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DJI presents Mavic Air 2, now with 48 Megapixel sensor

The famous drone manufacturer DJI officially unveiled the new Mavic Air 2 , a light, foldable model with excellent technical characteristics. The drone weighs 570 grams (in flight order) and this makes it heavier than the model it replaces but the extra weight is certainly justified by the improved technical specifications and a more solid construction.

, the Mavic Air 2 is also equipped with APAS 3.0 (a sort of 3D mapping to also recognize obstacles in height) and a system called ADS-B

First of all, the autonomy is now 34 minutes thanks to the new engines, improved aerodynamics and better battery. Another novelty is certainly the 1/2″ sensor with 48 MP resolution and QuadBayer scheme that takes 12MP photos of great quality thanks to the pixel-binning technique but can also capture at 48MP in High resolution mode if the environment has a good brightness Although the photographic aspect is important, the main use is certainly the one related to the video world.

Here too important news: the maximum video resolution rises to 4K @ 60p with a bitrate of 120Mbps, but it is also possible to record in FullHD up to at 240 frames per second or create Hyperlapse in 8K format.


video resolution of Mavic Air 2  rises to 4K @ 60p with a bitrate of 120Mbps, but it is also possible to record in FullHD up to at 240 frames per second


There are many new intelligent modes such as HDR photo (take up to 7 photos with different exposure to automatically combine them) or Hyperlight mode (a sort of night mode that, like for smartphones, combines various photos with different shutter speeds and different ISO) and finally the automatic recognition of the scenes which is grateful to automatically adapt to the types of framing (sunset, snow, grass etc …) to optimize colors and details.

All automatic flight mode systems have also been updated, for example there is Active Track 3.0 (automatic tracking system), Point of Interest 3.0 and Spotlight 2.0 which allow you to perform complex shots in total autonomy. Improved drone safety with obstacle detection sensors on the front and rear, sensors and lights on the bottom for safe landings. In addition, the Mavic Air 2 is also equipped with APAS 3.0 (a sort of 3D mapping to also recognize obstacles in height) and a system called ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) which is able to detect if there are other drones nearby and then report them to the operator (well before you get to hear them).

As a last novelty we point out the presence of the OcuSync 2.0 system which gives the Mavic Air 2 a range of action of 10Km. The new Mavic Air 2 is already on sale on the DJI website starting from € 849 for the normal version or € 1049 for the Fly More Combo which includes an additional 6 propellers, two batteries, and a multiple charger. As soon as the first offers come out, we will publish them on our Telegram channel.

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Drone Review for beginners: Technical details of MJX Bugs 3 Pro

REVIEW Drone for beginners MJX Bugs 3 Pro
The Bug 3 Pro by MJX is a drone with a classic design perfect for beginners. The main reason is that the control is very simple. In addition, it has a camera that can be removed. For this price it has seemed a very interesting option for those who are willing to enter drone world.

Drone with  Bug 3 Pro camera from MJX

Technical details specifications of MJX Bugs 3 Pro
The package and the drone have arrived at the office without any damage. On the outside of the box, we can see some small images of the drone and some technical information. The upper part has a handle to facilitate the transport of cardboard. Inside, the contents are very safe thanks to a polystyrene foam coating .

After opening the box, we have found many accessories. There are a total of eight propellers (four as spare parts), four feet and 10 screws (including two spare ones), a USB charging cable and a charger and camera. The camera also has its own cable, stand and battery. All the tools necessary for assembly are also included. In this way, a screwdriver and a specialized tool are included to secure the feet and the propellers. For the remote control it includes a support for the smartphone.

Step one: place the important pieces. The feet are fixed with two screws each, which only took a few minutes. Unfortunately, this does not fit in the box, making it difficult to transport. To remove the supports, it is necessary to use the screwdriver. eye! Do not forget to keep the screws so you do not lose them.

It really is not that complicated to transport it, but this model does not have folding arms. This feature is usually present in much more expensive drones.

The camera support is simply placed on the bottom. A small switch keeps it in position.

The propellers are bolted and can be disassembled very easily . Thanks to the marks A and B the rotors can not be placed incorrectly. The tool provided is in fact superfluous, since the propellers can also be placed with the fingers.

The elaboration of the different parts is well done. The feet may fall at some point although this has an easy solution.

MJX Bugs 3 Pro Remote control

The remote control is quite large, but it is comfortable and fits well in the hand. The flight information (GPS, battery) is displayed on a narrow screen at the bottom. The included smartphone holder can be connected at the top. Unlike many other low-cost remotes, all buttons have symbols that indicate their function. This makes the use very simple even without reading the instructions. On the other hand, there are buttons that really do not have much use. A clear example is the top wheel. This is used to tilt the camera, although it is very rigid so it is not really used.

The first time it is turned on, the drone and the remote control must be connected through the two buttons. You also have to calibrate the drone’s compass before the first launch. For this, the Bugs 3 rotates several times around its own axis. In the instruction manual all these steps are described very clearly.

Remote control App for MJX Bugs 3 Pro

The application has all the features to which we are accustomed. Simply scan the QR code of the instruction manual and download the Bugs Go app. It is available for both iOS and Android. First, we must select the corresponding model (in our case, Bugs 3 Pro), as well as the English language in the icon on the top right.

The interface itself also offers a standard image that reminds us of many other similar apps. Flight information such as altitude, distance and battery status are shown at the top. On the left, you can select the RTH and the tracking option. Clicking on the right side, we can access the camera. You can access the settings through the gear icon located in the top center.

Camera of MJX Bugs 3 Pro

There are several versions of this drone: with 720p camera, 1080p or without camera. The 1080p version is somewhat more expensive, while there is virtually no difference between the 720p and the cameraless model. This already tells us that we should not have very high expectations. Actually, it is possible to put any action cam that we have in the support so it really is not necessary.

The support is perfectly adapted to the camera provided and is 6.1 cm wide and 4 cm high . Unfortunately, larger cameras can not be used. Keep in mind that the action cams of the 4K Yi series are 6.5 cm wide. In addition, the camera is charged with the drone and transmits the WiFi signal, so the app can only be used with this camera.

In our order we do opt for the camera version, so we can tell you a little more about it. The outside looks like an action cam any, but when you take it you can see it is much lighter. This model basically consists of a plastic housing and an image sensor. Next to the USB port there is an SD card slot . The photos are also stored without SD card directly in the mobile phone.

As expected, the quality of the camera is not good. The images come out very blurry. It shows that they have not invested in a stabilization system because the camera vibrates a lot when accelerating and braking. In addition, the vibrations of the motors are clearly visible in the form of horizontal bands in the video, which makes the image even worse. Here we give you an example:

The photos are taken with a resolution of 1280 x 720p (approximately 1 megapixel) and look even worse than the video.

Features of MJX Bugs 3 Pro

This model has all the normal GPS functions. Therefore, the Bugs 3 Pro maintains its position using the GPS and can also identify the turning points. When the battery level drops (or at the touch of a button), the drone returns to the starting point. The “point of interest” function, in which the device rotates around a point, can also be activated in this way (and not through the camera). Do not expect the accuracy of a DJI Mavic 2 or you will be disappointed.

Functions such as headless mode or 360 ° turns are not recommended for recording videos. As we have said before, the quality of these will be even worse. If you want to use them, you can leave the camera and fly without the supports. The flight characteristics are quite good although the ideal is that there is not much wind. The automatic return works slowly but surely. Considering the price, we have no complaints at this point.


The 2800 mAh battery is quite interesting. It is large enough and is supposed to provide a flight time of up to 22 minutes . Of course, these objectives are not really achieved, but the 20 minutes we can guarantee them. The only drawback is that the remote control emits a warning tone when the battery is low. The last minutes are always accompanied by an annoying beep.


The MJX Bugs 3 Pro is available since the fall of 2018 and is definitely a model designed for beginners. Without a gimbal it’s really hard to get stable videos. The 720p camera is below the average when it comes to quality. Probably the 1080p version is better. As a hobby and to learn to record with drones this model is more than enough. One of its strengths is the duration of the flight that is around 20 minutes. If you also choose the version with 3 batteries when ordering you will have a flight time. That said, for good video recordings, you definitely need another model like the DJI Spark, FIMI A3 or FIMI X8 SE.

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Bebop 2, the drone that is controlled from the mobile

Parrot has filed the drone Bebop 2, which is characterized by a new generation quadricopter that can be steered and controlled from a smartphone. A model that is especially designed for leisure time and has a built-in camera with fish eye lens. Its autonomy in the air is 25 minutes.

Bebop 2 characteristics

From a technical standpoint, it emphasizes integrated with fisheye camera that stabilizes digitally in a framework of three areas, which transmits live images and facilitates the pilot to change the angle of the camera 180 degrees. With it, you can record videos Full HD and extract images.

Parrot unveils the Bebop 2, a faster, longer-lasting drone

Bebop 2 has a camera vertical stabilization 14 megapixels for taking an image of the ground every 16 milliseconds, compared with the previous sensor and an ultrasound to analyze flight altitude up to 4.9 meters. It also has built a sensor of pressure to measure air pressure and altitude of the flight from the 4.9 meters, while the gyroscope measures the angle of the drone and the accelerometer of the linear velocity. It has also added a GNSS chipset for geolocalizarlo and help measure the speed.

The information gathered by the sensors is analyzed and put together by the integrated computer that includes a dual quad-core processor. The internal memory of Bebop 2 is of 8 GB .

Bebop 2 Operation

The operation of the drone is simple since only are precise WiFi and a smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi for all control which also can use the application FreeFlight3 , available for iOS and Android, to indicate the address or the landing.

The control can also be done with a traditional controller such as the Skycontroller Black Edition, which is RC type and is characterized by expanding the scope of the flight up to two kilometers.

Bebop 2 Design

This drone is compact and robust, and is also very stable. The chassis has been reinforced with glass fiber 20% and the legs are shockproof. Some peculiarities that does not prevent it light, because only weighs 500 grams .

Price and Availability of Bebop 2: The Parrot Bebop 2 can already buy this December in official outlets for 549 euros.

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Your own spy plane

The ingenuity of Aeryon has four propellers that allow you to maintain a certain flight gyroscope with its faithfully following your instructions we will send through a remote control with touch screen, including as to remain as still as possible when you want to see either the face who you're watching, thanks to a zoom camera that mounts on the bottom

The CIA has eyes on us.

Our movements are scrutinized by small unmanned flying machines that monitor our every move through their cameras and SIGEN us from above without being aware of it through their propellers.

But it’s not necessary to belong to a governmental organization to monitor from the air or splash out on expensive Predator drones if you put your hands on one of these mills Aeryon you can see in operation after the jump and you can handle with a touchscreen. And there’s more.

The ingenuity of Aeryon has four propellers that allow you to maintain a certain flight gyroscope with its faithfully following your instructions we will send through a remote control with touch screen, including as to remain as still as possible when you want to see either the face who you’re watching, thanks to a zoom camera that mounts on the bottom.

Flying at a speed of about 50 km / h and weighs only 1 kilo and let the end the bad part: you can not put missiles.

[vis: Aeryon ]