What’s new in Google: Pixelbook, Pixel 2 and Home Mini

Google Pixel 2: release date, features

Google is becoming more and more like Apple. In the constant attempt to produce more and more own design hardware today we find interesting bets in all branches of the consumer electronics market.

This is how Google presented today the Pixelbook, Pixel 2 and some other device with the intention of grabbing the maximum possible market and create a consistent base of users who do not trust and Google solely for its free software. Let’s get to know a little more about what Google has to offer us.

We started with the laptop or rather convertible that Google introduced. In fact we are rather a high-end convertible who wants to get away from the classic PC. So much so that we are faced with a screen of 12.9 inches with possibility of rotation in 360 º, it is obvious that before this feature we will find a touch panel. In short we are going to choose if we want a PC or a tablet. For it will come accompanied by a stylus whose performance is yet to see, but that surely will give the size.

The Samsung convertible comes with some interesting features, we choose between Intel i5 or i7 processors, perhaps too much power and consumption for the tablet alternative, although we imagine that they will have well thought out this plot. Least necessary to move the QuadHD resolution offered by your panel.

The capacity of the RAM is unified in 16 GB while in the storage we will oscillate between 128 and 512 GB of SSD disk according to our needs and economic capabilities. As far as materials prevail aluminum and the wink at minimalism. The laptop will start from € 1,199 in Spain, with no confirmed release date, which should add no less than € 90 smart pen. In terms of autonomy Google promises 10 hours of use, as well as two USB-C ports and a operating system based on Chrome OS.

Google Pixel 2 to conquer the market

As it could not be otherwise, Google adds to the fashion of the screens FullVision in an unmistakable memory to the front that we have in the LG G6. In fact we might think that the South Korean firm has had something to do in manufacturing. In its standard version will be accompanied by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM, with identical specifications in the version of Pixel XL 2.

They do not look like the screen, the normal version offers an OLED screen with FullHD resolution while the XL version goes to a QHD panel. The difference in size ranges from 5 inches from small to 6 inches from the largest. Both with double rear camera with system OIS that has obtained a score of 98 in DxOMark , the best one of the market until the moment. The battery is also a differentiated element, between 2,700 mAh and 3,500 mAh both units dance. All with. Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint reader, water resistance, USB-C connection , eSIM and stereo speakers.

Even unconfirmed prices will reach the € 1,000 of its competitors without any doubt, expected in the coming months.

Home Mini is your assistant

It remains to be seen how it behaves in real environments, but at that price will be irresistible with its three colors, black, white and red. No doubt a small speaker that on the other hand will have much to prove if you want to make it clear that it can become an alternative to what we pose Samsung and Apple with their products of similar draft. What is clear is that 50 € is going to become the preferred alternative of many of them. We do not forget the Pixel Earbuds, wireless headphones with instant translation and Google Assistant.

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Some interesting facts about the new Google phone, Nexus 6P

Last September Google launched its new phone Nexus 6P Equipped with powerful features like a powerful camera, fingerprint sensor and a port that can charge the battery faster, this team will be released with the latest version of the Android operating system, version 6.0 or also known as Marshmallow.

Nexus 6P release date, news and features | Google's latest phablet is leaner, meaner and its most premium Nexus to date
The Google Nexus 6P, manufactured by Huawei promises high quality photographs with its 12MP camera and a reinforced safety due to the recognition of our fingerprints. Nexus is the first phone with metal casing and slim unibody format. It will be sold in four colors: aluminum, graphite, frost and gold. Its 5.7 inch screen resolution WQHD offer. Also it has an energy-saving system when the computer is idle.

According to Google and Huawei this phone classifiable phone high but economical range , to be below the price of other manufacturers, which would be available to a wider audience. One of the disadvantages mentioned on this team, is related to its battery, as it is integrated. This limitation does not allow the user to change it, if necessary.

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Google and Novartis to develop smart contact lenses for medical purposes

Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical group, announces that Alcon , the eye subsidiary, signed a licensing agreement with Google. So both companies together to develop their technology “smart contact lenses” for medical purposes.

As explained in the official statement , this agreement will allow combining the advances of Google in miniaturization of electronic devices with Novartis , who works in the pharmaceutical field and medical devices. This new technology attachment (whose prototype can be seen in the picture) could help diabetics and people with presbyopia .

smart contact lenses for medical purposes

What would be the role of smart contact lenses?

This new accessory serve to determine, through the tear fluid glucose levels in diabetic patients. Then that information would be transmitted through a wireless connection to a medical device. Another advantage would offer these smart contact lenses would be people with presbyopia to read.

Moreover, note that technological advances in everyday devices concretized favorable impact on the medical field, although in principle there is no thought for that purpose. For example, in Madrid, trauma surgeons equipment used the Google Glass during surgery.

The patient (a man of 49 years) had come to the operating room with severe pain due to a defect in the cartilage of his knee and, with glasses Google , director of Innovative Surgery, School of Medicine, University of Stanford could talk remotely with the Spanish doctor during that operation.

Chromebook Samsung Devices

Samsung already displayed its new version of Chromebook laptop

The Chromebook being major players in late 2013 and, it seems, will be among the star laptops in the year that is about to begin. All companies are positioning in this segment as sales of these teams are growing and this is an example of Samsung, which could present its new model during the CES held in Las Vegas.

And what has been learned will be enough news to be included in this laptop with Google operating system, and most of them with regard to hardware component protagonists are manufactured by the Korean company itself. An example would be the processor (or better called SoC, as this will be an element that is often used in mobile handsets and has ARM architecture). Specifically we refer to a model Exynos 5420 Octa 5 operating at a frequency of 1.8 GHz in its four cores and Cortex-A15 1.3GHz Cortex-A7, we latter being used when performance does not have to the greatest. By the way, this component uses big.LITTLE technology for maximum energy efficiency. An interesting detail is that the GPU will be a Mali-T628, so it will be more than possible to handle the graphics in three dimensions with solvency.

Samsung already displayed at CES its new version of Chromebook laptop

Well, if this is already a novelty, it is noted that the display of the new Samsung Chromebook will be 12 inches (even speculation that it could be something more) and would reach its resolution 2560 x 1600. That is, very similar to that found in the Nexus 10 also manufactured by this company. The fact is that the image quality is quite high.

Regarding memory, I must say that, again, Samsung Chromebook tends to resemble a mobile terminal, as shown by the RAM is 3 GB, the same as for example includes Galaxy Note 3, and that the space storage will come in two versions: 16 or 32 GB. Yes, due to the USB connectivity including laptop using external devices is more than assured.

As mentioned, it is expected that this new model will let go during CES held in Las Vegas next week, so that we can leave little doubt as to whether these predictions are confirmed. The price seems to be around $ 250 , so it keeps the line be adjusted as usual with Chromebooks. Anyway, it would not be surprising that eventually this Samsung device is staged after said event, as some sources the Korean manufacturer have it indicated that the Las Vegas show no intention to show laptops.

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Google Glass XE6: The new update improves image quality

With an eye to continue improving their properties and integrating innovative technological glasses, the Google research team made the official announcement Wednesday of a new update for its unique glass eye wear, which Google called Google Glass XE6 and presented in the market with the corrections arising from the user experience and the resulting adjustments to the system. Also, this new version of the main attraction Glass incorporated one notable improvement in the quality of the photos can be taken with the device and even your own photo service. These features add to the tools that were included in the previous update, the Google Glass XE5, among which highlighted the addition of social networking notifications Google+.

Google to confirm the new version of their glasses

But putting us directly into the novelty introduced the latest version of the Google Glass, we highlight the new capabilities which include glasses to automatically capture a series full of photographs when taking a picture. The device is responsible for the range of shots combine to generate a main photo that has a higher quality in the final image and better results in dark and few favorable.

Besides this interesting tool, the Google Glass XE6 offer customers the ability by which the integrated camera of the device to the glass as you can capture images HDR, which allows to take pictures with good quality even when running on bright light environments or even on the move. As reported by Google to confirm the new version of their glasses, they also offer the chance to add captions on the pictures and through the voice capture system where the user sees fit.

Apart from these elements linked to the photo service, the new Google Goggles also include other details smaller but equally useful, starting with the way notification sounds for those times when the equipment is not positioned in the user’s head or when it is off. In this sense, the Head Off detection system, which reports to the system the time the lenses are removed from the client’s head has been optimized by Google. For users interested in downloading and immediately start enjoying this latest version of the Google Glass can do it now, considering that it is already available for installation from within the Google Glass website.

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Google Glass will Recognize the Clothes

Google Glass has a lot to prove but the few shots of contact have very positive things, most mortals have not seen beyond the conceptual videos and advertising that the search company shares with you. A vital part in the development of Google Glass found in the ecosystem being built around it. I’m sure Google will know take advantage of the invention, but it needs to reach application developers who can get more juice.

development of Google Glass found in the ecosystem being built around it

A first case is found in InSight, an application that Duke University is developing with Google itself. With her work in person recognition system based on the clothes they wear. You sell it as a useful complement to face recognition, but independent of the project, since the idea is to find a person in a large group, not necessarily close to your position.

For example, you come to a party, make a sweep of the premises and the software tries to identify people, superimposing their screen names. To make the system work should be recognized and related clothing with their owners, and of course there are always going to be dressed in the same way, or another person may be dressed like them. The database for the recognition, dubbed fashion fingerprint, stored patterns, such as textures and colors of the clothes, or supplements a person.

Unfortunately you have not shared material with which you can get a better idea of how it works, but it has been shown in a technology conference last week. In tests identified 15 volunteers with a hit rate of 93%.

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Google continues to grow the project of Google Glass

The Google Glass Explorer Edition, officially presented a year ago at Google I/O Conference, are the product around which focuses Google Glass Project, a program of research and development of Google Inc. with the goal of developing a pair of glasses with augmented reality.

The Google Glass, according to the spokesman denied, do not incorporate any kind of advertising

Since the presentation we had not heard anything more, but in the recent days, IEEE Spectrum published an interview with Babak Parviz, a project leader in Google, which has yielded some interesting updates about the status of the project.

Parviz said that currently Google Glass has a touch pad for the user control, but it is working to develop a system of voice commands and hand signals (via the movement dellla head), to provide input to the device in a simple and extremely rapid. Google also aims to achieve a longer lasting battery (which can withstand at least for a day, so you can use the glasses as a terminal device).

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The Google Glass, according to the spokesman denied, do not incorporate any kind of advertising. And contrary to what you might think, the priority of the project would not be the augmented reality.

This summer it had promised that the first development kit of these glasses would be made available from the new year and in the interview Parviz confirms the commitment they are putting into the project, to make the platform more robust (both hardware and software ), so you can send the first models to developers soon this year. As for the release date in stores, shoe instead by 2014.

The Google Glass are still very much “work in progress”, as many of the features of the device have not yet been fully defined. They do, however, carry a technology that could be the future, so follow with interest the development of this revolutionary project.

GOOGLE Multimedia Tablet

Google Nexus 10 finally launched in two versions

Google has introduced the new Nexus 10 made by Samsung despite the inclement weather that caused the cancellation of an event of magnitude, which, however, left many interesting news to share. Since the deal with LG with Android smartphone 4.2 in and now they expand a little diagonal, to discuss its new tablet.

Google Nexus 10

If Google had a very salable and 7-inch tablet, lacked only occupy the market of 10.1 inches. Indeed, the Nexus 10 is a device that enters that category with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, protected by a panel equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

Weighing just over 600 grams, comes with a dual-core microprocessor A15 Eagle, accompanied by a Mali T604 GPU, 2GB of RAM and internal storage of 16 or 32 GB, depending on model. Highlight the obvious presence of Android 4.2 JellyBean and a battery of 9000 mAh, which guarantees 90 hours of music, video or July 9, web navigation.

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Equipped with a front camera of 1.9 MP which records at 720p and a 5 MP rear goes up to 1080p, the Google Nexus 10 will have a price of $ 399 and $ 499 for the 16GB and 32GB versions respectively. The Nexus 10 will be available from Nov. 13 via the Google Play store in the UK, Australia, the U.S., France, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Japan.

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Grooveshark free music on demand application on Google Play

The application Grooveshark, a utility to free music via Internet, not end to find their niche in the market for applications of Android, Google Play. Their encounters with the operating policies have forced the removal of Grooveshark on two occasions. The latter was the same last week, just days after returning. A soap opera that are involved in the record, the intellectual property laws and one of the main platforms for smartphones.

Grooveshark free music on demand application on Google Play

Grooveshark is a very good option to listen to streaming music or through the Internet without having to make any payments, something similar to what it offers Spotify but without restrictions or monthly payments. And precisely the real problem of Grooveshark is its functionality to play the same song as many times as the user wants that goes against the copyright laws.

Therefore, Grooveshark has been immersed in legal battles with record companies and the consequent withdrawal of Google Play. Something that happened a little over a year. However, this time it was used to negotiate its redeployment in this market. So, early last week Grooveshark again be available for download, allowing all users of devices with Android OS and listen music stations, know the most popular tracks and heard and even create lists playback the user wants. No limits playback or time, and without having to pay a monthly fee.

But the joy lasted just for Android users. Five days after its restoration in the application market, Google has been forced to withdraw again. This time for its operation, for the same legal reasons discussed above, is against the policy of using Google Play. However, according to confirmed sources of the application it have taken steps to return the application to the official app market and from there to reach more users.

Funny how, despite these usage policies and the stubborn defense of intellectual property, there is still a large number of applications that not only allow you to search and play unlimited music, but also their unloading and handling. Applications that are still present, active and smooth too apparent to continue with Google Play. In contrast, Grooveshark is created for download, just to play music without limitations.

Although not available in the official market, the application Grooveshark is still available for download through the website of this service. You only have to make a choice Unknown sources menu Applications settings to terminal to perform installation. Yes, now it is a limited application that requires a monthly payment of 9 euros per month to use all its functions including anywhere Grooveshark, being possible only mode use radio completely free. Meanwhile, users who just want to install applications from a completely reliable and secure source will have to wait, not indefinitely to Google Play.

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Google patents a facial recognition system

In recent months you have seen how facial recognition system begun to replace the numeric keys when unlocking the screen of a smartphone. The facial recognition is already available for some time on Samsung phones like the Nexus and its flagship product: the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Google patents a facial recognition system

Apple also wants to get a similar patent. Currently there is no news that iOS 6.0 will integrate this option, so the apple company is falling behind in this area. But on the other hand, Google also wants to implement this technology in their devices, and this week it has obtained a patent this invention recognizes the seeker.

At the moment we do not know exactly which devices apply patents, but hopefully soon to Android.