Electronic Dictionary

Sharp Brain, pocket electronic dictionaries for Korean and Chinese languages

Sharp Japan has officially announced its series of Brain pocket electronic dictionaries. The Sharp Brain PW-AC30 provides input Chinese characters, tools that Sharp Brain PW-AC40 is aimed at the Korean script. The Sharp Brain PW-AC30 comes in color options black and white, while the Sharp Brain PW-AC40 is available only in white. Both pack a pocket dictionaries color touch screen 2.4 inch QVGA resolution (320×240), a physical QWERTY full keyboard and a 3.5mm audio jack. The devices come with a stylus for data entry. Both electronic dictionaries will go on sale in the Japanese market on July 15 at a...

Quictionary, dictionary, pencil scanner

So annoying not being able to find out what you put in some place for that little thing that is written in another language which, incidentally, do not speak. For all that has been forgotten in your pocket if one of these Quictionary. A small scanner housed inside a pen sort of screen that appears in the translation of the text (including single words, of course) have you intrigued. And there’s more. Until they found the stone of Rosetta and Champolion finally deciphered the riddle of hieroglyphics, some languages were totally impossible to translate. How easy it would have learned...

Electronic Dictionary Sharp RD-PM10

Although it is not customary for a company like Sharp (well known in the technology sector, by the way) to launch or introduce products such as electronic dictionaries, especially since we have seldom been told of any such release. But there’s always a first time, do not you think? Precisely for this reason, today we have been able to find out about the launch of the new Sharp RD-PM10, which comes in first place with an external appearance very nice and appropriate.