You will not be able to live without this unknown Adobe application

Everything related to the world of software focused on the multimedia sector does not stop growing. The reason for all this is given both by the programs that we have at our disposal, as well as the hardware equipment available at the moment. Good proof of all this is found in the software giant Adobe, which offers us all kinds of solutions, most of them focused on this type of work.

we will have features related to multitrack work, wave treatment or spectral visualization

Here we refer to a signature especially known by certain programs used throughout the world such as Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Dreamwaver or Illustrator. However, it must be borne in mind that this is a company that has many more titles available to us depending on our needs. Many of you will know that the ones mentioned above help us to edit photos, videos, or design websites.

At the same time, it must be taken into account that Adobe offers us solutions for other areas of the multimedia sector that are somewhat more unknown. The program that we will talk about below serves as a clear example of all this and that will surely surprise more than one of you. And it is that as it happens with everything related to the image or the videos, the edition of audio files is also the order of the day. We use these sound files independently as part of larger projects.

Be that as it may, on many occasions we are going to sit in the one that offers us everything we need. Perhaps many of you do not know it, but Adobe also offers us a solution of this type focused on working with sound files.

Quickly edit audio files with Adobe Audition

To give you a more exact idea of ??everything we are discussing, in these lines we are going to mention a software that you will love called Adobe Audition . The first thing we should know about this software solution is that it is suitable for both new users in these areas and those seeking professional results. In this way, it puts at our disposal all kinds of functions and ways of working to achieve what we are looking for from our original music files.

Likewise, we will have features related to multitrack work, wave treatment or spectral visualization . Thanks to all the comments we will have the possibility to create our own compositions , mix them, edit them or convert them to suit our needs. It is also interesting to know that the projects that we carry out here can also be integrated into others related to the world of video.

Likewise, and how could it be otherwise, here we are going to find audio file cleaning functions , tools for creating podcasts and a multitude of digital effects . As with other programs of the firm, the results that we will obtain will be directly related to how much we want to deepen the application. This means that to obtain professional results we will have to delve into everything that Adobe Audition offers us .

In the event that we work regularly with other software solutions from the same company, this can be complemented with some of them. Serve as a clear example of all this that we can carry out projects jointly and in sync between Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro .

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For your own good, do not buy these headphones

Our work allows us to try a virtually unlimited number of gadgets, and in particular of products compatible with iPhone. When I agreed to try these Lightning headphones, especially since I had not yet received the AirPods and I was hoping to find something to replace the dignity Lightning EarPods that I found in the box of my iPhone 7 Plus I was contacted by the press office. Needless to say, that expectations have been largely disregarded. But I want to tell what happened in this review.

I received these headphones before Christmas (just think, ‘I’ve been thinking … well there before writing this article) and I tried them virtually the only two occasions for a total of no more than 2 minutes of listening. The reason? I’ll tell you soon.

Best Lightning headphones 2017 Phones for iPhones

The headphones are presented with a rather unique design. There is a Lightning connector that becomes then a 3.5mm jack and fits into an in-line buttons for volume, play / pause button and even a button to “enhance bass.” Besides this, on the remote stands, fierce, the ” Hi-Res Audio “: According to the description on Amazon, ” the headset adopts Hi-Res technology to high resolution audio. It provides a transmission of low audio signal to 24-bit 48kHz loss, using higher sampling rates than the standard used in conventional CD. “Wow, so cool!

Comfortable they are!

The pads are designed to be sufficiently insulating and to prevent the movement of headphones. Then I discover the presence of a second in-line, this place in the traditional position. From here, however, we can only pause and resume playback, as well as call up Siri. In any case, decidedly more comfortable this from the other remote that is so close to the phone from push to manage playback directly by the latter.

Again according to the product description, the headphones are compatible with any iOS device with Apple Lightning connector. Too bad the reality is different in this case. First I tested on a iPad Pro and an iPhone 7 Plus: the result was that “low” was not working. Both devices have instead worked when I connected the headset of iPhone 5c.

The product description then speaks of “advanced sound insulation technology“: do not be fooled, there is none of that. Headphones isolate, why I even said I, but just as it is conceived to isolate the rubber and because of its nature in-ear. There are no other special “technology” for the reduction of the noises.

Before talking about the sound quality (I leave it as a last but not least) it remains to clarify the operation of the “Bass Boost button”. At first glance it might seem one of the few points in favor of these headphones, but with a comparative listening we understand that actually activating the bass enhancement is not going to help but recall those low that, in theory, should already be played and they are instead cut if you do not use this feature. No real advantage, so, considering that if you want to get a better listening bodied always active you keep this function.

regular headphones - only they plug into a Lightning port instead of a 3.5mm socket

Ok, I can not escape.

We talk about the audio quality. I told you, I don not more than 10 seconds the first time and, with some effort, for a little less than two minutes the second time. I sincerely enough and advanced. To cover the cost of the product sound quality is really embarrassing. Poor call it would not make enough of the idea. For heaven’s sake, your music still able to recognize them, but equalization is very flat, the distribution is poor and the audio resolution is very low. Many frequencies will be completely wiped out and some sounds that you are used to identify even small caps will definitely not play.

Do you see why I’ve already recommended in the broad title of partridge? And I have not told you everything yet. These headphones costing € 69.99 (yes, sixty-nine and ninety-nine euro!). Needless to tell you: you do not work hard to find the best of these headphones. I would say that the solution you have already on hand and at no cost: the EarPods you found in the packaging of your iPhone sound better, are prettier. Continue to use them and forget this new one.

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Jabra unveils new Bluetooth headset Talk 2

Jabra, one of the most appreciated companies in the field of audio accessories for smartphones, today introduced the new Bluetooth headset Jabra Talk 2.

The mono headset Jabra Talk 2 was developed using the technologies of the R & D department of the company into solutions specifically optimized for mobile calls. Every call made or received by Jabra Talk 2 spreads through in HD high quality, with clear sound and uninterrupted operation even in noisy and crowded places.

jabra unveils bluetooth headset

The headset also benefits from a microphone with noise reduction technology, which cancels background interference. This improves the clarity of calls and ensures that the person with whom we dialogue hear only the voice of the other party. Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

Jabra Talk 2 uses bearing in ear gels available in two different sizes, thus offering good comfort in any circumstance. The battery provides 9 hours of use and up to 9 days in standby mode. In addition, the smart option for voice guidance allows you to alert you when it’s time to recharge.

Jabra Talk 2 is easy to use thanks to the control ON / OFF slider, a separate LED for battery informs of when you need to recharge the battery and a Bluetooth LED that confirms the connection. Additionally, the receiver automatically adjusts the volume to adapt to the surrounding environment and allows you to stream media wirelessly.

The Jabra Multiuse technology Talk 2 also allows you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. When one of these sounds, the Jabra Talk 2 will automatically flow into the call, and if a new call comes through another phone, you will trigger an alert with the possibility for the user to accept the call.

Available for download on iOS and Android, the app Jabra Assist is loaded with extra features and an installation guide that provides step-by-step instructions for pairing. It will also keep track of the remaining talk time providing a useful visual indicator; Furthermore, using find my Jabra, whenever the headset is used, its location is “tagged”. So, if you lose it, you can use the map visible on your smartphone to locate it quickly. You may even activate a sound to make even more easy search.

Jabra Talk 2 will be available at a price of 29.99 euro by March 2017.

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Ximalaya, the best 3D Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Virtual reality is one of the most interesting technologies of 2017. The different glasses that are already on the market put you in the eyes of the protagonist, while the headphones get you full in the environment of the game you play. But these sound devices are very basic and you will need more powerful ones to enjoy a title in all its splendor. So we present the Ximalaya, the best virtual reality Noise-Cancelling Headphones from 90 euros.

This Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones make your experience with virtual reality more immersive thanks to its system of sound isolation

Those who think that virtual reality is an improvement that only affects the way in which the game is perceived by the eyes they lack something very important: the sound. After all, video games are seen and heard, if not asked to any player of Call of Duty or Counter Strike where listening to the footsteps of the rival is the difference between being the prey or the hunter.

The Ximalaya are ready for the most demanding players , but also for those who want the highest quality in every note they receive their ears. The structure of the speakers is designed to offer the best sound quality and comfort for the user. In addition, the headband is more flexible than it seems to be able to stretch almost completely. This adjusts the user by pressing just so they do not fall even if you take them to run.

The Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones make your experience with virtual reality more immersive thanks to its system of sound isolation and 3D sound.

But the really interesting thing is the technology that incorporates it. Each audio output consists of several layers that block the external sound. The user can activate this feature with a button located on one of the speakers. On the other hand it is worth noting that they use 3D audio technology that gives the sensation of knowing exactly where the sound comes from at all times, very similar to the Dolby Atmos system of 7.1 systems. This capacity will benefit those who can not leave the house without music for their high fidelity quality and lovers of the series and video games because they will be fully engaged in the action.

Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones make your experience with virtual reality more immersive thanks to its system of sound isolation and 3D sound.

Only available with minijack

One of the most striking features of these headsets is that they do not have Bluetooth to connect them to your smartphone. At your disposal will have a 3.5 mm minijack cable to connect to a device, you have to learn to roll to care well . It also has a Micro-USB input to charge the internal battery, which will be consumed when you use the sound canceler. If the battery is exhausted, whose autonomy reaches 55 hours, you can still use these cheap virtual reality headsets you can buy at Indiegogo from 90 euros.

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2015 is the year of smart wireless headphones for athletes

This new year we release will come loaded with gadgets and apps that will expand the already extensive collection of devices that are familiar sportsmen. The smart headphones also come to stay .

Especially those doing sport outdoors know how uncomfortable it is to have to put the headphones every time you move or fall. Therefore, several developers who last year worked hard to launch a headphone able not only to avoid falling or moving but also to monitor all of our sport .

The Dash, the first to arrive

This project is the big bet of German Bragi by a system much more comfortable and useful to the user wireless audio.

The Dash headphones allow us to listen to music from any devices connected via Bluetooth or even play your favorite songs stored on its 4 GB of internal memory, but not the most notable of this gadget.
The Dash has our steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation or the energy consumed with this activity
In fact, what makes them even more interesting are features of quantification, that will leave home or quantifying smartwatch bracelet to use only these headphones to monitor our workouts.

The Dash has our steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation or the energy consumed with this activity. In addition to quantifying we communicate through our performance sound notifications during the year and we can dip them because they are waterproof to one meter deep.

These wireless headphones design with Bluetooth 4.0 connection aptX offer integrated touch controls on the body of the headset itself; touching the left you can change tracks or forward, while the right you can control the volume.

We also have a way of “transparent” listens through which you can play the sounds around us to avoid having to remove the ears when we want to hear what also happens to additional functions to control our physical activity through mobile apps.

Coming soon: Parrot Zik Sport

For its part, Parrot is developing a new model headset that come to us in this 2015 and assumed his foray into the area of sports gadgets.

Parrot Zik Sport , designed by the firm Stark, aspiring to become a real coach capable of monitoring all our physical activity.

Although they are compatible with most smartphones and music devices and has a high audio quality thanks to its 32-bit DSP, these headphones go far beyond simply listening to music.

In the second half of this year we can already get hold of this gadget you are looking to deposit all our devices for athletes in the drawer. Designed with a plastic finish, weight drop from 100 grams and has a battery that allows a range of five hours

To start includes a sensor and a pedometer heart through which we know both our frequency during exercise as steps, distance and calories than we burn.

Through its in-ear biometric sensors and application designed Parrot for these headphones we analyze the style of the corridor, posture, time of contact with the ground, cadence or heave.

Rounding further invention allows listening environment while running using a system of up to 8 microphones. For example, if we practice running in the street, we can simultaneously listen to our favorite music and activate the “street mode” to hear ambient noise.

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An amazing Audio gadget you should have: ARCHT One

In the past, speaker designs have been characterized as large objects, square framing the entertainment system of a house and mounted in specific corners of a room. Connected via a cable twist and controlled with a remote control often misplaced or buried in the couch cushions, audio systems for home last proved cumbersome and unattractive sight.

amazing Audio gadget ARCHT One
One ARCHT changes all that because fully equipped with full range drivers, a sub -woofer, a passive radiator, amplifier, digital signal processor (DSP) and a digital to analog converter (DAC), eliminating cable clutter is . All this is mounted efficiently in a sleek package guaranteed to attract attention

ARCHT One is also designed to sound acoustically perfect, no matter where you put it in the room . Stunning architecture design incorporates years ARCHT One acoustic research resulting in the creation of this innovative technology matrix sound. ARCHT One is a symbiotic relationship between function and design that will transform homes into elegant concert halls with the quality of the music to match.

Many speakers and stereos claim provide true surround sound in one device. However, the speakers are directional in nature, and sound better when listening from a specific point. Adding multiple speakers does not change this reality and can cause distortion and inconsistent quality audio.

Instead, ARCHT One solves this problem with its array technology patented sound: the only of its kind. Only uses 3 speakers – A full range driver for the mids and highs, a sub -woofer and passive radiator for bass. Each of these speakers are equipped with a sound module matrix that transforms omni directional speakers. The result is consistent distortion-free audio that redefines the meaning of surround sound – is truly amazing.

As the first of its kind, a dynamic optimization audio allows the ARCHT One adapt to their environment. This great device gives smartphone users the power to optimize the sound itself based on the space being used. With the application, ARCHT One always be in tune with your environment, ensuring that you receive the best audio experience anywhere.

With the push of a button, or ou can control the music playback directly on the ARCHT One wirelessly from your laptop, tablet or mobile device . Choose connections as WiFi, AirPlay, DLNA, Bluetooth and USB direct or AUX and play music directly from the Internet.

Wi-Fi capabilities, particularly, allow you to stream and enjoy your music in high-quality formats (24-bit / 192 kHz) – turn the music and enjoy each song as it was meant to be heard. It’s simple to use and set up in under a minute. What he has been a gadget incrible Audio? Undoubtedly is perfect and indispensable for any lover of good sound.

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Powerful portable speaker JBL Flip 2

The JBL Flip 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, its design allows you to place it in two ways: horizontal and vertical. It has a small speaker: its power is good, but its weakness is bass. The battery lasts 5 hours. This is an adjusted version of one of the most recommended speakers on the market.

JBL Flip 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker

Improvements over the previous model is that it brings SoundClear (clean sound). This is a technology that eliminates noise and reverberations. With this classic megaphone sound is avoided. Another point to consider is that you can hear in stereo. It also brings NFC to connect via smartpohnes and tablets bring that function.

To charge the battery, this portable speaker comes with a Micro-USB. So the standard Micro-USB cable can be connected to computer port or a power adapter. As for the case, it’s a hard, durable cover that provides protection. These two accessories are included. The product costs $ 130.

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The Best HD Sound With New Sony Digital Recorders

From the rehearsal room to the conference room, Sony guarantee best sound quality by presenting the two new digital voice recorders, so that every note and every word can be heard in CD quality. In fact, Recorders ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733 are aimed at musicians and business professionals. In addition, both models are very comfortable to carry in a pocket bag as they are very compact and lightweight.

Sony Digital Recorders ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733 are aimed at musicians and business professionals

Both models incorporate a new system 3-Way S-Microphone that captures music, meetings and notes with excellent precision. Mode “stereo” recording ensures perfectly balanced with HiFi quality of the instruments and voices, which is excellent for rehearsals and songwriting sessions musical groups. You can also change the “Zoom” mode and focus accurately on respondents located at the other end of a room.

The high-end model ICD-SX1000 enables high-resolution recordings 96.1 kHz/24-bit and captures solo instruments, ensembles and voice with remarkable clarity. It also includes a digital amplifier Sony S-Master, which reproduces the subtlest nuances of any performance. S-Master technology, originally developed by Sony for high-fidelity home theater, is optimized for mobile devices, reducing the digital distortion to get a studio quality sound perfectly detailed.

The variety offered by eight scene selection modes in the two recorders ensures optimum clarity regardless of what is recorded. You can choose “Music” to get a wide frequency response and balanced which enables clearly hear each instrument. You can select “Voice memo”, “Meeting” or “Interview” for a speech clearly intelligible without annoying low frequency reverberations, clicks and rumbles.

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The Sony Digital Recorders ICD-SX1000 features 16GB of storage space that allows you almost a week of continuous recording (159 hours of MP3 at 192kbps). Also, you can insert a micro SD card or Memory Stick Micro (M2) to increase space.

For its part, the lithium battery offers a capacity incorporating for long sessions of live music and recorded continuously until 19 hours between charges (linear PCM, 44.1 kHz, 16 bits).

The two recorders can also be used as practical music players playing files in MP3, ACC, WMA and WAV. You just need to load your favorite songs and enjoy listening to them with the supplied stereo headphones or speaker.

Sony Digital Recorders come standard with the software SoundOrganiser PC, which simplifies the transfer, editing, management and recording of files on CD.

The new Sony Digital Recorders are available in Amazon since May 2013 with a price of $221 for ICD-SX1000 and $121.90 & FREE Shipping if you opt for the ICD-SX733 model.

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TDK presents new wireless headphones and speakers

TDK is slowly transcending being a recording media brand known as manufacturer of audio products. Looking ahead to this fall, which is about to fall, just renewed its catalog with several models of wireless headphones. They have left a research laboratory where the manufacturer that develops a patented audio system called Signature Sound. The objective of this system is to get products capable of playing with fidelity, distortion-free and without mixing frequencies.

TDK presents new wireless headphones and speakers

Among these new models stand out especially TDK On-Ear ST750, a design for high fidelity sound. As carry an integrated amplifier, can compensate for the low power wireless headphones output of most MP3 players on the market. In fact, thanks to this amplifier, headphones deliver higher volume reinforces 6 decibels and frequencies. The construction is very neat, and is the result of a process of crafting. They weigh just over half a pound, and offer a frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 114 decibels. Its cable measures 1.2 meters and is finished in a stereo minijack connector gold plated.

The TDK In-Ear IE800 are also aimed at demanding users, only this time it’s a intraatrial that provide high-fidelity sound. Each headset includes two transducers (one with a diameter of 8 mm and a 5.8 millimeters), the first dealing with the serious and the other mid and high frequencies. The frequency range is also from 20 to 20,000 Hz and the sensitivity reaches 116 dB.

Qualcomm will simpler names for their products

The house engineers have not forgotten all those who play video games on a computer. For they have designed the TDK On-Ear ST600. They are circumaural pads with big and fluffy, so they can endure endless sessions of play perfectly. They have a volume control embedded in the cable, and a microphone attached to an arm of the headphones shells. Thus, the multiplayer games are never going to be troublesome, and the user does not miss any details of the soundtrack for the game, even the footsteps of the murderers more stealthy.

Product review of Samsung UN46D5500 Smart TV

The other big news section consists of several models of wireless speakers, which are designed to work with all types of mobile phones that have Bluetooth A2DP. All include audio enhancement system Signature Sound brand. The larger the Wireless Boombox TDK Life on Record offering 2.1 sound and an FM radio tuner. Play music by Bluetooth, but also has an auxiliary audio input jack of 3.5 mm. It includes a rechargeable battery and can charge other USB devices. For its part, the Sound Cube TDK Life on Record Wireless is designed for use indoors. Bluetooth also works and presents the corresponding auxiliary audio input.

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Blue Microphones has microphones compatible with iOS

Blue Microphones presented three new microphones at CES.

The Spark Digital is considered the first professional grade microphone created for iOS and is intended for those who want to add voices or other samples in the iPAD through a connector. As a microphone at the same level as study models, has a deliberately neutral sound and focus control which generates two different sound signatures. The microphone is not only for IOS devices; work with any USB-compatible computer. The price is $ 199.

Blue Microphones has microphones compatible with iOS

A more modest is the Mikey Digital also be adjusted via a connector and is more focused on the composition of the entire band, including multiple entries for other instruments. The company has the option of automatic and manual adjustment. The price is $ 99.

Blue Microphones has microphones compatible with iOS

The microphone Tiki is almost an experiment and is as compact as a USB flash drive. Along with its size, uses a single adaptive system noise cancellation that reacts to the way it is used. It doubles as a storage unit when no audio capture. The price is $ 59.

Blue Microphones has microphones compatible with iOS

While release date has not been announced, this trio of microphones would be available almost immediately.