almost every aspect. The Chinese firm usually adjusts its panels well and the case of the MatePad is no exception, we really liked this section.

MatePad is fully compatible with the Huawei M-Pencil

While the brightness of 470 nits may not seem surprising, it is more than enough to deliver multimedia content in harsh environments such as bright sunlight. We also highlight the sound with its four speakers, it sounds strong, the bass and the mids stand out and the experience with cinema and YouTube videos is quite favorable. We do not have a 3.5mm Jack port, but Huawei includes a USB-C to 3.5mm Jack adapter in the box for the most classic ones. Even so, the experience of multimedia consumption is round, it seems without a doubt its most remarkable point.

General usage experience

As has happened on other occasions, we once again have the “problem” of the absence of Google Apps, something that particularly penalizes the tablet considering its sense of productivity (Google Drive … etc) and of consuming content (Netflix, YouTube …). If you follow us you will know that Huawei has little fault in this section, where the political veto of Donald Trump (USA) is still in force.

However, it is still possible and easy to take the necessary steps to make it a fully compatible product with Google Apps. For its part, the Huawei App Gallery continues to grow, although it does not fully satisfy our needs. This being the section that most ends up tarnishing an experience that with the exception of this section was still good. Regarding autonomy, we have found an experience close to 9 hours of screen, depending on the content we consume and the “cane” that we give to the processor. We must never forget that we lack fast charging, the 10W of the charger will take us more than two hours to charge.


The main attraction of this MatePad is the price, which price is around 279 euros, very competitive taking into account all its characteristics and the fact that in certain points of sale it will be at even lower prices with certain offers. Without a doubt, the Huawei MatePad stands up to the competition by offering features that are difficult to match.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5: the new functions of the latest update

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 never ceases to amaze, and improves in several aspects with the new update released in these days.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 arrived on the market just a few months ago and its success has amazed even Xiaomi itself . The Chinese company has managed to present on the market a complete , compact device with an excellent display able to monitor all the most important aspects of users’ health.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: the new functions of the latest update

Two weeks after the last update, which brought support for the Italian language to the famous smart band and the introduction of a very important feature for women, the monitoring of the menstrual cycle . But let’s see more in depth what the new update brings with it.

Mi Band 5 updates itself by improving many crucial aspects

The new update reported and arrived on many devices by users, is firmware , and brings with it notable improvements in different aspects of the band.

First of all, it seems that Xiaomi has further improved the reliability of the step count and distance traveled , preventing the device from recording false steps. Its improved accuracy makes it once again the best device in the industry at a record price. In addition, sleep tracking has also been improved . Now the smart band can more easily distinguish naps from actual sleep and even the recording of the REM phase is much more precise. In this way, the overall picture of sleep monitoring is significantly improved and expanded.

Have you received the update? Let us know in the comments! If, on the other hand, you are undecided on whether or not to purchase the Mi Band 5 , what are you waiting for? It is the best-in-class smart band device on the market, with top-notch accuracy and support.

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Spy glasses: The most versatile spy items trending during the lock down time

The Spy glasses with a hidden camera is one of the most used everyday objects in spying and recording images taken with a hidden camera. Perhaps the most famous recording made for this purpose can be found in the video that transpired from the Infanta’s statement before Judge Castro . It must be borne in mind that mobile phones and pens were requisitioned in that trial to prevent this, so we can conclude that spy glasses with hidden cameras are one of the best camouflaged objects and that they go unnoticed to record anonymously and not be detected, since the security teams that filtered the entrance were not able to detect them.

To download the Spy glasses images and videos stored in the memory of the lenses, we only have to connect them through the USB of the computer to proceed to download them

There are many models of spy glasses and many uses for them. A very common use in students is to wear spy glasses for exams , although they can be used in work meetings and in any other daily situation.

We can find different types and models of spy glasses for men and women and advances in technology allow us to find the best spy glasses for less than € 100 today. The best models allow you to record in high definition.

[table id=1 /]

In addition, all models come with instructions for spy glasses and are current models so they can go through normal lenses.

Here you can see all the spy glasses models available in your nearest spy store.

As you can see we have many models. The second model of spy glasses has surely caught your attention. Those are for the ski slopes, so you can record video while skiing down the mountain.


In this video you can see a recording made with glasses with a hidden camera and we can see that nobody detects or comments on anything, even over short distances. To download the images and videos stored in the memory of the lenses, we only have to connect them through the USB of the computer to proceed to download them.

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Do you know these characteristics of the advanced spy pen?

We have already commented in other articles on this blog about the characteristics, advantages and advances presented by the new models of Spy Gadgets: such as mini cameras and microphones of small size, which are capable of being hidden under any object, garment or concealment article, reducing the chances of being detected.

Well, today is the turn of the spy pen, a new device capable of making video or audio recordings depending on the model hidden under the appearance of a harmless office pen.

Spy-Pen are frequently requested by all kinds of people, from businessmen who want to keep their office always under surveillance

These types of items are frequently requested by all kinds of people, from businessmen who want to keep their office always under surveillance, to people who put it on the lapel of their shirt or jacket to record everything that happens within the field of vision of the company. mini-camera without raising suspicions.

The most advanced spy pen models allow you to record HD videos with included audio, and they are usually divided into two parts. At the bottom they have a USB connector through which by plugging it into the computer you can view the recordings you have made, and the upper half is the one that offers the different buttons that allow you to control the pen. Buttons for power on, off, start recording or taking pictures.

[table id=1 /]


The hidden camera of the spy pen usually has a 90-degree angle, and to control it you usually have to pay attention to what the LED light on its upper part indicates. To start recording, you have to press the button for two or three seconds, the light will go out, and that will mean that it has started recording.

The hidden camera of the spy pen usually has a 90-degree angle, and to control it you usually have to pay attention to what the LED light on its upper part indicates

On the other hand, the ballpoint pen writes like any other normal ballpoint pen, which gives it the ideal camouflage to go unnoticed by people who might suspect that they are being recorded at the time.

The autonomy of the pen depends on the model, but normally it does not usually exceed 90 minutes, and it has an 8GB capacity that allows you to make long recordings or many of short duration until its memory is full. Do not worry about its operation, with the purchase of this pen the instructions are usually included.

Practice a little before you start using it in the field to get used to the button controls, and you’ll see how practical it is for you in so many contexts. From recording a college class, to a confidential meeting.

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10 best spy cameras with amazing discount during lock-down period

As the lock down period is going on, there are various types of lucrative offers and discounts on your online portals. Just make this idle time useful by ordering important stuff for the future. Throughout this article we are going to make a brief ranking of the most sought-after spy cameras today, not only for their benefits, but also due to their versatility, since you never know when you are going to need them and the best you can Offering a spy camera is the ability to adapt to all kinds of contexts. Do not miss it!

[table id=1 /]

Mini spy camera button: undoubtedly the winner of the spy camera ranking, due to the ability to record everything that happens in front of us without raising suspicions. It is hidden in the button of our shirt or jacket, and it has a motion stabilizer to record HD images while we walk or run.

Spy glasses : the second place goes for the new spy glasses. Simulating ordinary sunglasses, these spy glasses are capable of making recordings of everything that is located in front of us while we go unnoticed.

Spy pen : the spy pen has earned the last place on the podium, thanks to the fact that placed inside the pocket of our suit shirt or jacket it is also capable of offering great versatility, recording all kinds of situations in high definition video and audio.

buy the 10 best spy cameras

Spy watch: the spy watch has been on the doorstep of the podium, because in winter with long sleeves its performance may not offer as much versatility, although reaching fourth place in this ranking is not turkey snot, and this is a sign of its great benefits.

USB spy : USB spy is also another feasible alternative, although we must previously place it in a place from which we will record what we need, and its viewing angle is limited by that placement. For this reason, despite its small size and the hiding of the mini camera in an everyday object, it is relegated to fifth place.

Spy keychain: the spy keychain does not offer as much versatility as previous models, since as a general rule we must point to where we want to record with it, and if we go around waving a car remote we can raise suspicions. We recommend leaving it on a flat surface while recording.

Spy alarm clock: the spy alarm clock is ideal for few situations. Of course, to be placed in a bedroom it is the most recommended option among all the mini cameras in the ranking, due to the camouflage that offers its appearance as a normal and ordinary alarm clock.

Spy charger : in the same way as the spy alarm clock or the spy USB, it must be placed in advance in the place that we want to record. Depending on whether the model purchased is a portable or static charger, its versatility varies. In portable models it can be transported without raising too much suspicion, something that does not happen with static models.

Spy light bulb: As for the spy light bulb, it can be placed in any lamp that is not covered with a lampshade or glass, since if it does not lose much definition. Although the lamp can be placed anywhere, this previous disadvantage together with the suspicion that not awakening a lamp when a light is needed in the room can move it to the ninth position.

Spy smoke detector: the spy smoke detector is perfect to be placed in shops and homes if you want to record the interior of a certain room at all times, such as that of the baby or your bedroom if you suspect that your wife is being unfaithful to you . Its use is limited to those situations, and that is why it has finished in the last place in the ranking of mini cameras.

If you want to buy any of the previous models of mini cameras, we recommend the Amazon online store as there’s a great chance of coupons and best discount during stay-home period. Amazon has specialized store in spy and concealment products, of high quality and whose team is very professional.

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Apple Watch Alternative Xiaomi Amazfit GTS: Price and rReview 2020

Xiaomi has been producing success after success and the only category that lacked a bit was the smartwatch space. They made these cheap watches like the Amazfit Bip , Amazfit Bip Lite and so on. So far they have not made a smart watch that competed with Apple or the like. Xiaomi has had enough and they bring the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS.

With a style and design similar to the Apple watch, cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Active. Xiaomi’s giant killer is Apple Watch Alternative. Introducing the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS. In this Amazfit GTS review, we see if this Xiaomi smartwatch can beat the other competitors.

Review of Xiaomi Amazfit GTS


The impressive battery life is more than two weeks
AMOLED beautiful display
Waterproof and you can swim with him!


The sports characteristics do not live up to the standards
Synchronization is a problem.

Summary: The Amazfit GTS is not the most impressive smart watch that exists. But it works like a mid-level smart watch between low-budget and high-end ones.

Price – $ 139

Design and visualization of Amazfit GTS

Introducing the Amazfit GTS. In this Amazfit GTS review, we see if this Xiaomi smartwatch can beat the other competitors

  • It is obvious, isn’t it? It looks so similar to the Apple Watch, I’m sure the instructions for smartwatch designers were “Make it look like the Apple Watch.”
  • At first glance, it looks like the Apple Watch. Does it matter?
  • In the grand scheme of things, no. It is a design and a style that people like, and if you can get an Apple-like watch at such a low price, why not?
  • The design also has a crown on the side that can be used to wake up the smart watch.
  • The clock itself is quite thick, with 9.4 mm. The beautiful AMOLED screen is 1.65 inches that sits on a plastic base. It has an always active screen that looks great.
  • It has numerous styles of watch faces that look great. The colors are crisp and look pretty amazing. If you keep the brightness in automatic, you will save much of the battery life.
  • In the sunlight? It’s crystal clear and crystal clear!
  • Xiaomi Amazfit GTS has a 20mm thick silicone strap and comes in numerous colors.
  • Because it is a fairly thick watch, it is not so heavy at all.

Features and settings of Amazfit GTS

Even the Amazfit Bip Lite had a good GPS tracking function that was quite impressive. It’s the same for the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS too. The software is basic, but functional.

With a simple swipe up, you are offered the menu options that allow you to access

Daily status
Activity data
Training modes
You can also find your phone with your Xiaomi Amazfit GTS smart watch, where your phone beats loudly through the application. A very useful feature.

You can monitor your heart rate throughout the day and the data is quite accurate, which makes it the perfect gift for parents and grandparents.

Once they can use the built-in GPS to trace their routes and see how much they have worked, which is quite motivating for runners.

Check it out here

The Amazfit GTS is not the most impressive smart watch that exists

The battery life of the Amazfit GTS

The battery life of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS is impressive. The biggest problem with most smartwatches is the frequency with which they have to be put in charge. With some of my other devices, because I forget to charge it, I have to leave my smartwatch at home, which is irritating.

Even with the use of the GPS function and the activity tracking function, the GTS can easily last a week and a half.

The always on display considerably consumes the battery life and is a feature that most people turn off because the battery would not last even a few days with it on. That is disappointing because it is a feature that most people would like.

I can compare the battery life of this smart watch with that of the Bip Lite, which is quite impressive, and this is supported by that comparison!

Although most features work as advertised, the step counter in the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS has a problem. Sometimes it twists and records steps that have not been taken.

Another disadvantage of this smart watch is the application. The Xiaomi Amazfit GTS application is a replica of the Mi Fit application and is not too intuitive. It has its problems and one could find the synchronization of the application with the phone.

Otherwise, notifications are fairly easy to configure.

The Amazfit GTS has a 20mm thick silicone strap and comes in numerous colors

Amazfit GTS price

The GTS review is a very nice watch. It is more expensive than budget versions like the Amazfit Bip and the Lite. It looks like the Apple Smartwatch and has an amazing screen with a brightness that can temporarily blind you.

Is it worth the price of 150 dollars?

Not really.

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Reasons to buy a blender

Surely in September, with the return to school after a summer of excesses, you have proposed to eat healthy. If this is not your case, you are still on time, as this is something we should all do. Following a healthy and balanced diet is the first recommendation to protect our health and avoid cardiovascular diseases, which can later lead to more serious ones. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes, as well as nuts, accompanied by a lifestyle with movement is usually synonymous with health in normal conditions.

 buy a blender

Small appliances can help us make this diet more attractive if what we need is a push to convince us . Making delicious green juices, detox or fruit can be an incentive to prepare healthy, nutritious breakfasts, desserts or snacks. The blender will help us to make them in the best possible way and, above all without effort . We all know what it costs to make an orange juice with a manual juicer, and that this is a more or less affordable fruit.

If we want to squeeze vegetables or, for example, ginger, we will need a more powerful machine like a blender. The blenders are mainly used to extract all the juice from the pieces and make natural juices. The main advantage is that we can choose the ingredients, making sure that we only use natural ingredients, without additives, preservatives or added sugars . In short, it is much healthier to prepare a homemade juice than to buy it packaged, and with a blender we can do it.

How does the blender work?

Its operation is really simple. We only have to introduce the pieces through the mouth of the blender and the machine is responsible for squeezing all the juice without you knowing and, most importantly, without staining the entire kitchen. The juice leaves the nozzle and the pulp is stored in a removable tank. Then, we just have to remove it comfortably, empty it in the trash and wash it. We can put it directly in the dishwasher. This is much easier!

We can also make these juices with a glass blender.

What are the differences between the blender and the glass blender?

Basically, with blenders we will make liquid drinks, while with glass blenders we will make milkshakes or thicker juices. The advantage of glass blenders is that we can use it for different tasks in the kitchen. While the blender only extracts the juice from the pieces of fruit or vegetable, the blenders, thanks to its complements, crush ingredients, mix and beat them.

This is really practical because there are many recipes in which we need to do these steps. Sometimes we need to mix the ingredients well if we want to make a sponge cake and, at other times, crush the pieces well to make a vegetable cream or a green smoothie. This is because they come equipped with professional blades with which we can crush hard foods. Some even have the ability to chop homemade ice (not industrial ones) and make them combined or slush.

With the blender, however, we cannot do these functions, but they are much more precise when we want to extract the juice from fruits or vegetables to make fully blended juices.

Finally, we will talk about the price of the blender . How much does it cost? Is it economical? Is it worth it? The truth is that we can find a wide variety of prices depending on the model and the establishment. New models can exceed 150 euros. You have to take into account that they are like small kitchen robots and that, therefore, their price is close to 200 euros in almost all brands.

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Apple’s 5G modems could be manufactured by Qualcomm

Apple is one of the largest companies currently in terms of smartphones and because of this makes us put our eyes on anything that comes to light. The current problem for the company is that we all think that both Samsung and Huawei have started to take the lead in terms of innovation that is phone with 5G modems.

Proof of this is that a few days ago it was learned that Apple had not secured the provider that would be responsible for manufacturing the modems related to the new 5G network, which did not look good at all because Apple can not afford to arrive so late to this tendency being a company of such caliber.

5G technology is practically here as we saw in the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

It was known that Intel would be in charge of the work, but recently they said they could not deliver on time by the middle of this year. Now the option by which to opt, according to the Nikkei medium , is the use of Snapdragon X50 modems. This is very interesting because as you know, Apple and Qualcomm were immersed in legal disputes due to patent violations.

Now that the demand is resolved and with a payment by Apple of 7.5 billion dollars for royalties to Qualcomm , they would be ready to include 5G technology in the new iPhone, although these would arrive until 2020 due to lack of time.

What do you think about this move from Apple? Do you think it will be too late for the 5G network? I think it will not affect you too much since it will come at a point where this type of network will be mostly established in various regions of the world.