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Prevent Crashes, Your Future Car Will Chat With Other Vehicles

Cars can chat messages to increase traffic safety

The city of Ann Arbor, in the state of Michigan, has been the testing area (now completed with a cost of $ 25 million) for a communication system of government transportation department of USA which is based on the shipping of messages between vehicles with the ultimate goal of preventing accidents and more fluid circulation. Those messages at the rate of one every tenth second, other vehicles likely indicate its position and velocity. In the future, of course, the information you will be able to receive and process will be broader, with data on accidents, delays or works on your...

Mercedes GLA Concept been heading the Shanghai motor show and there will be a party that most interest you in the gadget

The Mercedes GLA Concept Projected On The Road GPS Instructions

If you thought that the LED lights are the most important in the lighting system of the car, with its advantages associated with consumption and design, notes because there are interesting proposals associated with the use of laser. Also interesting article: Rechargeable Cordless Car Mercedes GLA Concept been heading the Shanghai motor show and there will be a party that most interest you in the gadget: headlights. And it is that, putting laser projectors instead of LED lights is a new interesting and curious addition in the automobiles. Not only for illuminating also to project The innovative laser Mercedes GLA...

Smart technology applied to cars

Smart technology applied to cars

The vast majority of people in the world has a mobile phone and a high percentage of them use a smartphone, which cannot use while driving. That is why we are being drawn more and more cars that offer technology allowing users to use their devices while paying attention to traffic and the streets. Ideally these systems is to replicate directly display of your smartphone in the car, which, experts say, has to be touch and at least 6 inches. This would also seeking applications for gas stations, radars, streets, etc. can be seen from a distance. The exception to...

Samsung Virus Doctor low maintenance car air purifier

Samsung Virus Doctor: low maintenance car air purifier

Samsung has launched a portable air purifier for cars in South Korea. The Virus Doctor (as it is called) connects to the cigarette lighter and is small enough to fit in a cup holder. With this amazing device you can keep the air inside of the car free from bacteria, odors and airborne allergens. In addition, Samsung says that the product has been certified by the British Allergy Association and need very low maintenance compared to other generic products. The car air purifier, Virus Doctor is available in white and black for 119,000 won (104 dollars).

Waze, the social application for mobile phones in recent times expected

WAZE is a novel application of traffic and navigation for mobile that provides traffic conditions in real time thanks to content provided by the user community. It is a free application that is based on information transmitted on the road through nearby conductors reports. Its aim is to save time in travel and improve everyday driving. The social aspect of Waze is the most important element that differentiates this application from the rest because it gives drivers the power of working together to provide and receive information more relevant traffic available at any time. This new version includes a pioneer...

Telematics systems for cars

We are getting closer to having our cars the same technology we have in our homes or offices. Utilities that are available today are: telematics systems, the connection with multiple devices, services in the cloud, surf the internet with the same operating system of the car and remote access. Yet they are not in a massive way, depend on the model and brand, but surely in the future all cars bring them. Cars with operating system including This helps us to manage many functions within the vehicle. The most common are: