The best GoPro action cameras with 4K quality and advanced tech

GoPro action cameras are perfect devices for stunning video on the go, with 4K video quality and advanced technologies. Choose the best GoPro for you.

In 2002, a Californian company entered the market with the first action camera of the GoPro range, an incredible device ready to revolutionize the world and pave the way for the recording of breathtaking videos. In 18 years, the quality level reached by these devices is exceptional, with machines that allow you to make 4K movies in any type of condition, a combination that often brings GoPro to the world of extreme sports, where it is possible to shoot the most incredible stunts. Let’s see which are the best GoPro action cameras on the market, analyzing the entire line of products on the market with some useful information to understand which model to buy.

GoPro action cameras

Which GoPro to buy

To know which GoPro to choose you need to consider some main aspects, in order to find out which model is best suited to your needs. Of course, a predominant factor is the price , in fact the cheapest products can be purchased at a cost between 200 and 300 euros, not exactly an affordable figure for everyone, while on the contrary the top-of-the-range devices can go from 300 to over 500 euros. . In addition to the price, however, there are other features to evaluate, to identify the right GoPro according to your needs.

Video and photo resolution

A fundamental aspect in choosing the best action camera is undoubtedly the video quality , however each GoPro model starts from a minimum standard of Full HD resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels. The high-end devices, on the other hand, arrive without problems at the 4K Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 pixel definition, with the most exclusive machines reaching a maximum value of 5.6K, such as the beautiful GoPro Max. photo sensor quality, with definitions ranging from 8 to 12 MP, with advanced features on the top models that allow you to optimize your shots with dedicated editing.

Waterproof and audio quality

GoPro are waterproof digital cameras , capable of supporting diving up to 10 meters deep, an aspect shared by all the American brand’s action camera models. They also have a sturdy and resistant coating , so you don’t have to worry too much about dust or splashes, however to increase the protection of the device just buy a specific case to increase its underwater performance. As for the audio quality GoPro guarantees a really good stereo sound, with some models equipped with ambient noise reduction, a greater number of microphones and special filters to eliminate wind interference in recordings.

Display and interface

The best GoPro all have a 2-inch touchscreen LCD display , with a simple and intuitive interface completely in Italian for maximum accessibility. This feature is now a standard, while on models produced before 2016 there may not be a screen as it was not customary to integrate it. Several applications are available for video editing and camera management, among which the main ones are GoPro App and GoPro Quick , the latter proposed both as an app for mobile devices and in the version for desktop PC.


Among the most appreciated features of the GoPro is the excellent connectivity of these digital cameras, in fact all the latest generation models have GPS for geolocation, Bluetooth for quick synchronization with compatible devices and the Wi-Fi module for connecting to wireless connections. This allows you to control the camera remotely in a simple and accurate way, to check the registration status and download all the data to an external device immediately, or to share on social networks for your own stunts or the funniest photos of the last holidays.

Autonomy and battery

Before buying a GoPro it is important to check the autonomy , taking a look at two fundamental aspects, the battery capacity in milliamps and the possibility of extracting it or not. The more advanced models are compatible with fast charging , a mode that allows you to restore autonomy in a few minutes, with a connection via USB-C cable for the use of the power bank or through a normal microUSB cable. However, it is preferable to always have a portable charger with you to avoid running out of charge during recordings.

GoPro Hero7 White

Among the best economic action cameras in the GoPro range is the Hero7 White , an entry level suitable even for those who have never used such a digital camera. The device is capable of recording videos in Full HD quality at 1440p , is equipped with a 10MP photo sensor and has a 2-inch LCD screen. This dynamic camera is precise and waterproof, you can choose the vertical orientation for photos to post on social media, with immersive audio and two integrated microphones, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in Wi-Fi module, with advanced electronic stabilization and tactile zoom. Buy GoPro on Amazon.

GoPro Hero7 Silver

The GoPro Hero7 Silver is an action camera suitable for those looking for a simple machine to use, but without sacrificing the unique performance of this device. Inside there is a new revamped interface, with advanced electronic stabilization and 4K resolution at 30 fps, with integrated GPS module and wide dynamic range for photos on the go. Obviously the GoPro Hero7 Silver is waterproof ( it’s available on Amazon ), also supports diving to a depth of 10 meters, has the timer for photos, touch zoom and a 2-inch LCD screen, with QuickCapture system, SuperView and an included 128GB SanDisk card.

Camera Smartphone

Xiaomi shows its smartphone with a front camera below the display

In recent years, smartphone companies have begun to think of more solutions that would allow them to build all-screen devices . Thus, the bezels have become thinner and thinner, while more and more notches are replaced by tiny holes. The selfie camera , however, continued to be a major problem with this project, what – somehow – had to disappear from the screen.

A few hours ago Xiaomi also presented its solution for the under-screen camera.

So we moved on to the pop-up camera , which pops out from the top edge of the smartphone when you need it; while we will soon see the launch of the world ‘s first smartphone with an under-screen camera . In very simple terms, the front camera is hidden under the screen and will only appear when needed.

Xiaomi shows its smartphone with a front camera below the display

A few hours ago Xiaomi also presented its solution for the under-screen camera . In a post on his blog, Xiaomi explains that with its technology the company has “significantly improved the quality of the full screen through a proprietary pixel arrangement and the optimization of the camera algorithm, allowing to achieve the same performance as the cameras. conventional “.

A few hours ago Xiaomi also presented its solution for the under-screen camera.
A few hours ago Xiaomi also presented its solution for the under-screen camera.

The new pixel arrangement used in Xiaomi’s latest solution allows the screen to filter light through the space between the sub-pixels, allowing each individual pixel to maintain a full RGB sub-pixel layout without sacrificing pixel density.

Compared to other solutions on the market, Xiaomi has doubled the number of horizontal and vertical pixels, obtaining the same pixel density across the entire panel. Therefore, the area that the camera covers shows the same brightness, color gamut and color accuracy as the rest of the display. All this, in combination with the proprietary optimization algorithm, allows the new camera under the display to offer a completely innovative photographic experience.

Camera Curious Gadgets IoT products

Reolink C2 Pro, a smart way to monitor your home [Analysis]

We remain focused on the analysis of IoT products or designed to make life easier in the home, demotic, surveillance and security are very interesting sections that are exploiting much more than ever thanks to the growth of virtual assistants at prices of demolished like those of Amazon and Google.

On this occasion we will analyze a product from a firm that we have already had before, we are talking about the Reolink C2 Pro, a very versatile and cheap surveillance camera. Therefore, we invite you to stay with us because we are going to show you this latest Reolink camera with great detail.

As on previous occasions, we will discover the main details of this product, firstly through the materials and design, to later know its technical specifications and of course, tell you what our impressions have been after using this Reolink C2 Pro camera . However, if you plan to go directly to the action, you can buy it directly at the best price on THIS Amazon LINK. Without further delay we invite you to take a seat, we start with the analysis of this fully articulated and highly versatile surveillance camera.

Reolink usually offers its products in a compact package that includes what is necessary

Materials and design: Minimalism and versatility

On this occasion Reolink returns to bet on dressing your camera with a white plastic that tries to go unnoticed in almost any circumstance. We have a bottom base of spherical shape in which we have the logo of the signature on the front, while we find on one side the hole to perform the “reset” to the camera in case we find a problem of operation. In the back we also have some add-ons, an Ethernet input, the microUSB port for charging and the slot for microSD cards that will allow us to store the recordings depending on what we assign in the application.

Dimensions: 10.3 x 9.5 x 11.7 cm
Weight: 299 grams

We have in this rear area the two WiFi connection antennas that crown the device in a general way. Finally we have in the upper part the camera, rather the sensor, arranged in an arc that will allow the camera to go from bottom to top and allowing us to handle the vertical angle. In the same way the base has a metallic ring of silver color that is what differentiates the mobile from the fixed area, since we will remember that this camera also has the possibility of rotating horizontally to provide us with greater visibility.

Unboxing and package content

As always, Reolink usually offers its products in a compact package that includes what is necessary. We have a rectangular black box that just open it will give us access to the small envelope containing both the instructions and a sticker that will allow us to report that we are recording. The next thing we have is a box where we find the plug with international adapters, along with a cable of approximately 1.8 meters in length.

Reolink returns to bet on dressing your camera with a white plastic that tries to go unnoticed in almost any circumstance

We have in the lower part the camera properly protected and with a small plastic protector in the area of ??the sensor to preserve its integrity. We do not have much more to emphasize, a correct packaging and in which we find everything necessary to work. It is important to mention the detail that comes with a support that will allow us to put the camera on any wall in a stable way thanks to the two screws included and that seems to me a determining factor when placing it, however, the wiring is perhaps the aspect that will limit us.

Technical characteristics

The technical section is equally relevant and we know what you are most interested in knowing. We have night vision in a 5 MP sensor capable of recording at 2560 x 1920 resolution that we can modify. To improve the recording has 8 infrared LEDs to improve the performance of night vision. With all this we have 355º of horizontal vision and 105º of vertical vision together with an optical zoom of 3 increases. To connect we have the possibility to use the dual band WiFi, that is to say, it connects so much in networks of 2.4 GHz as in the increasingly popular 5 GHz thanks to its antennas with MIMO 2T2R connectivity. Finally, mention the possibility of using its two speakers located on the sides, which will provide bidirectional audio broadcasting .

As for recording and playback , all video recordings activated by the motion detection system are saved on the microSD card (up to 64 GB) and the alerts issued by the camera can be reproduced at any time and place, provided that the camera is connected via WiFi. Remember that we have the possibility to configure any NAS or server so that these recordings are stored.

Configuration and usage experience

As always, the configuration of the camera is quick and painless, we only have to download the Reolink application ( iOS ) ( Android ), click on the “+” button and choose the Reolink C2 Pro camera when we appear on the screen, but it is It is important to note that first we have to connect the camera by Ethernet cable, so that the procedure is automatic. Then we focus the QR code of the application in front of the camera and start walking.

Once connected the controls are basic, we can use a virtual joystick to move the camera to pleasure, as well as manage alerts, save the videos stored in the camera and even zoom and select specific areas of activation of the camera. As with other Reolink products, the management of the application is simple, as it allows us to program the camera to work in specific areas of each day.


The design and construction materials
The possibilities of the application and its easy use
The features offered with the adjusted price


It could be a little more compact
We found some delay in the handling

What I liked most about this camera is precisely the possibility of moving it and the good image quality provided by the sensor. However, it also has some other negative point , an example is that even taking into account the possibility of moving it horizontally and vertically, it is even relatively large. The camera costs 113.99 euros on Amazon.


10 best and cheaper sports cameras

Are you already thinking about your Easter or summer holidays? If you are one of those who have been wanting your best moments on the bike, motorcycle, surfing, kite or diving, or simply because you are looking for some pictures of your off days different from the usual ones, We have compiled a list of the 10 best cheap sports cameras you can find on Amazon.

And, although it was the American brand that led the movement of this type of cameras designed to play sports, you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a camera that records well and with maximum quality the moments of action you want to keep for posterity Although there are many with these characteristics on the platform, we have separated the grain from the straw and here you have the most valued by the best ‘judges’: their own buyers.

sports cameras

1. Victure 1080P

It is one of the most recommended by its legion of enthusiastic buyers. And it is that this Victure connects with the Wifi, records in Full HD and can operate directly from the app you have on your mobile and thus, view, download and share files more easily. Its LCD screen is two inches and the housing is submersible under water up to 30 meters. Its specifications, its two 1050mAh batteries and its more than 22 accessories have made it a favorite of users. It has earned 4.6 stars out of five possible and has 220 customer opinions. Of these, only 11 are not so positive. If you decide on this it is important that you know that it does not come with a built-in memory card.

2. Crossout 4K 16MP

This Crossout brand has Ultra HD 4K resolution and gets to take pictures of 16MP. You can also choose between 1080P or 720P. One of the novelties is that you can take photos and record videos with your remote control option. It comes with two batteries , it has a built-in WiFi connection and it has a self-timer and a waterproof case that allows it to be submerged up to 30 meters. It has a score of 4.5 out of five stars and nothing less than 189 reviews.

3. Ninecube 4K Ultra HD

This model is quite similar to the previous one, although a little higher in price. Submersible up to 30 meters thanks to its protective case, it records professional 4K videos and takes 12MP photos. It has a wireless remote control and can be controlled by an application that you can install. It has 84 reviews and has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Several buyers agree that it is a good camera “in relation quality-price”.

4. Campark X20

It is another of the cheapest sports cameras recommended by users, which have left nothing less than 404 opinions . The resolution of the video is 4K, it has integrated WiFi, a touch screen and a casing that can also be submerged up to 30 meters, like all previous ones. Something sportsmen will appreciate is their electronic image stabilizer and driving mode. Another point in its favor is the adjustable lens angle with three different modes: wide, medium or narrow. It has 4.3 stars and on its hundreds of reviews , in general, its characteristics and quality are praised.

5. Campark X30

The older sister of the Campark X30 is capable of submerging up to 40 meters . Account now, in addition, with an interesting discount of more than 40% . It takes real 4K images at 60 fps and the images can be saved as cinema. It has WiFi connection and has an anti-vibration mode and a wide angle to obtain a wider field of view. In this case, both the housing and the two batteries are included as well as a charger. Something very positive about this camera is that it has a five-star rating , the maximum that products can obtain on this platform. This camera does not have as many reviews as the previous ones but most of them insist that it is better than they expected.

6. Apeman 4K

This model, in addition to having a very tight price, also has a rating of 4.8 out of five. Maybe it has to do with your videos in 4K and your photos with 16MP, your loop recording, time lapse, burst photo or remote control on your wrist. Like its list mates it has built-in WiFi and HDMI output. You can enjoy all water sports as its shell is waterproof up to 30 meters deep. An advantage of the Apeman is that its accessories are compatible for almost all sports cameras. Do not be afraid to run out of battery power because it is equipped with two so you can record up to 180 minutes in total. Amazon Reviews summarizes his experience like this: “After almost a month of use I have decided to share my opinion: Sincerely of all the cameras that I have bought this can be the most complete and economic of all”. For these and some other reason, says that it is “100% recommended.” One of the drawbacks that some users put is the sound, which they only define as “correct”.

7. Chortau 2019

We present to you one of the best rated and most recommended Amazon. This sports camera, with WiFi connection, has a great advantage: it is based on the Sony sensor , which ensures a high quality of 4K video image. The photos have a resolution of 20 MP, which allows to capture rather precise details of the scenes. Includes remote control for remote control (on wrist), two rechargeable batteries, waterproof case for immersion up to 30 meters and a set of accessories, including microphone , which allows it to be mounted on the helmet, bicycle or motorcycle, among other places . It has a rating of 4.5 out of five stars and 68 buyers have left their review.

8. Campark ACT74

This model of Campark has a Sony sensor and allows recording videos to 4K Ultra HD and capture images at 16 MP. It has a wide viewing angle of 170º. We can connect the camera to the phone through WiFi and transfer videos and images with an application. It is also underwater thanks to its special shell.

Record in lapse of time and have a 4X zoom. As a detail it is important that you know that the charger is not included and neither the Micro SD card. Its rating is 4.3 stars but what is more surprising is that it has more than 1,500 comments , an amount well above the average. Most of the positive define it as a camera with good “value for money”. Camera with enough quality. Very light, something that facilitates the use and transport and with enough accessories.

The minority are of negative comments, and in some of them they criticize, for example, that they do not record in 4K quality. One of the buyers , for example, wants to make clear that “for 40 and a few euros, the clique has a pass, but we must bear in mind that we are talking about a camera of € 40 and the quality it gives is that of a camera. digital from 10 years ago “.

9. SJCAM SJ6 Legend

This camera goes up a little more than the previous price of the list, but we must bear in mind that it has earned 4.4 stars. In addition, although it only has 20 ratings, only one is negative, something that must be taken into account. If we talk about its specifications, it supports 4K high definition video, 16MP photos and water resistant up to 30 meters. It has motion detection, WiFi and, of course, also remote control. Its screen is a two-inch touch screen. Although it depends on the sport you practice while recording, your kit contains a large number of accessories. One of its great strengths is the white balance it makes depending on the lighting conditions of the scene.

10. Vemont

Unlike their listing partners, the cheapest of the selected ones have HD quality and not 4K . Still supports 12 MP photos, has a 170 degree wide angle and has HDMI HD output. This only comes equipped with a battery that ensures 80 minutes of recording. Another of its strengths are the complements with which it is accompanied and, of course, that it is resistant to water like the rest of the previous ones. In this case, you can choose between several and fun colors. Its buyers have awarded 4.2 stars and already a large number of comments (more than 100). In general, they talk about good value for money . This is the case of Naty, that in his opinion “has an acceptable quality and includes enough accessories to be able to mount it for example on the bike. Resistant to water and can be connected with the mobile”. There are 20 other people who do not think so well about the result of the camera and in some cases criticize the low quality of image and sound. Despite this, they say they did not expect more for this price.

Our recommendations are based on the average rating of the buyers on Amazon, the reviews of the users themselves and detailed comparisons of the characteristics of the same that we have consulted through different means. Some opinions included in this list may have been edited in order to improve their readability and comprehension.

Camera Security System

Gateway and security camera all in one: Xiaomi security camera that also controls home gadgets

Xiaomi announces a security camera that also controls home gadgets
There are product ranges in which Xiaomi already has more than a dozen of them in the market. Some of them are headphones or mobile phones, but security cameras are another of Xiaomi’s specialties. The last one that they have launched to the market not only can be placed easily on any metallic surface, but also serves as a gateway to control all the smart devices of the home.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Camera G2

This camera, the Aqara Smart Camera G2 (Gateway Edition) has a magnetic base , thanks to which we can place it on any metal surface, like the door of a refrigerator. In addition, it includes a metal plate with 3M sticker to be able to place it in any position that we want.

In terms of image quality, we find a Full HD 1080p resolution thanks to its 2 MP sensor , which also has night vision thanks to eight infrared lights of 940 nm with a range of up to 8 meters away. It has a viewing angle of 140 degrees, compensating for the fact that it can not be rotated.

Another of the most interesting peculiarities of this camera is that it has ZigBee 3.0 connectivity to make Gateway with all the smart gadgets of Xiaomi home, such as temperature sensors. As regards WiFi, it is only compatible with the 2.4 GHz band. It is possible to store the recorded images in the SD, in the cloud, or in the NAS. It has intelligent alarm mode to avoid false positives.

It also supports Mijia to create intelligent scenes

Xiaomi announces a security camera that also controls home gadgets
The camera has compatibility with Mijia, which implies that it is compatible with voice control and with the integration of the Xiaomi AI to create intelligent scenes and other functions. For example, we can see the camera in real time on the mobile through the app or play videos. In the application you can also send short videos of up to 15 seconds to the family by pressing the button of the camera itself for three seconds.

Its price is 249 RMB, about 33 euros to change, and will be on sale next March 26. While it is not the cheapest camera of Xiaomi, it is one of the smartest that have been released to the market. The only one sold officially in Spain is the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 for 39.99 euros , which is also rotatable 360, along with a 1080p version compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Accessories Camera

Logitech BRIO: The best webcam in the market to date

Logitech has announced the launch of BRIO, its most advanced webcam to date. Designed for environments professional users who work from home and use a lot of video , streamers and youtubers.  Logitech BRIO provides a handful of frontline technologies, such as RightLight 3 HDR, quality 4K video , optical 5x zoom or Compatibility with Windows Hello and other security applications based on facial recognition.

Okay, it’s a webcam. But a pretty advanced webcam, seeing its features. We have already commented that it is capable of recording video in 4K resolution and Ultra HD, although it is true that at 30 FPS, although this is more than enough for video conferences or to stream. Logically for lower resolutions you can record video to more FPS, like Full HD to 60 FPS without going further. It is also compatible with HDR (high dynamic range) that improves the image in poor ambient light conditions, has 5x zoom, auto focus and a rather interesting aspect is that it allows the user to select the angle of vision in which he wants to capture the Image between 65, 78 and 90 degrees.

Logitech BRIO is designed for environments professional users who work from home and use a lot of video , streamers and youtubers

Scott Wharton, CEO of Logitech’s video division has made the following statement regarding the launch of BRIO:

“Logitech has more than 20 years providing leading webcams in the market. With BRIO, our goal was to create a sleek webcam that anyone with a high interest in high quality videos could ever need. This webcam takes the technology to a whole new level with a completely new user experience whether to do video conferencing on the job or to stream live an event as well as simply record with professional 4K resolution.”

It should be noted that Logitech BRIO has obtained the certification of Microsoft for use in Skype for Business as well as for its operation in Windows Hello, which allows to elaborate security measures through facial recognition through the webcam, and that allows, for example, Log on to the PC simply by sitting in front of the webcam, without having to enter the password.

The Logitech BRIO is now available on the manufacturer’s website for a price of 249 euros, and will soon reach the brand’s usual network of resellers such as Amazon (where it is already available at the same price) and a variety of online stores.

3D Gadgets Accessories Camera LG

How To Use LG’s G5 And The LG CAM Plus Camera Module

Among the most innovative smartphones that have presented this year you can find LG G5 with its concept of modules or the ability to add accessories to the phone that allow extra functionality. In recent years, the various manufacturers of smartphones have worked a lot on the camera department going to greatly improve the quality of photos and videos even allowing us to replace a simple compact camera for non professional photos.

LG Cam Plus Release Date, Price and Specs

The LG G5 solution to expand the camera functions is the module LG CAM Plus we will see to follow along with the potential of the camera.

Starting with the LG G5 camera can we know that the manufacturer has implemented a dual camera with wide-angle optical 135 degree and the ability to add LG Cam Plus for immediate controls, better grips and a built-in battery so you always have just the most beautiful.

Thanks to the wide angle of 135 degrees implemented by LG will be able to get the best shots without having to give up some details of the landscape that we are immortalizing and that would not be taken up by other sensors.

Among the features implemented we can find:

Picture pop-out allows to frame our photos going to isolate the main subject. It will also be possible to take a picture with both cameras so that you can get a unique which in turn can be framed with fisheye effects, black and white, vignetting or gradient.

LG G5's camera grip offers ease and comfort while you snap pics (hands-on)
With the function Autoshot you can make the perfect selfie no where to touch anything. Thanks to the function of face recognition, as soon as the sensor identify a face posing start on selfies.

There are 9 different filters thanks to the function Film Effect that can be applied before the shot so you can preview the result.

The camera software has also implemented an automated system dedicated to less experienced photographers, while for those more experienced there will be the possibility to manually adjust the various aspects such as ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and manual adjustment of focus lock and exposure.

LG CAM Plus: turn your smartphone into a camera and longer battery life

Arriving finally at the LG CAM Plus module is what allows us to have as advantages:

Once you hooked you will have additional physical controls to control the ‘ power, shooting, recording videos, and zoom.

LED indicator to check the status of LG CAM Plus

1200 mAh additional battery to get a lot of shots and superior video.

Camera Curious Gadgets DRONE Hi-Tech Gadgets

Bebop 2, the drone that is controlled from the mobile

Parrot has filed the drone Bebop 2, which is characterized by a new generation quadricopter that can be steered and controlled from a smartphone. A model that is especially designed for leisure time and has a built-in camera with fish eye lens. Its autonomy in the air is 25 minutes.

Bebop 2 characteristics

From a technical standpoint, it emphasizes integrated with fisheye camera that stabilizes digitally in a framework of three areas, which transmits live images and facilitates the pilot to change the angle of the camera 180 degrees. With it, you can record videos Full HD and extract images.

Parrot unveils the Bebop 2, a faster, longer-lasting drone

Bebop 2 has a camera vertical stabilization 14 megapixels for taking an image of the ground every 16 milliseconds, compared with the previous sensor and an ultrasound to analyze flight altitude up to 4.9 meters. It also has built a sensor of pressure to measure air pressure and altitude of the flight from the 4.9 meters, while the gyroscope measures the angle of the drone and the accelerometer of the linear velocity. It has also added a GNSS chipset for geolocalizarlo and help measure the speed.

The information gathered by the sensors is analyzed and put together by the integrated computer that includes a dual quad-core processor. The internal memory of Bebop 2 is of 8 GB .

Bebop 2 Operation

The operation of the drone is simple since only are precise WiFi and a smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi for all control which also can use the application FreeFlight3 , available for iOS and Android, to indicate the address or the landing.

The control can also be done with a traditional controller such as the Skycontroller Black Edition, which is RC type and is characterized by expanding the scope of the flight up to two kilometers.

Bebop 2 Design

This drone is compact and robust, and is also very stable. The chassis has been reinforced with glass fiber 20% and the legs are shockproof. Some peculiarities that does not prevent it light, because only weighs 500 grams .

Price and Availability of Bebop 2: The Parrot Bebop 2 can already buy this December in official outlets for 549 euros.

Camera Curious Gadgets

Oppo Find 7: the only phone that takes pictures at 50 MP

The official presentation was in China. That was launched this Smartphone which has a 13 megapixel camera. But its picture quality reaches 50 mp thanks to Pure Imagine 2.0. Through this software technology, which employs the Super Zoom mode, you can add ten successive images at high speed. Then select the top 4 to combine in order to obtain a single photo and complete the novel figure.

That level of detail that achieves the Oppo Find 7 is not the only thing to stand out

That level of detail that achieves the Oppo Find 7 is not the only thing to stand out. It has the ability to shoot in ultra high definition (4K) at 30 frames per second. Warp does 100 fps. Also, bring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz 801, 3G RAM, 32 GB memory and a battery of 3000 mAh. The operating system is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, although he added his particular Oppo software: Color OS 1.2.

In another vein, has a qHD screen that is 5.5 inches (2560 x 1440 px). Reached at 538 pixels per inch. This surpasses other devices like the Samsung Galaxy 5 (432 ppi). The cost of this premium product will be around $ 599. Is expected to be commercially available in May or June. In contrast, the standard model Find the 7th start selling in mid-April for the web and will cost $ 499.


Liquid Image presents Ego the most compact camera market share

The company designer and manufacturer of action cameras Liquid Image has produced Ego, the new camera for adventurers smaller current market with several features that are very interesting: it has the ability to record in HD, with integrated WiFi, among other us to go over.

Thanks to its small size of 4.1 x 3.1 x 6.4 inches, we can always be ready to record and store the videos you want in places where extreme conditions.

The action cameras are ideal for those looking to record their adventures, whether at sea, in the mountains, or anywhere else. In the market there are a variety of these cameras, some more advantageous than other aspects.

Today we present the camera from Liquid Image Ego. This camera has something very interesting, which is its size, becoming the most compact. That regardless, to give an example, your connection to communicate with other wireless devices such as mobile devices or tablets both Android and iOS platforms through free applications that can be found in their respective online stores.

new Liquid Image Ego features a 12 megapixel sensor capable of recording at a resolution of 1080p

This will greatly help us to control the functions of the camera of a remotely like altering white balance, exposure and digital zoom. To complete point of connectivity, the Ego outputs includes micro HDMI and micro USB 2.0 to connect the camera to a computer or a television. It also has a slot for micro SDHC with a capacity of up to 32GB to expand in this way are there in 256MB internal memory.

Liquid Image Ego Camera incorporates a sticky back

Regarding optics, new Liquid Image Ego features a 12 megapixel sensor capable of recording at a resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second, even if we are looking for a smoother image can always choose to record in 720p at 60 frames per second.

The viewing angle is another highlight, it’s 135 degrees allows you to record the action in full detail in relation to other cameras that have larger angles in which items are displayed far. Autonomy is perhaps its most negative point because it can be used just 2 uninterrupted hours of HD recording.

to Liquid Image Ego communicate with other wireless devices such as mobile devices or tablets both Android and iOS

It is noteworthy that the Liquid Image Ego Camera incorporates a sticky back, the camera is available in five color models black, white, red, blue and yellow and has various accessories to suit particular situations. The Ego is available in stores at prices ranging from 179 euros.