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AMD graphics cards are like good wine: the better the longer it takes

It does not seem that an article about device drivers is especially exciting, but the truth is that these pieces of code are much more important than it seems. Updates for the components of our PCs help keep them “fit” and to correct errors, but can also be crucial for performance. That seems to be especially true for graphics card drivers, which NVIDIA graphics cards and AMD engineers are polishing as weeks pass for our games to win in quality and fluidity. And careful, because if there is a protagonist in recent times in that performance improvement, that is AMD...

WD My Passport Studio first 2TB portable hard drive for Mac

WD My Passport Studio first 2TB portable hard drive for Mac

Western Digital started selling a new portable hard drive, the WD My Passport Studio has been designed for Mac OS. Coming in the classic design of metal, anodized aluminum, the My Passport Studio is built to accompany the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. It also becomes the first portable disk 2 TB of capacity dedicated to Mac users. Inside the WD My Passport Studio there is a 5400 rpm hard drive, and also provides two FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 ports. The Western Digital My Passport Studio is fully compatible with Time Machine backups to ensure easily, quickly and automatically....

New external hard drive Western Digital My Passport

New external hard drive Western Digital My Passport

Western Digital (WD) has expanded its My Passport line of portable hard drives with a new, larger storage capacity. The new family member is MyPassport an external hard drive of 2 TB that uses a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed for better transfer rate. Current models come in capacities of 500 GB and 1 TB. Additionally, the new portable hard drive from Western Digital is also compatible with USB 2.0 interface. This new model comes with the complete discography of Justin Bieber and a choice of several colors like black, white, silver, red and blue. Its chassis is also resistant to fingerprints...

Samsung admits that it is the only supplier of screens Retinal Display of New Apple iPad

Samsung is the only supplier of screens Retinal Display of New Apple iPad

Since the New iPad was officially announced by Apple on March 7, there have been disputes as to whether or not Samsung is the sole provider of the retina display of the new tablet, which has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels the higher in one tablet. Now, according to The Korea Times, Samsung has put an end to speculation by confirming that it is the only supplier. The Vice President of Samsung, Kwon Oh-hyun said: “It’s a matter of allocation. No single supplier in the world. Samsung just providing screens to Apple, at first.” Almost surely, LG is...

Gavio presents a peculiar speaker system for iPod

Gavio presents a peculiar speaker system for iPod

The Singapore-based company Gavio soon offer the pill (the Pill), a compact speaker dock for docking sixth generation Apple iPod nano. The peculiar sound of this solution is its shape resembles a giant pill.     The Pill, its original name, is a compact speaker system 5.8 inch. The iPod is placed in a holder which is then closed to encapsulate virtually the audio device. The pill provides controls for mixing music tracks or adjusts volume. The nano can also be operated by touch screen, which is still accessible. While this device appears on the Gavio website, the company does...

What you don’t know about Snapdragon S4

What you don’t know about Snapdragon S4

The Qualcomm company announced that its famous processors have different names and grouped into four divisions (so far). This change will be used to more quickly and easily identify what level of hardware device is located. Before differed by denominations made up of letters and numbers, but quite difficult to remember and learn. The most powerful of all categories is the one to come; Snapdragon S4, and the company has decided to make public their features.

New D-Link router SmartBeam technology

New D-Link router SmartBeam Technology

Despite that promise a quick and secure connection is common to have problems with the router. The signal is zero or limited currency, something that sometimes is related to the distance between the router and the device. To avoid this problem, D-Link has developed a router with strange signal that reorients to point to devices connected to it. The new line of routers from D-Link have the technology SmartBeam which is in charge of redirecting the signal according to where is located the device and then enable a channel for each of the devices. The secret of these routers is...

Changes in all motherboards from Gigabyte

For those who have a recent Gigabyte mother board, this really is a great novelty. Is that from now on, no matter if the plate is high-end, medium or low, you prepare to work with Ivy Bridge and PCIe 3.0. But this update is only compatible for any Gigabyte containing a chipset Intel H61, H67, P67 and Z67. And the good news does not end there: for the “modernization” of the plates can be made completely free of charge. It only requires that you install a software as part of the hardware already implemented.

Upgrade memory: 4 GB for 14 euros

Memory upgrade: up to 32 GB in PC The memory prices for DDR3 modules are already in free fall since the end of last year. Now the prices for 4 GB DDR3-RAM have reached a new low point: cost only 14 euros. Kingston 4 GB ValueRAM cost around 14 euros. Comparison: about three months ago had to set still around EUR 35 for the store to the counter. The two DDR3 modules with a storage capacity of 2 GB work with a clock speed of 1,333 MHz and usual latencies of 9-9-9-27.

Monitor Calibration: How to do it rightly

Calibrate the monitor, especially CRT monitors are often not very easy. Here are some suggestions. You can calibrate the monitor in two ways. First, the geometric settings, and secondly, the color settings. While unsuitable for color settings, the picture is not perfect, but still clearly visible, it may be wrong in geometric settings barely visible. Either the picture is not entirely visible or it does not fill the entire image area. The geometric settings The most widely used geometric setting is the horizontal and vertical size and position. When you calibrate the monitor usually begins with this setting. First try...