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Wake up your kids with a voice message through the Memoo alarm clock

Getting up in the mornings is what costs the most of the day. Just as in your workday you have several meetings or a lot of paperwork, the hardest part of the day is getting off the sheets. The younger ones also have this problem, although for them the quickest excuse is a “I do not want to go to school”. If you can not get up with them to make sure they do not stay in bed, Memoo alarm clock awaken your children with the voice message that you send them.

The alarm clock that communicates with your children

The alarm function of your smartphone is one of the most useful. Not only reminds you of the time when you should cut the nap after seeing Napfllix , also raises you from the first morning. However, if your kids still use an alarm clock to tell them when the day starts, you can rely on a smart alarm clock if you are not old enough to use a smartphone.

Memoo alarm clock will help you wake up the little ones with your favorite music or a voice message.
Memoo alarm clock is the smart watch that plays your voice memos to wake your children . Its structure consists of a base where the display is located with the time on the front and a speaker with simple buttons on the sides to play or pass the next song of a linked Spotify or Dreezer account. At the top you will find an LED bulb that changes color and dims to become a perfect night lamp for those who do not want to sleep in the dark.

But one of the most eye-catching features is in the gadget’s elevation. It is a touch panel that recognizes different gestures to increase or reduce the luminosity of the lamp or the volume of the speakers. But the most interesting thing is that from an application that you must install on your smartphone Memoo alarm clock allows you to wake up your son with a voice note as does WhatsApp. Although it is better to call if something has happened, the child can also send you an audio answering so you know that he has gotten out of bed or when he has started to go to class.

Sleep in the best conditions

This smart alarm clock for children also hides other functions. It is able to measure the temperature and humidity of the room, notify the planning of the day by voice, and interpret voice commands. Memoo alarm clock is available from the website CWAY at a price that reaches 165 euros.

This model is intended for the small sleepers of the house, but if you are hit by the sheets in the morning we also propose similar solutions. Kello is ready to help you get the sleep you need and improve your quality of sleep, but Bonjour takes the cake with its built -in virtual assistant.

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Casio introduces the first Bluetooth Watches with LE 4.0


The Japanese company Casio, known for its calculators and wrist watches, today announced the first watches with Bluetooth LE (low energy) on board, a characteristic which makes it compatible with mobile phones Bluetooth 4.0 as the iPhone 4S.

Casio introduces the first Bluetooth Watches with LE 4.0

The G-Shock GB-6900 can synchronize current time and display paired phones for incoming calls names or numbers, emails and text messages on your screen. Users can also change the phone to vibrate mode without touching them.

LE Bluetooth consumes much less energy than regular Bluetooth with Casio indicating that a standard CR2032 battery lasts two years. The clock must be compatible with the iPhone 4S, as well as upcoming LTE phones Android NEC N-04D and PP N-01D.

The arrival of this watch has been delayed until mid-March due to floods in Thailand. Its price is about $ 231.

Android E-books Reader Gadgets for Kids

FUHU next to Toys R Us have a tablet for the kids

The developer of applications and Web 2.0 properties Fuhu has partnered with Toys R Us to offer a tablet designed specifically for children.

FUHU next to Toys R Us have a tablet for the kids
Under the name of Nabi and with a 7 inch screen, this device provides a user interface aimed at children to surf the Internet, watch movies and TV shows, view reading books, learn and play. And here the good, mothers can enter a password and use the device as a fully functional Android tablet.
The design Nabi portal includes pre-loaded with 30 applications for drawing and painting. It also comes with 30 e-books pre-loaded for children. For learning, the tablet has access to children Fooz University, a site with more than 22,000 standard mathematical skills that range from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. There are also up to 500 children oriented applications and smaller games that can be purchased at the online store App Store Nabi.
FUHU next to Toys R Us have a tablet for the kids
While the device is targeted at children it’s not a toy. Its screen delivers a resolution of 800 × 480, there is a modern ARM Cortex-A9 processor dual core at 533 MHz and SGX530 PowerVR graphics core integrated 3D games.
It also has Wi-Fi, integrated 4 GB storage and a 1.3 megapixel front camera that plays video in 1080p. Its battery provides a maximum time of 5 hours of continuous use.
The Nabi is now available at Toys R Us for pre-order for $ 199. The delivery device is scheduled for November 22.

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Kids Tablet Vinci available for pre-order

The 7-inch tablet Vinci for kids just appear in the list of products for pre-order on Amazon.

This new tablet for children is available in two versions that differ in the battery and the learning content preloaded.

Kids Tablet Vinci available for pre-order

The first model Vinci is priced at $ 389. Its battery allows for up to 3 hours. The high end model is priced at $ 479. The second model battery delivers up to 6 hours of use. There are also more learning content.

Kids Tablet Vinci available for pre-order

Tablet Vinci Both have a 7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and a 3 mega pixel back camera. It has a 1GHz processor and 512 MB Cortex A8 RAM.